Sudio F2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review (With Discount Code)

Sudio F2 Review
Sudio F2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review

Small speaker, big sound. The Sudio F2 indeed impresses with its brilliant sound clarity and loudness.

While it’s not stated on Sudio’s official product page, the Sudio F2 (SGD 129/USD 89) is very likely the successor to the Femtio. I make this guess based on how the Swedish manufacturer has been releasing improved versions of their most popular earphones over the last few years. E2 for the Ett, T2 for the Tolv, etc.

Like other such successors, the F2 comes with a list of upgrades too, enhancements that include a higher IPX rating, slightly longer battery life, stronger bass reproduction, etc. Appearance-wise, however, the F2 looks nothing at all like the Femtio, to say the least.

Smaller, lighter, and much more minimalistic in design direction, the F2 feels like it’s from another product range altogether. (A design direction that’s more in line with Sudio earphones, IMO) Its build moreover invokes the impression that it’s made for the outdoors—beach parties and picnics come to mind. This impression is further reinforced by the bright and loud sound the F2 enthusiastically churns out.

More interestingly, the cubic shape of the F2 isn’t purely for aesthetics. This brand new portable Bluetooth speaker comes with a “Broadcast Function” that allows you to connect up to, check this out, 100 F2s. Theoretically, you might be able to set up some sort of PA system given enough units.

As I only have one unit on hand, I wouldn’t be examining the Broadcast function. The following review will focus on portability, usability, and of course, sound quality. Rest assured that should I buy a second F2 in the future, I will update accordingly.

This Sudio F2 review was written using a sponsored set. If you’re just looking for the discount code, just scroll right to the end of this review.

Sudio F2 Specifications

The following is summarized from Sudio’s official product page.

  • Dimensions: 106(W) by 106(H) by 55(D) mm
  • Weight: 410 g
  • Button Type: Physical
  • Driver Type: Dynamic
  • Driver Size: Full Frequency x 1, High Frequency x 1
  • Speaker Output: 15W by 5W
  • Impedance: 4Ω@1kHz
  • Sensitivity: 75dB@1kHz

Key Features

  • IPX7 rating. (One of the highest ratings, this means the device can survive being submerged in up to 3 feet of water for 30 minutes!)
  • Broadcast function to connect up to 100 F2s.
  • Up to 15 hours of playtime. (No quick charge)
  • Internal microphone.
  • Time to full charge: 240 minutes
  • Bluetooth Version: 5.3
  • Bluetooth Codec: SBC
  • USB Contact Type: Type-C
  • Ports: One USB-C, One 3.5 mm Aux In

The above specifications and features are attractive, particularly the compact build, the IPX7 rating, and the higher Bluetooth version.

That said, two absences are rather glaring—the lack of quick charging and support for the AAC codec. On the latter, well, I’ll just say I’m not too sure whether the teensy-weensy bit of better audio quality supposedly provided by the AAC codec matters for a portable speaker, especially if you are primarily using it outdoors.


The inability to quick charge is regrettable, though. Since it takes some four hours for a full charge, power management for the F2 will require some effort.


Sudio F2 Portable Speaker Box
As part of their corporate commitment to sustainability, the entire box of the Sudio F2 is plastic-free. Thumbs up!
Sudio F2 Speaker Review
“Small Speaker, Big Sound.” This isn’t just sales talk. The F2 is indeed big on sound. More on that later.
Sudio F2 Portable Speaker
The cubic shape has rounded corners and a concave recess on the grill. These features give the F2 a modern feel. (The loop is a thoughtful touch too)
Sudio F2 Box Contents
The F2 comes with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable and two basic manuals. Other than those, there’s nothing else. (In other words, there’s no carrier bag)

Appearance and Build

At very slightly over 400 g heavy, the Sudio F2 is lighter than any of the other portable speakers that I own; it’s positively anorexic compared to my SoundBlaster Roar 2! However, 400 g isn’t exactly featherweight too. I’m highlighting this so that it’s clear that you will still feel the weight of the F2 if you’re bringing it around. This is especially if you’re encumbered by other belongings.

