Income Eco Run 2023—How Far Will You Go For Zero Waste?

Income Eco Run 2023
Income Eco Run 2023 - How Far Will You Go For Zero Waste?

To be held on Jun 11, Sunday, at the Marina Barrage, the Income Eco Run 2023 is set to be a fun-filled day of community bonding, good vibes, and most importantly, making a difference for the environment. The Income Eco Run 2023 is designed in a way that participants are able to choose their own distance to run and Income Insurance will donate one dollar (S$1) for every kilometre (1 km) clocked to the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) in support of the Zero Waste cause.

Income Eco Run 2023 will also feature an incredible Income Eco Run Village, where one can explore a wide array of green vendors and their sustainable offerings. With over 20 vendors participating, this is an excellent opportunity to discover and support local businesses that are dedicated to promoting eco-friendly products and services. The following are a few vendors you can expect:

  1. Wake the Crew Coffee: Enjoy the aroma of locally produced and organically sourced coffee. What makes their coffee even more special is that all coffee grounds used in production are composted, promoting a circular economy.
  2. MYKILIO: Discover the innovative brand championing mycelium (mushroom) technology. MYKILIO offers a range of sustainable products, including mycelium-made bowls and other functional byproducts. Experience their unique creations that combine eco-consciousness and creativity.
  3. Semula Asia: Witness the transformation of plastic bottle caps into functional products. Semula Asia repurposes waste materials, showcasing the potential of upcycling and encouraging sustainable consumption.
  4. Zenko Superfood: Try snacks made from the superfood ingredient, Lotus, which are locally and organically produced.

From sustainable food and beverages to eco-friendly merchandise and transformative technologies, there is something for everyone who shares a passion for a greener future. Make a date with the Income Eco Run this Jun 11!

Income Eco Run 2019 - Runners preparing for the Run
Runners preparing for warm up at the Income Eco Run 2019.

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Update Jun 11, 2023: Close to 3,000 Pledged Commitment to Zero Waste

A sea of orange swept through the Marina Barrage on Jun 11 as close to 3,000 runners took part in this year’s Income Eco Run (IER). This year’s IER, the 4th edition after a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, took on an unprecedented run format too as participants could choose their preferred run distance between 3km and 21.1km.

Guest of Honour Minister Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment led the second flag-off at 7.30 am and ran 5 km to support the cause. Collectively, a total distance of 27,122 kilometres was clocked by all participants at the IER.

This translates to SGD 30,000 raised for the Zero Waste cause as Income Insurance Limited (Income Insurance) has topped up the final amount, in addition to donating one Singapore dollar to the Singapore Environment Council (SEC) with every kilometre clocked at the event.

With the IER, Income Insurance also demonstrated how waste management can be better
managed at public events. For example, runners onsite received a light and handy reusable hydration cup that could be used to refill water at hydration stations along the run route. For those who dropped or lost their cups, they could get their refreshments served in naturally compostable cups without plastic lining made by Foopak, a first for the IER or any mass runs in Singapore.

This implementation of reusable hydration cups for all participants is estimated to have saved more than 9,600 paper cups. This translates to a reduction of 48 kg in waste produced.

To further bolster the Zero Waste messaging, this year’s IER also encouraged runners to run in their own orange t-shirts or past IER race tees to promote reusing and recycling of existing clothes. This reduced the production of the IER 2023 event t-shirts, which are manufactured using recycled materials and made available only as an opt-in purchase.


With 47 percent of participants opting to wear their own orange t-shirt or past IER t-shirts, this initiative saved 135 kg of materials. A truly great progress for Zero Waste.

Income Eco Run 2023 Flag Off
Before the 7.30am Flag-off at the Marina Barrage. From L to R – Mr. Andrew Yeo, CEO, Income Insurance, Minister Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, Mr. Seah Kian Peng, Deputy Chairman, Income Insurance, Mr. Chew Sutat, Member of the Board, Income Insurance, Ms. Isabella Loh, Chairman, Singapore Environment Council, Ms. Susan Tan, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Tzu Chi, Ms. Tan Huileng, Executive Director, Zero Waste SG.
Income Eco Run 2023 Runners
Runners at this year’s IER taking off at the Marina Barrage.
Grace Fu at Income Eco Run 2023
Minister Grace Fu interacting with Green Vendor 6003dp that repurpose plastic bottles into functional products at the Income Eco Run Village.
Income Eco Run 2023 | Zero Waste Run
A family running for Zero Waste.

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Income Eco Run 2023 | Jun 11, 2023, at Marina Barrage
Article Name
Income Eco Run 2023 | Jun 11, 2023, at Marina Barrage
Happening on Jun 11, 2023, at Marina Barrage, the Income Eco Run 2023 is set to be a fun day of bonding, good vibes, and making a difference for the environment.

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