ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Review

The unusual ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow encourages you to sleep differently, sleep better.

This is well-known. A good pillow determines whether you are at your most productive best the next day, or whether you are Grumpy Smurf from dawn to dusk because of neck aches, back pains, etc.

What constitutes a good pillow is a tough question, though, because all of us sleep differently. In recent years, I find it hard to fall asleep on any pillow that’s not the orthopaedic, curved type, but such pillows seldom work for stomach sleepers, do they? Everyone also has a different preference for firmness, fillings, etc.

The sleep experts at ZAMAT Home know the above and what’s interesting is that they’ve focused their research efforts on creating an orthopaedic pillow that’s not just cooling and made from superior memory foam, but also, as the company claims, comfortable for different types of sleepers. Yup, doesn’t matter whether you’re a back or side sleeper, or whether you’re suffering from neck and back pains, their design caters to all.

In this review, I will be examining the butterfly-shaped ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow, which comes with several innovative features such as an adjustable height and an advanced cooling system.

Right off the bat, let me just say that this is one of the most untraditional pillows I’ve ever seen. When I first saw the pictures, I thought the “ZAMAT Bluedott” is a back cushion.

But as is the case with many unusual things, there are surprises. Some of these surprises delight.

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Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Features

Firstly, a quick look at what the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow has to offer.

  • 25” (L) by 14.5” (W) by 5” (H/Loft)
  • Available in white only.
  • Unique design creates a breathable air chamber at the heart of the pillow.
  • Unique design also relieves pressure points to prevent neck pain, etc.
  • Removable memory foam insert for adjusting pillow height.
  • Made with fourth-generation, environmentally friendly memory foam with a 24 percent biodegradation rate.
  • Premium pillow inner to separate pillowcase from the core, thus ensuring cleanliness.
  • Comes with a triple-layered, water-resistant and antibacterial bamboo fibre-surfaced pillowcase.

* On ZAMAT’s product page, the bolded features are referred to as the Zeamless™ Ergonomics Design.

I’ll comment more about the key features later. At this point, let me just say it’s great that ZAMAT took the effort to use environmentally friendly memory foam. According to their product description, the biobased foam is even capable of growing plants.

Growing plants!

For some, this might seem like a marketing gimmick. But in a world where every contribution towards sustainability counts, I think it’s a wonderful corporate decision by ZAMAT.

ZAMAT 10-Year Warranty & 100-Night Free Trial

Other than the above-listed features, I think what’s most important to note about the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow package is that it comes with a limited 10-Year Warranty & a 100-Night Free Trial.

Details about these are concisely listed in a pamphlet accompanying the pillow. There are also instructions on how to make a claim or return.

Going through the details, I feel the T&Cs listed are fair and in many ways, exemplify ZAMAT’s stated philosophy of “Our Quality, Your Comfort.”

Obviously, it’s an indication of the company’s confidence in their products too. I mean, which company would offer these assurances other than those that truly believe in their products?

Delivery and First Impressions

My delivery took slightly less than a week to be fulfilled. And I had a minor surprise when the box came.

ZAMAT Pillow Delivery
Huh? A longish box about 40 cm long and 20 cm wide/tall? For a moment, I thought the wrong product was delivered.
ZAMAT Bluedott Button Pillow Unrolling
Turns out, the pillow is vacuum-packed/rolled-up for easy transportation. Once out of the plastic bag, it quickly returns to its original shape.

On the rolling up, I didn’t need to do anything extra to revert the pillow to its butterfly shape. Moments after unpacking, there it is, in the shape it’s meant to be.

If yours doesn’t do so, don’t worry, you just need to give it a bit of time. Anyway, it’s necessary to air the pillow after unpacking to get rid of any lingering smell from the compression process. By the time the smell is gone, the pillow will be in its expected form.

And in case you’re wondering, nope, it’s not easy to re-roll the pillow and repack it. (ZAMAT very likely did it with machines) So don’t think about bringing it with you on a holiday, etc.

Orthopaedic Pillow for Neck Pain | Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow
The orthopaedic Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow has a most unusual shape, doesn’t it? In a way, it feels very welcoming too. Like a blossom that’s all ready to embrace you, and to help you relieve all neck pains. (By the way, this is the pillow with the pillow case)
How to use ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow
A user’s manual is included in the package and part of that highlights the different support areas and how to use it for different sleeping positions.
Zamat Pillow Blue Button
The eponymous “blue dot button” is made of hard plastic. It serves practical purposes too. It holds the central cavity in shape. It also prevents the memory foam insert (see below) from shifting about.
Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Memory Foam Insert
A quick look at the memory foam insert that you can remove to adjust height. This is found on the bottom side.

Further on the blue dot button design, you could actually undo this to somewhat decrease the curvature of the pillow. However, doing so makes the whole pillow “loose.” Presumably, this compromises the heat dissipation feature and reduces the orthopaedic effectiveness of the pillow.

Bamboo Fibre Pillowcase

The bamboo fibre pillowcase is removable, of course, and feels smooth and comfy to the touch. Bamboo fibre itself is also a material recognised for breathability and moisture-wicking properties, so most folks wouldn’t get warm and sweaty sleeping on this pillowcase.

ZAMAT 3 Layer Bamboo Fibre Pillowcase
A closer look at the pillowcase. According to ZAMAT, it’s a triple-layer fabric. Natural bamboo fibre on the surface, striped polyester in the middle, and durable polyester at the bottom.

