Gift Ideas and Dining Guide for Mother’s Day 2023

Singapore Mother's Day Gift and Dining Guide 2023
Singapore Mother's Day Gift and Dining Guide 2023

What to pamper mum with this Mother’s Day.

It’s that time of the year again when we honour the wonder women in all our lives!

If you haven’t decided what to give or treat mum to this Mother’s Day, here’s my gift and dining guide for 2023. Because no mum is the same, and each is unique in her own beautiful way, I’ve consolidated a mix of fashionable, high-tech, yummy, affordable, and playful recommendations for you to choose from.

Whichever you decide on, knowing that you’ve prepared something will immediately put a smile on your mother’s face.

Sudio F2 Wireless Speaker
Sudio’s new F2 Wireless Speaker is small in size but big in sound.

1. Sudio F2 Wireless Speaker

My mother has been complaining about the lacklustre sound quality of her older tablet, and so this is what I’d be giving her for Mother’s Day this year.

The new Sudio F2 Wireless Speaker (SGD 129/-) is compact, hardworking, and built to last. With an impressive IPX 7 rating and just 106 mm long and wide, this Bluetooth and audio-in enabled portable speaker will give extra audio juice to whatever your mum is enjoying on her gadgets. Goodness in the form of rumbling bass, warm mids, and superbly clear highs.

What’s more, the unique design allows you to connect up to, check this out, 100 F2s. With that, you can give mummy another F2 for another occasion this year to further pump up the audio goodness.

Nah, I’m just kidding. One F2 will be loud enough. Enough also to spice up all the entertainment the superwoman in your life is enjoying each day.

Sudio F2 Website with Online Ordering

Sudio F2 Review


KFC x Deliveroo 8 pcs Mother's Day Feast (2023)
The KFC x Deliveroo 8 pcs Mother’s Day Feast comes in a picture-perfect heart-shaped box.

2. KFC x Deliveroo 8 pcs Mother’s Day Feast

A Mother’s Day celebration doesn’t have to be at a restaurant. Not when it’s finger lickin’ good AND delivered to your doorstep.

This Mother’s Day, Deliveroo has teamed up with KFC to celebrate all mums with the limited-edition KFC x Deliveroo 8 pcs Mother’s Day Feast (SGD 39.95). Presented in an Instagrammable double-tiered heart-shaped box, with a selection of KFC signature favourites, this is one feast that will surely warm mummy’s heart. Not to mention, she’d also have a lovely box to keep all your other gifts to her afterwards.

Available exclusively on Deliveroo from May 7 to 14! Do note that there are only 40 sets up for grabs, so order quickly if you wanna delight mummy with this.

Paris Baguette Mother's Day 2023 Cakes
Say “thank you” to mum with Paris Baguette’s special cakes for Mother’s Day 2023.

3. Paris Baguette 2023 Mother’s Day Cakes

If you’re thinking of saying “thank you, mum” with a lovely cake come May 14, take a look at the magnificent creations Paris Baguette is offering this year.

The Thank You, Double Chocolate Cake (SGD 68/-) is made with a rich, chocolate sponge cake base and layered with velvety vanilla chocolate and caramel white chocolate mousses. Topped with hearty roses, juicy berries, and a big golden Thank You as well. To give that extra crunch so that mum is assured that you do mean what you’re saying, crunch balls are scattered throughout the creamy layers too.

The lighter Love You, Double Fromage Cheesecake (SGD 68/-) features a fluffy vanilla sponge cake with baked cheese, strawberry jelly, and cheese mousse. It is also topped with pink roses, strawberries, and a glittering crown. Very simply, the perfect way to honour the woman who has sacrificed so much for you.

Available for pre-order from Apr 24, 2023, on Paris Baguette’s official website. Enjoy an early bird discount of 10 percent too when you order before May 9.

Paris Baguette Official Website

LAC Taut® Radiance+ Premium Collagen Mask and LAC® BrainSpeed
Help mum regain her inner and outer radiance with LAC’s range of products.

4. LAC Taut® Radiance+ and BrainSpeed

Being a mum is tough. No matter how capable a woman is, she would be forced to relinquish time for herself. Worse, in some cases, her health might even be compromised.

This Mother’s Day, let mum knows that you’re WELL-AWARE of her sacrifice by helping her regain her brillance. LAC, the Leader in Antioxidative Control™, has three stars products that can help busy women regain inner and outer radiance.

