Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon! (Video)


Poké Ball cabins with Pokémon interiors to welcome the 50th Anniversary of Singapore Cable Car.

Update Nov 1, 2023: All cable car cabins on the Mount Faber Line have received a Pokémon festive upgrade!

My first ever Singapore Cable Car ride was in, let me see, 1979.

It was a memorable adventure. Not just because it was my first time in a cable car but also because my family and I shared a cabin with several enthusiastic South Asian tourists. For whatever reason, all of them wanted pictures with (super adorable younger) me. And so I still have hazy memories of posing for pics with everyone. As well as getting smooched on the cheeks by all.

Down the road, I rarely use what is now called the Mount Faber Cable Car line. Before starting this blog, I would head over to Sentosa twice a year or so, and whenever I do so, I either used the ferry or hop onto a bus. (Or I just walk over after the Broadwalk was opened) The only times I used the cable car was when I had foreign friends to entertain.

This was really silly, wasn’t it? I really ought to have enjoyed our cable cars more often. The stations are easy to get to. The ride is smooth and easy. With new structures and parks popping up in the vicinity all the time, the lofty view during the ride is never the same each year too. A sheer delight for urban photography, which I’m into.

And now Pokémon are all over the Mount Faber Line too! That is, from Labour Day 2023 till Sep 30, 2023. As part of the lead-up to the 50th anniversary of Singapore Cable Car in 2024, all cabins have been specially rewrapped to resemble Poké Balls. The interiors of the cabins are also full of Pokémon designs because, you know, who else but they live inside Poké Balls? (Five designs in all: Pikachu, Eevee, Quaxly, Fuecoco, and Sprigatito)

I took several rides over the Labour Day long weekend and it was truly a great way to get reacquainted with Singapore’s first cable car line. The playful makeovers provided lots of quirky and special photo-ops. As I expected, the HarbourFront and Sentosa districts now look absolutely different from when I last saw them from above too. With day and night equally picturesque.

Even the tourists I shared cabins with were delighted. A group of Australian travelers remarked to me how great it was to encounter such surprises when holidaying here.

Re-Experiencing Singapore Cable Car While in the Company of Pokémon

Here’s the journey I made, which I think would be the route most visitors would use.


I used the MRT to reach the HarbourFront area. From VivoCity, I proceeded to HarbourFront Tower to ride the Mount Faber Line to Mount Faber Station, where most of the Pokémon photo spots and decorations are.

From Mount Faber Station, I then rode the cable car all the way to Sentosa Station. After two hours at the beach and Fort Siloso, I returned to Mount Faber Station, moseyed about, before taking one last round trip from Mount Faber to Sentosa, and back.

Just one important thing to highlight before I share my pictures and video. The Sentosa Cable Car Line is not part of the Pokémon makeover. The quirky little ones and the Poké Ball cabins are only found on the Mount Faber Line.

Pokémon Singapore Cable Car Cabin with Fuecoco.
My ride from HarbourFront Station to Mount Faber Station was in a Fuecoco cabin. I have to confess I’m not too familiar with him. So I did some hasty reading up and YouTube cartoon watching the moment I alighted.
Singapore Cable Car Mount Faber Station.
The approach to Mount Faber Station. (At the left of the station is Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro, a really awesome restaurant with a view)

Singapore Cable Car 50th Anniversary
As mentioned above, Singapore Cable Car will be 50 years old in 2024. But you wouldn’t be able to guess its age thanks to the upgraded, modern cabins and well-maintained stations.
Pokemon at Mount Faber Station
There are Pokémon (photo-ops) all over Mount Faber Station! Some of them are away from the main displays too so if you heading over, have fun finding them all! (Or catching them all)
Pokémon cable car Singapore
Photo spot, or should I say photo window, with a very happy-looking Turtwig. Most Pokémon are so happy looking, aren’t they?
Vintage Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon Decor
Two vintage Singapore cable car cabins were decked out in Pokémon décor too. You can enter them and pose for pictures. This is the Pikachu one.
Singapore Vintage Cable Car with Eevee Decor
This is the super vintage one with Eevee, my favourite Pokémon.
Poké Ball Cable Car Cabins
The Poké Ball cable car cabins at work. I’m sure you can see how well done the exterior makeover is. Incidentally, these cabins are the fourth generation. They feature upgraded safety, better ventilation, and improved UV protection.
Singapore Cable Car Pikachu Cabin
A Pikachu cabin glided by while I was in the queue! I think lots of kids wanted to get into this one …
Sprigatito Cable Car Pokémon
My ride to Sentosa was in a Pokémon Sprigatito cable car cabin. (But there was no lovely aroma …)
Poké Ball cabins at HarbourFront Station
Poké Ball cabins approaching HarbourFront Station.
Resorts World Sentosa from Air
Aerial view of Resorts World Sentosa. The weather for the day was rather hazy, to be honest, but the lofty view of the resort was still superb.
Poké Ball Themed Cable Car in Singapore
Before the final “approach” to Sentosa Station.

Check out my video above for the full ride! Including very loft views of Resorts World Singapore and Adventure Cove.

Since I was there with my cameras and all, I took some footage of the Sentosa Line too. Check it out!

Late Afternoon Return Journey, With a Special Companion!

My late afternoon journey back to the “mainland” was eventful. Within half an hour, the weather went from hazy and fiery hot to overcast and stormy. By the time I got onto the Mount Faber Line again, it was raining.

The ride was still safe and stable, though—a bus ride is more bumpy. Since I was alone in an Eevee cabin, the little rascal who’s been hiding in my bag all day finally had the perfect chance to make his entrance …

Pokémon Adventures in Singapore
You kept me hidden in your bag the whole day!!
Eevee in Eevee Cable Car Cabin
I’m finally among my kind!

To be clear … the tickets for this special Singapore Cable Car event do not come with plushies; this is my own Eevee hor. On the other hand, each ticket does come with an adorable Pokémon sun visor. (While stocks last)

Pokémon sun visor | Singapore Cable Car

The official website shows four sun visor designs. These are the ones for Fuecoco and Pikachu! (The bands are somewhat on the short side so I assume they are mainly for kids)
HarbourFront Centre from Singapore Cable Car
The ride was so atmospheric, I took one final round trip after the rain stopped. Here’s HarbourFront Centre after it’s lit up.

Pokémon Merchandising at Station Gift Shops

This surprised me a little. I thought there would be lots of Pokémon merchandise at the gift shops. Not that there aren’t any at all, but there wasn’t as much as I thought there would be.

In other words, it’s really all about celebrating the 50th anniversary of Singapore Cable Car, which by the way, is one of independent Singapore’s earliest travel attractions. If you haven’t visited for a long time, or have never been onto the Mount Faber Line, now’s seriously the best time to take a ride!

Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon Merchandise
Pokémon merchandise at the gift shops of Mount Faber Station and Sentosa Station. (Okay … there’s quite a fair amount on sale)

Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon ends on Sep 30, 2023; plenty of time for you to go join the fun. Tickets for a round trip are priced at SGD 35/- for adults and SGD 25/- for children. However, there’s a 20 percent discount if you book online!

New SkyOrb Cabins at Mount Faber Line!

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Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon! (Video)
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Singapore Cable Car with Pokémon! (Video)
Between May 1 and Sep 30, 2023, the Mount Faber Line of Singapore Cable Car will be full of Poké Ball cabins with quirky Pokémon interiors.

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