The F2 also has a matt, rubbery surface across all its sides as well as the back where the bass radiator is. (Silicone, probably) At the base are also four very small nodules that act as legs.

The former, other than being nice to touch, create friction when you’re holding it—dropping risks are minimised, especially in wet situations such as beside the pool. The legs prevent the F2 from sliding when on a flat surface.

Sudio F2 Black
The speaker grill is made of hard plastic. All in all, though the F2 doesn’t exactly feel luxurious to hold, it gives the impression that it’s built to withstand rough handling and wet weather.

Lastly, a strip covers and protects the USB-C port and 3.5 mm audio socket. (You can see this in the above picture—it’s toward the lower right corner) Out of the box, this strip was a little hard to “dig out.” One should probably be gentle with it too to prevent tearing.

Buttons and Controls

The F2 has five buttons located on its topside. Four are indicated by standard symbols: power, previous track/volume down, play, etc. The only baffling one is the last button which shows an infinity sign. According to the manual, this activates Broadcast Mode.

Using any of the buttons requires a physical press or hold, and this is one area that might not be to some users’ liking. Though you wouldn’t need to jab, the buttons do require a bit of force to click or hold.

I believe the resistance, for lack of a better word, is for the sake of portability. It’s so that you wouldn’t accidentally switch something on when the F2 is bouncing about in your bag.

Sudio F2 Buttons and Controls
Other than the rightmost button in this picture, it’s pretty easy to figure out which button is for what, at least for basic controls.

Anyhow, just to put it down in writing, the controls are:

  • Hold Power Button (Leftmost button in my picture above) for 2 seconds to power on. Same action to power off. The F2 enters pairing mode upon switching on. If you have established connections, it will automatically pair with what’s available too.
  • Hold Play Button (Third Button) for 2 seconds to disconnect and reenter pairing mode.
  • Click – Button (Second Button) once to lower volume. Click twice for previous track.
  • Click + Button (Fourth Button) once to increase volume. Click twice for next track.
  • Click Play Button once to play or pause playback.
  • Click Play Button once to accept call.
  • Hold Play Button for 2 seconds to end or reject call.
  • Hold Broadcast Button (Rightmost button) for 2 seconds to enter Broadcast Mode. Click once to end Broadcast Mode.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Stability

Being equipped with Bluetooth 5.3, the Sudio F2 had no problem connecting with my devices. However, I ought to highlight that for whatever reason, it took all my gadgets, old or new, noticeably longer to detect the F2. I have no idea why.

Once pairing is established, the connection remains stable and auto-reconnects when both devices are switched on. There is no discernible lag and the connection only stutters when the F2 is nearing 10 meters away from the output device and with walls in between.

Safe to say, there are no Bluetooth connectivity or stability issues with this portable speaker.


I’ll be honest. I didn’t fully test this. As in, I didn’t fully charge the F2 then use it till it drops dead to see how long the battery lasts.

I did, on the other hand, used it for about eight hours before writing this review. According to the manual, the white indicator LED light will turn orange should the power level be down to 25 percent. Well, mine remained white. My PC also indicated that there is still 60 percent power left in the speaker after eight hours of use. I take it that the Sudio F2 is indeed capable of 15 hours of battery life.

Sudio F2 Sound Review

On to the most important part of this review. The sound quality of the Sudio F2.

The very “big” sound of this handy portable speaker. Big, as in LOUD.

Gosh, the F2 has got to be one of the loudest portable speakers I’ve ever used, if not the loudest. At equivalent volumes on the output device, the F2 is louder than my SoundBlaster Roar 2 on Roar mode. At just 40 percent of a typical volume range, it effortlessly fills a normal-size bedroom with music.

What’s pumped out is superbly clear too. Clear, with a spirited brightness across all the ranges. Aggressive trebles tend to exhibit some crackly harshness at high volume, but apart from this, vocals are forward, instruments are clear and differentiated, stage depth is impressive too. In short, clarity is definitely one of the greatest strengths of the Sudio F2.