ZAMAT doesn’t describe the bamboo fibre material as hypoallergenic, though. Instead, the user manual states that the pillowcase can be machine-washed at any temperature. I interpret this to mean that it’s easy to keep the pillowcase clean and healthy.

Lastly, the linen-like texture of the bamboo fibre fabric might not be great with piercings. You’d probably want to remove yours before sleeping on this surface, or at least cover the surface with another fabric.


I would rate Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow as medium in firmness. (About the same as my HOOGA Audrey)

The single-piece Polyurethane memory foam is responsive and resilient in feel, quite a delight to just drop your head onto. When squeezed, it lazily but steadily returns to shape.

Being CertiPUR-US certified, you can be sure the foam is made without harmful chemicals and tested for durability and performance too. In summary, this foam is superior, non-temperature sensitive stuff that’s healthy to sleep with.

ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Firmness
There’s a moderate resistance/firmness when I press down this way, although it’s not quite the same sensation as with other pillows because of the unique shape and curvature.

Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Sleep Experience

Before I share my sleep experience with the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow, let me share that I’m a very fussy side sleeper. I can count the number of times I’ve fallen asleep on my back over the last ten years with one hand. Whenever I travel, it always takes me at least two nights to get used to the pillow of any hotel.

With the Bluedott™ Ultra Button, I likewise needed some time to get used to the shape and feel. Long accustomed to the rather high loft of my current curved pillow, I initially found the middle depression a rather foreign experience too.

That said, the way the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow elongated my neck and relieved pressure, the way it embraced my head, everything quickly became comfortable and calming. I found myself getting sleepy even as I fussed about taking pictures.

Sleeping in my usual side position required slightly longer time to get used to, although right away, I could feel the excellent neck support.  (The responsive cushioning was lovely to snuggle my face against too!) If any, my only issue is that the “wings” do not allow me to easily roll to my other side—I tend to flip sides several times before the ZZZZs hit.

One other thing that I discovered: Those arm support “platforms” created by the shape of the pillow (see diagram above) are absolutely delightful to use. I often tuck my arm underneath the pillow before falling asleep and this can result in cramps the next day. Resting my arms on or clutching these support areas is way more comfier and sleep-inducing.

ZAMAT Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Side Sleeping
It’s great resting my arm on and against the pillow this way! The unique curvature also provided excellent support for my neck and relieved pressure.

What About Stomach Sleepers?

I’ll be very blunt. I’ve never once fallen asleep on my stomach. At this moment, neither do I know anyone who sleeps in this position.

Going by descriptions of what stomach sleepers require and with some experimentation on my part, though, I think the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow could be great for this group of sleepers too, although the memory foam insert probably needs to be removed to flatten the pillow a little so that the thickness/loft doesn’t strain the spine.

The arm supports are additionally great for resting arms on when in a prostrate position. Hey, if I need to catch a quick nap at my work desk, perhaps I can use this pillow! (When I work at home, that is)

Heat Dissipation

I think this curved pillow does a superior job with heat dissipation, no doubts about that. Throughout my tests, not once did I feel warm when resting on it. The cervical design and the highly breathable bamboo fibre pillowcase certainly played their parts in keeping me cool.

Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain: ZAMAT Ultra Button
All in all, the shape of this butterfly-shaped pillow takes some getting used to, but it is undoubtedly comfortable and possibly the solution for your neck and shoulder pains, backaches, etc.

Review Conclusion – Is the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow Worth Buying?

I highlight a recommendation stated in ZAMAT’s 100-Night Free Trial.

The company recommends that you try their product for at least 45 nights to allow your body “to adjust” before considering any return.

To the sceptical, this might seem like some sort of ploy to discourage returns, but I feel it is the gist of how the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow should be evalutated. Put it this way. Anyone would need some time to get used to the unusual curvatures. If you have been sleeping on traditional pillows your entire life, you’d probably need slightly longer too.

But give it enough time and I think you’d begin to appreciate the features of this pillow. I had mine for nearly two weeks now and at the moment, I definitely find it more comfortable than when I first laid my head on it. I add that the superior memory foam filling also cups my head in a most delightful way, neither too hard nor soft, and is simply great for relieving upper body pressure and stiffness.

Coming to price, the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow trends toward pricier, though it’s nowhere near what you’d have to pay if you’re buying from the top international brands. (Decisively mid-market, in other words. But it becomes cheaper if you use my 15 percent discount code: TSG15). On this, I’ll say it’s likely a worthwhile investment if, my goodness, you’re waking up to unbearable stiff necks and backaches each day.

The cooling, unique butterfly shape could be the key to relieving your nocturnal restlessness. What’s hurting you and keeping you up could be improper support, wrong spinal alignment, etc, which the Bluedott™ Ultra Button Pillow could correct with its innovative design.

There’s also that stunning 10-year warranty offered by ZAMAT. To repeat what I wrote above, this exemplifies the company’s confidence in their design. Their confidence in the durability of their product too.

In short, this interesting-looking orthopaedic pillow could be one of the best sleeping partners you could ever have.


  • Unique design & curvature that offers great support for the neck, etc
  • Suitable for different sleepers
  • Great heat dissipation feature
  • Superior biodegradable memory foam filling
  • Comes with breathable bamboo fibre pillowcase
  • Adjustable height


  • The unique shape takes some time to get used to
  • Slightly pricier

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