Paris Baguette’s Fiery New K-Spicy Ppang Fair

Paris Baguette’s Fiery New K-Spicy Ppang Fair | July 2023
Paris Baguette’s Fiery New K-Spicy Ppang Fair | July 2023

Paris Baguette has unveiled its newest range for the summer! Inspired by traditional Korean street food favourites, the fiery new K-Spicy Ppang Fair offers a sensational lineup of six innovative treats – five bread/pastry items and one sandwich item – that will transport your taste buds straight to the bustling streets of Seoul.

Bread is known as Ppang in Korean, and this July, Paris Baguette is bringing a taste of Korea closer to home, with a tantalising new limited-time range of ppang offerings available at all outlets from 7 July onwards.

Satisfy Those Hunger Ppangs

Korean Odeng Cheese Bread Stick
Korean Odeng Cheese Bread Stick.

When people talk about Korean street food, one item that immediately comes to mind is the odeng – Korean fish cake. This famed Korean street snack is often enjoyed at the street push carts and doled out to customers on sticks. Taking inspiration from the odeng, Paris Baguette has released the Oh-Ppang Oh-Ppang or Korean Odeng Cheese Bread Stick (SGD 2.70), which features its signature cheddar cheese bread skewered with Korean fish cake and brushed with Paris Baguette’s specially concocted k-style sticky spicy gochujang sauce – best consumed straight from the stick.

Korean Sausage Cheese Bread Stick
Korean Sausage Cheese Bread Stick.

Also featuring the signature cheddar cheese bread is the Sau-Ppang Sau-Ppang or Korean Sausage Cheese Bread Stick (SGD 2.70), that sees alternating sausages and cheese breads in the shape of rice cakes on a stick, layered and brushed with Paris Baguette’s in-house signature k-style sweet spicy gochujang sauce. This item takes inspiration from another popular street food, so-tteok so-tteok that consists of skewered and fried tteok (Korean rice cakes) and Vienna sausages. Best consumed in a pair (of sausage and cheese bread together) directly from the stick.

Korean Kimchi Tuna Egg Ppang
Korean Kimchi Tuna Egg Ppang.

Drawing inspiration from the popular Korean street food snack, gyeran-ppang or egg bread, Paris Baguette introduces a fiery twist with their Chamchi Kimchi Egg PPang or Korean Kimchi Tuna Egg Ppang (SGD 5.20). Emulating the authentic flavours of street vendors, this tantalising treat features a generous filling of spicy tuna kimchi mix, crowned with a perfectly cooked egg. Prepare your taste buds for an explosion of heat, as this delectable creation proudly claims the title of the spiciest item in the series.

Kimchi Ham Pancake Ppang
Kimchi Ham Pancake Ppang.

Next on the menu is the Kimchi Ham Pancake Ppang (SGD 5.20), a delightfully crispy pastry that is topped with kimchi and ham cubes. Meant to take after the famous jeon or Korean pancakes that can be commonly found in Korea, the Kimchi Ham Pastry makes savouring a “pancake” an enjoyable experience even for one.

Korean Beef Bulgogi Sausage Bread
Korean Beef Bulgogi Sausage Bread.

All the beef lovers can turn to the Bulgogi Sau-Ppang or Korean Beef Bulgogi Sausage Bread (SGD 4.90) which features stir fried bulgogi topped with mushroom, encompassed within a flavourful, spiced bread alongside a chicken sausage. Not to be underestimated on first appearances, this item packs a surprising punch upon first bite. The Sau-Ppang is both savoury and slightly sweet at the same time, and is bound to satisfy cravings for something meatier.

Chamchi Kimchi Egg Sandwich
Chamchi Kimchi Egg Sandwich Meal.