Coming to bassy lows, Sudio promotes the F2 as capable of rumbling bass. Now, I wouldn’t say this is not the case but curiously, that “rumbling bass” only properly announces its presence when I set the volume at or above the mid-levels. At softer volumes, the lows actually sounds meek to me.

It’s splendid once it kicks in, though. A reverberating, well-defined crucible that embraces but never encroaches the mids or highs. Bassheads might still find this tuning lacking, I suspect, probably some segments of EDM lovers too. But for me, I think it gives a good but controlled oompf to most genres of music.

I found it equally lovely for listening to jazz, background game music, pop, and classical alike.

Sudio F2 Sound Quality
With its extremely enthusiastic volume, brilliant clarity, and IPX7 rating, the Sudio F2 is great for outdoor use.

Music as it is, Clear and Crisp

I feel I ought to highlight this, given many newer portable speaker models now come with all sorts of audio embellishments. For example, spatial audio, Dolby Atmos, etc.

The Sudio F2 isn’t equipped with any of these. In a nutshell, it takes whatever audio it is given and delivers that to you with clarity and touches of bassy highlights, but that is all. Neither does it come with a devoted app that provides all sorts of transformative EQ settings. If you need such embellishments, sorry, you have to do them on the output device.*

Sudio might soon include the F2 as one of the connectible devices in the Sudio Personal Sound app, though. Now, I use this app for my E2 and T2 earphones and it does wonders. The Sudio F2 is new too. Fingers crossed that the app will soon include tunings for the F2.

* FYI, after pairing the F2 with my Samsung S22 and activating Dolby Atmos, the playback became slightly airier and “broader.” But apart from these slight changes, there is no spectacular effect to speak of.

Gaming and Movies

As a single, compact unit, the gaming experience provided by the Sudio F2 cannot be compared to those dished out by gamer headsets, etc. Still, it’s not without merit, largely thanks to the exemplary clarity.

While playing Ghostwire: Tokyo and Far Cry 6 with it, I thought it did a great job with the ambient music. Cleanliness of the dialogue was certainly something I appreciated too.

The same goes for movies and other forms of streaming entertainment.


If you’d be using the F2 for calls or conferencing purposes, take note of two things:

  • The person you’re speaking to will have his/her voice broadcast all over the room! You would need to lower the volume to prevent distortion.
  • I tried calling someone while my phone was connected to the F2. The other party could hear my voice clearly, but she also commented that there was substantial background sound.

In all, I think the microphone function of the Sudio F2 works fine. But I’d probably not use it for calls and conferencing.

Sudio F2 Review Conclusion

To conclude, I think the Sudio F2 is an awesome package at SGD 129/USD 89. It comes with a tough build geared for portability and outdoor use, for wet situations as well. Its sound quality impresses with its clarity and brightness too, although some bass lovers might find the thumping lows it provides on the meeker side.

The F2 doesn’t come with audio embellishments like spatial audio or a devoted app, and at its price range, I don’t expect it to. But as I highlighted above, the latter might change down the road. Sudio might eventually include the F2 in its personal sound app.

On the flip side, the lack of quick charging slightly disappoints. Now, this isn’t that major an issue but in an era where all of us do not have enough time or plugs for all the gadgets we need to juice up every day, four hours for a full charge is very likely a small nuisance for most people.

Lastly, the ability to pair with up to 100 similar units is, well, an interesting feature. Possibly greatly attractive to some folks too. For me, though, I doubt I would need anything more than two or three units. With its loudness, just two units are enough to fill up my home with sweet, crystal-clear music.


  • Impressive volume.
  • Superb sound clarity.
  • Rugged IPX7 rating.
  • Portable build.
  • Broadcast Function to connect multiple units.


  • No quick charge.
  • Bass might not be rumbling enough for some listeners.
Sudio F2 Portable Speaker Review
Sudio F2 Portable Speaker Review

Head over to the official Sudio website today to place an order! You’ll enjoy a 15 percent discount off the retail price if you quote my discount code, GEEK15

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