Rose Romance 2023 | Gardens by the Bay

Visiting Rose Romance 2023, Gardens by the Bay mid-year rosy floral show.

‘Right, time for another quick picture post. Quick for I’m superbly late in putting this up—this floral show started a fortnight ago. Quick also as in I must get this done ASAP as the pics have been sitting on my hard disk since last Monday.

The Rose Romance 2023 floral show is ongoing at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome till July 16, 2023. A celebration of the “Queen of Flowers” and all the romanticism associated with it, Rose Romance 2023 alsoshowcases the rustic charms of Italy’s Puglia region, i.e., the “heel” of the Italian boot. Architectural highlights of the show include trulli miniatures, these being traditional limestone houses with conical roofs that are found everywhere in the hill towns of Puglia.

Since roses are, you know, associated with weddings, there’s a picturesque Italian balcony at the heart of everything and when I visited, there were soon-to-weds taking photos on it, in full wedding gowns and suits and all.

Overall, this floral show has an idyllic, summertime ambience. Despite the trulli huts, it doesn’t have the grandeur or excitement of some of the other Flower Dome exhibitions too. But for some visitors, I believe that’s where the charm is.

Rose Romance 2023 – Celebrating Love and the Queen of Flowers

The following are the pictures I took. Before I begin, an “advertorial” statement, or should I say, a review supplement.

All pictures are unedited outside of resizing and the addition of my watermark. All were shot using the new vivo V27 5G smartphone too, which I recently reviewed.

This mid-range smartphone is really quite a marvel, as far as its camera setup is concerned. Day or night, it shoots awesome pictures. The overall output is also reliable, to the extent that I am comfortable putting up pictures taken by it without any post-editing.

If you’re creating content, this camera smartphone is a valuable asset.

Rose Romance Flower Dome
The rosy displays right after the main entrance. Unlike other exhibitions of recent years, there’s no grand display here this time round. But the elegant arrangements were still popular with photo-taking visitors.
Gardens by the Bay Rose Show
Roses have an indescribable sophistication and beauty to them, don’t they?
Rose Romance 2023 Cupid
Since roses are so associated with love, cupid makes an appearance. (The statue looks a bit snotty, though)
Rose Romance 2023 @ Gardens by the Bay
Big heart adorned with passionate red roses. An ultimate expression of love.
Rose Romance 2023 Exhibition
The rustic Italian balcony at the heart of the show. This was popular with couples taking wedding shots.
vivo V27 5G Picture Sample
I love the brilliant yellow ones. The purplish ones exude a certain mysterious beauty too.
Flower Dome Rose Romance
A carriage full of rustic blooms.
Trulli Huts of Italy | Rose Romance 2023
The above-mentioned trulli huts from Italy’s Puglia Region, complete with mini-garden display. You know, I wonder what it’s like to actually live in one. Would the limestone structure be cooling?
Rose Romance Gardens by the Bay
I saw at least two of these arches and they are illuminated after sunset. The perfect backdrop for a family/couple photo.


Rose Romance 2023 ends on Jul 16, 2023. Admission fees to the Flower Dome apply. The dome is open from 9 am to 9 pm, with last entry at 8.30 pm.

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Rose Romance 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
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Rose Romance 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
Rose Romance 2023 at Gardens by the Bay celebrates the queen of flowers and showcases the culture of Italy’s Puglia region.

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