  • LAC Taut® Radiance+ Premium Collagen Mask: A luxurious treatment that is the ultimate in skin indulgence, this premium collagen mask hydrates and revitalizes dull skin in just seven to ten minutes. Packed with a potent blend of hydrolysed collagen, squalane, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants to leave skin silky smooth, plump, and lifted.
  • LAC Taut® Radiance+ Premium Collagen Drink: Help mum to rejuvenate herself with a luxurious blend of 13,000mg Plus Placenta & AG Complex packed into one convenient little bottle of skin elixir that works its magic as she sleeps. This powerful drink is a busy mother’s secret weapon to neutralising the damaging effects of free radicals. The magic also works best when used together with the LAC Taut Collagen Mask.
  • LAC® BrainSpeed: An elixir that invigorates the brain for optimal mental performance, BrainSpeed is made with nourishing ingredients such as Ginkgo leaf extract with 24% Ginkgo flavone glycosides and Vitamin B3. Fast-acting and conveniently packaged into caplets. The perfect supplement for energising the brain as it promotes blood and oxygen circulation.

Lac Official Website

Corduroy Palace Singapore
Corduroy Palace @ Amoy Street offers fine dining amidst a midcentury midtown Manhattan dining room setting. (Picture from Restaurant’s Instagram)

5. Corduroy Palace

Looking to celebrate Mother’s Day 2023 in stylish refinement? Head to Corduroy Palace, BYGB Hospitality’s jazzy fine dining restaurant at Amoy Street.

Corduroy Palace’s fresh lunch menu has a long list of irresistible options, from the BYGB Hospitality team’s inspired interpretations of classic salads to their ever-iconic Proper Pizza 18” Pies. There are also crowd favourites like Gibran’s Famous French Dip Sandwich, Classic NY Strip Steak, and Caviar The Whole Shebang. If you’ve read Corduroy Palace’s reviews, you’d know their caviar Xiao Long Bao dumplings are a huge hit with fine diners too.

For drinks, Corduroy Palace offers a great list of classy cocktails, from perennial American favourites like Long Island Iced Tea to three types of Martinis. The short of it, mummy will be transported to another world with fine cuisine and Manhattan-inspired décor. It will feel a little decadent. But hey, she deserves the treat for all the love she has showered on you.

Coduroy Palace Website

Seagate External SSD Hard Drives
The incredibly lightweight Seagate One Touch SSD and the upcoming Seagate Ultra Touch HDD.

6. Seagate One Touch SSD and Ultra Touch HDD

I’ve previously recommended Seagate’s One Touch SSD in a travel gadgets list and I cannot get over how incredibly lightweight and compact this super-fast SSD is.

For busy working mothers who have so many things to attend to each day and so many places to head to, I’m sure they would doubly appreciate the convenient design. Not to mention, it looks stylish too, doesn’t it? Nowhere near the chunk of metallic bricks that older external drives are.

What’s more, it comes with free apps that can help mummy organise all her work and personal photos. (For example, the many photos she has of you)

An announcement here too. Seagate will be launching a new version of their popular Ultra Touch HDD soon. Equally fast and stylish, the new Ultra Touch HDDs are manufactured from 30% post-consumer recycled materials by weight and feature 100% recyclable packaging.

The Ultra Touch HDD wouldn’t be in time for this year’s Mother’s Day, but hey, it will still be a good tech gift for other occasions. (Perhaps next year’s present?) Especially for mothers who strongly identify with sustainability.

Read my review of the Seagate One Touch SSD

Poké Ball Cable Car Ride at Mount Faber
Celebrate Mother’s Day and Singapore Cable Car’s upcoming Golden Jubilee with Pokémon. Lots of Pokémon.

7. Poké Ball Cable Car Cabin Ride

Here’s a 2-in-one that’s great for fun-loving moms.

Or if mom is a diehard Pokémon Go fan.

As part of the celebrations for its upcoming Golden Jubilee in February 2024, Singapore’s iconic cable cars between Mount Faber and Sentosa will be made over into Poké Ball Cable Car Cabins. With interiors and exteriors completely rewrapped in eye-catching designs, and with five different interior designs in all, your mum and yourself can enjoy the quirky company of the most beloved Pokémon while serenaded by the panoramic views of our southern coast.

