Carlsberg x GastroBeats 2023 Performances | Jun 8 and 15, 2023

Carlsberg x Gastrobeats 2023 | Live Performances
Carlsberg x Gastrobeats 2023 | Live Performances

I mentioned this in passing in my recent i Light Singapore 2023 photo post. So here are more details about it! (I.E., why GastroBeats 2023 should be your evening hangout on Jun 8 and Jun 15)

Carlsberg is the official beer sponsor for GastroBeats 2023, the festive village of i Light Singapore 2023 that combines food, music, and a whole lot of fun. To dial up the smoothness quotient, Carlsberg will be taking over the festive village for two themed nights, bringing the riveting tunes of two live bands for Mandopop Night on Jun 8 and Thai Pop Night on Jun 15 from 7 – 9 pm. Both performances will also be happening on the striking green hop leaf-shaped stage specially created for Gastrobeats visitors to groove along to catchy tunes with Carlsberg!

On Jun 8, deep dive into the infectious rhythms of Mandopop Night where the stage will come alive with the energetic performances from The JumpStart. Sing along to the melodies and soak in The JumpStart’s dynamic stage presence with your friends, while enjoying the plentiful gourmet food and ambience surrounding you.

A week later, The Fab Thai will be headlining Thai Pop Night with their blend of contemporary pop and traditional Thai elements. You will be transported instantly to the magical streets of Thailand, the famed Land of Smiles.

If heading down, be sure to snag your seats at the Carlsberg zone early because that’s where the best seats, with the absolute best views, are! Needless to say, don’t forget to grab a Carlsberg Smooth Draught before and after enjoying the great performances.

Carlsberg House of Smooth at GastroBeats 2023
Carlsberg House of Smooth at GastroBeats 2023.

Carlsberg Smooth Draught – The Smoothest Beer and a House of Smooth Fun

While at GastroBeats 2023, don’t forget to check out the glitzy Carlsberg House of Smooth.

Walking into it will have you feeling like you’ve stepped right into a refreshing and crisp lager beer. With giant baubles hanging from the ceiling to represent the effervescent bubbles and reflective mirrors shining back at you, you’ll feel like you’re immersed in the crystal-clear golden hue of Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

For a different angle, peer into the Carlsberg ball pit and find yourself looking at the deliciously frothy foam head of a perfectly poured glass of Carlsberg Smooth Draught. You can also jump right in and make a splash without any of the usual mess!

And after all that smooth fun, take home a special collaboration between Carlsberg and The Corner Shop to commemorate your fantastic evening—there are two fresh designs of the exclusive Carlsberg x The Corner Shop T-shirt. You can also head over to the live tote bag printing station on selected days to create a fully customisable tote bag.

Carlsberg Smooth Draught
Enjoy your evening at GastroBeats 2023 with refreshing Carlsberg Smooth Draught. By the way, Carlsberg was at the energetic Sneaker Con 2023 too.
Carlsberg and The Corner Shop Special Edition Tee
Carlsberg x The Corner Shop T-shirt.

With fantastic food, terrific tunes, and awesome activities, the smoothest experience at Gastrobeats awaits you together with Carlsberg Smooth Draught.

The Fun Continues

Last but not least, from now till Jul 31, 2023, purchase SGD 50/- worth of Carlsberg Smooth Draught from participating e-commerce platforms and you can stand a chance to win a Carlsberg x The Corner Shop limited edition T-shirt, one that’s worth SGD 58/-!

Don’t forget to like and follow @CarlsbergSG on Facebook and Instagram too for Carlsberg’s latest activities and awesome giveaways.

Update Jun 9, 2023 – Mandopop Night

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Carlsberg x GastroBeats 2023 Performances | Jun 8 and 15, 2023
Article Name
Carlsberg x GastroBeats 2023 Performances | Jun 8 and 15, 2023
Carlsberg partners with GastroBeats 2023 for a delectable fusion of beats and bits, with live performances on Jun 8 and 15.

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