For those looking for a meal replacement, the Chamchi Kimchi Egg Sandwich (SGD 10.50) is an ideal choice. Comprising three different mini sandwiches – Spicy Egg Mayo, Spicy Tuna, and Kimchi Ham, the Spicy Soft Bun Trio Sandwich set offers a little something for all sandwich lovers. Customers will be spoilt for choice, choosing between creamy egg mayo, refreshing kimchi ham or succulent tuna, but can look forward to savouring fresh lettuce, tomatoes within their sandwich, topped with a delicious bun, regardless of their choice.

Paris Baguette Exclusive Limited Edition Sticker Set
Paris Baguette Exclusive Limited Edition Sticker Set | Complimentary from Jul 7 to 20 with any K-Spicy Ppang purchase.

Add Some Spice to Your Day!

In celebration of the highly anticipated K-Spicy Ppang Fair series, Paris Baguette has introduced an exclusive limited edition sticker set featuring adorable cartoon renditions of the delectable K-Spicy Ppang Fair items. During the initial two-week period, from Jul 7 to 20, all customers purchasing any item from the K-Spicy Ppang Fair collection will be gifted a complimentary sticker set.

But wait, there’s more! From Jul 21 to Aug 31, customers who purchase five mouthwatering items from the K-Spicy Ppang Fair collection, will not only receive a complimentary sticker set but also an additional K-Spicy Ppang Fair item.


National Day 2023 Special

Indulge in a limited-time offer from Aug 1 to 14 at Paris Baguette with the irresistible K-Spicy Ppang and Coffee Set. For SGD 5.80, treat yourself to the Oh-Ppang Oh-Ppang or Sau-Ppang Sau-Ppang  ccompanied with a refreshing Americano. For $8.80, delight in the delectable flavours of the Chamchi Kimchi Egg PPang, Kimchi Ham Pancake Ppang, or the Bulgogi Sau-Ppang, paired with an aromatic Americano.

Paris Baguette Omija Tea Promotion
Omija Tea, or Magnolia Berry Tea, is a cherished health drink in Korea.

Wash Down Your Treats With Soothing Omija Tea

Introducing the Omija Tea, also known as Magnolia Berry Tea, a cherished traditional Korean beverage crafted from dried magnolia berries. Derived from the term “Omija,” meaning “five flavours,” this tea delivers a delightful combination of sweetness, sourness, bitterness, saltiness, and sharpness, providing a multi-dimensional sensory experience.

Paris Baguette proudly presents two exquisite offerings: the Korean Omija Tea (SGD 7.20) and the Sparkling Omija Tea (SGD 8.20). The Korean Omija Tea offers a comforting embrace, while the Sparkling Omija Tea delivers a revitalising and invigorating sensation. Both beverages possess a range of health benefits, including promoting kidney and liver well-being, reducing high blood pressure, fortifying the body against ailments and stress, and enhancing skin beauty.

To ensure top quality, the Omija berries used in this tea are sourced exclusively from the renowned Mungyeong province, widely celebrated for its exceptional Omija production. Experience the captivating flavours and numerous advantages of these remarkable Omija teas from Jul 10 onwards!

Take Advantage of These Ongoing Promotions Too!

Start your mornings on a bright note thanks to Paris Baguette’s tempting Coffee Morning offer priced at just SGD 2.80. Starting from Jul 3, customers can savour the goodness of a morning coffee for an unbeatable price until 11 am on weekdays. Choose from a variety of options including Americano (Hot/Iced), Cafe Latte (Hot), and Cappuccino (Hot), or top up a nominal amount to enjoy these beverages cold.

Don’t miss out on these upcoming launches and promotions. Visit any Paris Baguette outlet today to enjoy the K-Spicy Ppang Fair now! For a full list of products and store listings, please visit the Paris Baguette website at

Participating outlets: PLQ, NEX, AMK Hub, Bugis Junction, 313, Northpoint City, Bedok Mall, Tiong Bahru Plaza.

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Paris Baguette’s Fiery New K-Spicy Ppang Fair
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Paris Baguette’s Fiery New K-Spicy Ppang Fair
Experience the tantalizing heat of Paris Baguette’s new Korean street food-inspired K-Spicy PPang bread fair.

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