2023 Electone Arrangement 2: Part of Your World Finale

Part of Your World | Free Electone Sheet Music
Part of Your World | Free Electone Sheet Music

Free Electone sheet music and registrations for the climactic ending of Alan Menken’s Part of Your World. Note, this is not a full score!

A quick post with a quick Electone arrangement, to celebrate the brand new The Little Mermaid live-action remake.

Not a full arrangement too. This one-page, one-day effort is a “short” of sorts. Purely the most dramatic and poignant part of Alan Menken’s unforgettable Part of Your World. As I wrote in my YouTube description: What’s played in the trailers where sweet Ariel lifts herself on a sea rock and the waves go … … SPLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah, just the finale, done in orchestral fashion too. Further on why I’m doing something like this, well, it’s partly because I temporarily have no time and energy to work on full arrangements. I was also thinking, with all the interest in YouTube Shorts and TikTok videos, would brief arrangements lesser than a minute be the way forward for the moment, at least for 2023?

I’ll see how it goes! To ahre, I already have a couple of “arrangement shorts” ideas in mind … …

Coming to The Little Mermaid, as in the 1989 version, that remains one of my favourite Disney movies. It was the movie that made me fall in love with Disney animations and music. In my opinion, it’s still the Disney movie with the best soundtrack and the BEST, the ABSOLUTE BEST Disney villain. (Huge Ursula fan here. I dream of cosplaying as her …)

The recent spate of lacklustre Disney live-action remakes made me fret about what hit the cinema today—I’m watching tomorrow. But what I’ve seen in the trailers seems great so far. I also have a feeling that this might be different from Peter Pan & Wendy, or Pinocchio, beginning with how Disney decided to release it in cinemas.

Fingers crossed, many tentacles crossed, that it will be awesome! (Repeat, huge, huge Ursula fan …)

Yamaha Electone Sheet Music and ELS-02C Registration Data for Part of Your World Finale

Warning! The registration and Finale PrintMusic files are zip files! You might need to disable your virus/malware protection before downloading.

As I have disabled the function, do not right-click to save as. On PCs, simply click on the links and the file should auto download in a separate window.

Part of Your World Finale - Electone Sheet Music
Part of Your World Finale Electone Sheet Music

Electone Sheet Music Free Download

Electone Registration Data for Stagea ELS-02C

Finale PrintMusic 2010 File

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Watch the video here!

Arrangement Notes

  1. Like I mentioned, I did this in one day. So things are simpler and somewhat, erm, rough. I wanted to post on May 25th. (I started way too late too …)
  2. No drums! Manual registration shift too; you’d need to set the right footswitch. Horrors, eh?
  3. My brass lead is rather shrill on some earphones. On others, the brightness seems appropriate. Since I’ve already lowered brilliance to the minimum, the only other way to tweak the brightness is to apply an EQ effect to the sound.
  4. Memory 3 and 4 have timpani rolls. On bass-enhanced earphones, goodness, this sounds like thunder, even though I’ve already lowered the volume as much as I can. If it disturbs you, consider removing the sound altogether.
  5. I tweaked the ending. As in, I trimmed it and I added a motif drawn from another song. (My video has some unusual lyrics) If you, ahem, know the story behind Ursula the Sea Witch, you’ll know which song I drew divine inspiration from.

Have fun!

Full List of Downloadable Electone Sheet Music and Stagea ELS-02C Registration Data. ( English / 中文 / 日本語 )

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2023 Electone Sheet Music 2 – Part of Your World Finale
Article Name
2023 Electone Sheet Music 2 – Part of Your World Finale
Electone sheet music and registration data for the climactic ending of Part of Your World. Arranged in orchestral fashion.

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