i Light Singapore 2023 & GastroBeats 2023 (Video)

i Light Singapore 2023
i Light Singapore 2023

An evening of photography and fun at i Light Singapore 2023, the biggest Marina Bay illumination event for June 2023.

The biggest Singapore illumination event for June 2023 has started! Once again, the perimeter of Marina Bay is lined with all sorts of atmospheric light art installations. Well, most of the perimeter anyway.

Still branded as “Asia’s leading sustainable light festival,” this is the … ninth time the festival is held? (It was cancelled in 2020, right? But there were other years it wasn’t held, I think) More importantly, i Light Singapore 2023 continues the Visible Light narrative from last year’s edition and for this round, features the colour blue.

According to the official website, “blue wavelengths are ever-present in nature,” and “can symbolise and induce varying states of emotion – often associated with calmness and serenity.” Visitors to the festival are thus invited to reflect on “our renewed condition” and how we relate the colour to a new era of “healing and advancement.”

As blue is often associated with technology, this year’s edition also explores the potential of technology to create novel experiences too.

It’s … erm … artspeak, albeit, sensibly toned down artspeak. Personally, I love blue too and yes, I do consider it one of the colours of technology.

Come to think of it, most spaceship interiors in movies have prominently blue hues, don’t they? I guess the festival message is spot on, as far as that association is concerned.

i Light Singapore 2023 Dates and Recommended Visiting Route

Some basic information about the festival, before I share my pictures.

i Light Singapore 2023 will be held from Jun 1 to 25, 2023. Hours are 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm daily, with extended hours to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

Like recent years, this year’s edition mostly takes place at Marina Bay too. There are, however, two installations at South Beach Ave and one at Millenia Walk, with the one at MW really worth seeing.


What I’m saying here: If you’re heading over by car and wish to “see everything” within one visit, you need to do some planning. You’ll have to park your vehicle at least twice too.

It’s far easier if you’re heading over by public transportation. Simply alight at Esplanade MRT station and use the exit for South Beach Ave. After enjoying Bleached and Show III, cut through Suntec City to reach Millenia Walk for Prism.

From Millenia Walk, head to Promenade MRT Station and use the Downtown Line to reach Bayfront Station, i.e., Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum. From there, it’s an extended U-shaped, bayside walk to Merlion Park. You will pass by the rest of the light installations as well as Gastrobeats 2023.

(Take a look at the official festival map here)

“A New Wave” Presented by Sustainable Light Art Installations

There are 14 free-to-enjoy light art installations this year. In posts for previous editions, I would go about displaying pictures for all, record card alike. Sometimes, multiple pictures for the same installation too.

That’s … just a bit too dry, isn’t it?

So I’ll do it a bit differently this time. I’ll list down my five favourite installations and present the rest as montages. Just to be clear, I’m not saying any of the installations are bad. Some do not appeal to me but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful or meaningful.

As for Lightwave: Turning the Tide, i.e., the paid programme, I have yet to visit so I might share pictures of that in an update.

My 5 Favourite i Light Singapore 2023 Installations

i Light Singapore 2023 at ArtScience Museum
The light projections at the ArtScience Museum have always been spectacular and Glacier Dreams is no exception. This HD projection, which incorporates glacier images from Iceland, somehow feels vaguely sinister to me too. I guess that highlights how glaciers are threatened by climate change.
Prism by Jun Ong at Millenia Walk
I love Jun Ong’s Prism because it’s in a perfect location, has (almost) the same name as my gaming monitor, and reminds me of alien enemies in retro video games. This 3D artwork invites visitors to experience the calming and healing world of chromotherapy.
Trumpet Flowers by Amigo & Amigo (Australia)
I feel happy just being near Trumpet Flowers! The jazz music, the gramophone inspiration, the superb location at Clifford Square with a full view of MBS … Like the official description says, it’s a giant musical garden. A very enjoyable one.
Block Party | iLight SG 2023
I couldn’t get too near Block Party as there was a long queue. In short, the displayed public housing blocks “dance” based on movement prompts from visitors. Needless to say, big, BIG hit with children.
Resonance | Louis-Philippe Rondeau
My picture doesn’t do justice to Louis-Philippe Rondeau’s Resonance, so let me explain. The moment you cross that triangular portal, there is a gong and your image is captured on the screen. This represents the past constantly taking over the present as your image fades away. It also gave me quite the jump scare as I didn’t read the display notes beforehand!

Other Installations

i Light Singapore 2023 Art Installations
Clockwise from top left: Tree Man, Blumiwave, Symphony 1, and the serene the things left unsaid. Tree Man, Blumiwave, and Symphony 1 are next to MBS and right outside Gastrobeats.
i Light SG 2023
Clockwise from top left: Light Anemones, Aquatics, Bleached, and Show III.

Gastrobeats 2023

Gastrobeats is the festive village of i Light Singapore 2023 and the great news is, it’s free, it’s full of food stalls, there are various mini beer gardens and photo booths, and there’s a large stage for live performances.

There are even BOUNCY CASTLES and WET PLAYGROUNDS for kids, as well as carnival games and Taiwanese UFO catchers. How’s that for a festive heart to celebrate the night?

Gastrobeats 2023 @ Bayfront Event Space
The stage area at the heart of Gastrobeats 2023. Wonderful atmosphere, isn’t it? Great idea to have Moooooootion right above the stage too.
Gastrobeats 2023 Food Area
There are two food areas and both are huge. This is the one nearer to the entrance.
DBS Zone at Gastrobeats 2023
DBS is the “presenting sponsor” for this year’s i Light and they have quite a large area full of interactive activities at Gastrobeats, including a long POSB booth.
Carlsberg x Gastrobeats 2023
As the official beer sponsor for Gastrobeats 2023, Carlsberg has several beer bars and a fun, interactive zone. Their Tunnel of Beer will be a hit with selfie lovers.

By the way, Carlsberg will be taking over the festival for two themed nights, bringing the riveting tunes of two live bands for Mandopop Night on Jun 8 and Thai Pop Night on Jun 15. Performances from 7 – 9 pm. Don’t miss it! And don’t forget to grab a Carlsberg Smooth Draught before enjoying the music!

Connor's Stout Porter Photo Booth
Hey, hey, the Connor’s Stout Porter booth has shifted here! Great for those who missed the pop-up a few weeks ago.
Jumptopia @ Gastrobeats 2023
Bouncy castles, splash zones, and lotsa happy and drenched little ones at Jumptopia @ Gastrobeats 2023. (Tickets necessary. Buy online before heading down)

i Light Singapore 2023 ends on Jun 25, 2023.

i Light Singapore 2024: The Tenth Anniversary Edition.

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i Light Singapore 2023 & GastroBeats 2023 (Video)
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i Light Singapore 2023 & GastroBeats 2023 (Video)
Themed “A New Wave” and inspired by blue, i Light Singapore 2023 invites all to explore our renewed condition in an age of healing and advancement.

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