The Live Design Project: Revolutionizing Interior Design by Empowering Junior Designers Worldwide

The Live Design Project: Empowering Junior Designers Worldwide
The Live Design Project: Empowering Junior Designers Worldwide

The Live Design Project is shaking up the Interior Design scene by giving young designers the chance to work remotely with global clients, gain industry experience, and connect with expert mentors – no matter their background.

The Live Design Project (TLDP) is a groundbreaking interior design model that unites experienced professionals and students in their final year or higher of interior design. Delphine Léon, founder of D’apres Nous D&B Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based company with over 20 years of interior design experience, recently established TLDP in late-2021.

“Our unique value proposition is simple: We are the IKEA of the interior design world, offering low-cost, self-assembling, quality designs. It’s a novel solution to ease the strain for juniors, clients, and mentors, removing many of the traditional barriers that still plague legacy industries.” Delphine highlights.

“The project offers a more virtuous ecosystem to all participants, as it is our duty to create a fair and inclusive economic model where all players are valued in a common project. TLDP provides quality design consultation services by utilizing knowledgeable interior design professionals (mentors) and students worldwide.”

TLDP provides new possibilities in the world of interior design while acting as an incubator for the new generation of designers. The project moreover offers the following advantages: It enables young designers worldwide to work on the same projects, regardless of their origins and schools. It presents new opportunities for them worldwide, working on innovative projects under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Customers worldwide, regardless of their income and location, can access interior design professionals at a very affordable cost. It acts as a talent agency for Mentors to find their next employees.

Delphine adds, “We will eventually set up a financial support program for interior design students so that they can realize their dreams and become mentors for other young students.”

How The Live Design Project Works

The Live Design Project platform features a unified single-pane view, allowing juniors, clients, and mentors from across the globe to collaborate 100% virtually on design projects. This novel solution removes many traditional barriers that still plague legacy industries, championing unbound creativity and limitless imagination. Why? Because:

  • Clients receive triple the design options to choose from, at a fraction of their typical cost (usually with only one design option!),
  • Mentors are exposed to a wide range of talented potential hires, and
  • Juniors are privy to much-needed industry experience and exposed to a network of potential future employers. The junior whose design is selected by the client will be paid for their work; akin to a tender selection process.

Singaporean Homeowners Can Benefit from The Live Design Project Too

For Singaporean HDB, condominiums, and larger residences homeowners, The Live Design Project offers two transparent design packages. Clients will receive three times the number of design options from talented interior design juniors, mentored by experienced interior design professionals with decades of experience in the Singaporean market. Homeowners will furthermore benefit in the following ways:

  • Seamless transition to an appealing and functional space that caters to homeowner requirements, promotes a healthy living vibe, all while staying within budget.
  • Detailed solutions through a unified, virtual collaboration platform designed for people looking to rehaul and redesign their space.
  • Efficient and timely results for transformation or the creation of new spaces, employing trusted contractors recommended by The Live Design Project team.
  • Simplified and streamlined approach with a dedicated point of contact and flexible options tailored to specific needs. The streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience.
The Live Design Project Interior Design Packages
The Live Design Project Packages for homeowners looking to rehaul and redesign their living space.

Curious to see how your living space would be after a design revamp? The Live Design Project offers you an affordable way to do so. Embarking on a virtual redesign of your home with all your loved ones could be a great family bonding activity too.

Sample Past Projects

The Live Design Project | Past Project 1

68m2 Living Dining room Project in the South of France
Junior Winner Kerstin Pirzek, from Canada.

The Live Design Project | Past Project 2

27m2 Bedroom & Bathroom, Singapore Condominium
Junior Winner Reine Jaber from Lebanon.

To learn more about TLDP, visit their website at or contact them at For the latest news, you can follow the Live Design Project on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

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The Live Design Project: Empowering Junior Designers Worldwide
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The Live Design Project: Empowering Junior Designers Worldwide
The Live Design Project empowers junior designers worldwide and is all about inclusivity, innovation, and sustainability, tailored for the next generation.

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