After the relaxing ride, you can hop over to Mount Faber’s Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro too, where mum can enjoy a well-deserved meal. Arbora’s Executive Chef Robert Chan has recently refreshed the menu with eleven delectable dishes. With the new menu’s wide range of Eastern and Western favourites, there will surely be something that mummy would love to feast on.

Mount Faber Leisure Website

My review of Arbora Hilltop Garden & Bistro

Prices for tickets begin at SGD 28/- for adults and SGD 20/- for kids below 12.

PengWine - Enjoy Chilean Wine in Singapore
Enjoy the best of Chilean wine with PengWine.

8. PengWine

Started by entrepreneur, sommelier, and author Chris Milliken, PengWine is a boutique Chilean winemaker that aims to bring the best of Chilean wine sophistication to the world. If you’re wondering what the name means, it was inspired by the penguins of Chile. The South American country is one of the best places in the world to see wild penguins.

I recently enjoyed two glasses of PengWine during a product launch and both were truly superb. (So good, I got a little distracted during the product presentation …) The Cabernet Sauvignon 2020 was velvety and with wealthy notes of blackberries. The Pagos Sauvignon Blanc 2021 was brilliant floral vibrancy. Crisp, balanced, and fruity too.

Here’s the other thing about PengWine as well. Some of their bottles come with NFT labels. Now, I confess I still don’t completely understand how NFTs work. Some of the NFT label designs that I saw are a little bit, hmm, on the wilder side too.

But if your mum is fun-loving and hip, and loves a good drink, I think PengWine would be a great choice for a gift. The bottles with the NFT labels would afterwards be awesome as home décor too.

Browse PengWine Collection at Amigos y Vinos

Häagen-Dazs Afternoon Tea Ice Creams
A simple ice cream treat can be the perfect gift too. And Häagen-Dazs has just the right flavours for you to choose from.

9. Häagen-Dazs Blooming Blueberry Tart and Red Velvet Cheesecake Pints

Like flowers (see below), ice cream is a sweet gift that rarely goes wrong, yeah?

For Mother’s Day 2023, Häagen-Dazs has two limited-time, afternoon tea-inspired flavours for you to choose from if you’re thinking of pampering your mother with a tub or two of creamy sweetness.

Blooming Blueberry Tart pairs creamy blueberry ice cream with floral notes and intensely fruity blueberry swirls. Soft, buttery tart pieces are also scattered throughout the creamy goodness to complete that impression of actually eating an artisanal blueberry tart.

Every pint of Blooming Blueberry Tart furthermore comes with a QR code to scan for an immersive Augmented Reality experience. How’s that for a colourful treat?

Red Velvet Cheesecake, on the other hand, was introduced last festive season and features fresh cheese ice cream with ribbons and ribbons of thick Red Velvet Cocoa sauce. Like Blooming Blueberry Tart, soft Red Velvet crumble pieces are also mixed in for the ultimate cake indulgence.

Available for a limited time only at leading supermarkets, online retailers, etc! (The pints are going for SGD 14.65 at supermarkets)

Häagen-Dazs Singapore Website

Little Flower Hut Mother's Day Bouquets
Little Flower Hut’s Mother’s Day promotion.

10. Little Flower Hut Floral Bouquets and Gifts

To some folks, flowers as a gift would feel cliché and uninspired. But let’s be honest, they are also gifts that can’t go wrong. Especially not when they are specially created for the person you have in mind.

Little Flower Hut is a homegrown Singaporean online florist with a team strength of 10 specialists and a combined floristry experience of over a hundred years. To order something for mum, simply pick from their HUGE selection of designs online. If not, share with them what you have in mind and I’m sure their team can create a unique bouquet or basket for you.

Best of all, Little Flower Hut offers express delivery, including the Super Express 1-hour option. In other words, if for whatever reason you forget about the big day, they are your lifesaver. Mum will be, erm, none the wiser and assumed you’ve prepared the gift days beforehand … (How awful of me to say this! But keep their contact for such last-minute emergencies)

Little Flower Hut Website

Tel: +65 6503 9750

Mother's Day Brunch at GEMMA.
GEMMA celebrates all mothers with a splendid four-course brunch, with gift sets for the first 60 bookings too.

11. GEMMA Four-Course Mother’s Day Brunch

Is mummy into elegant Italian cuisine? If so, consider treating her to GEMMA’s four-course Mother’s Day Brunch.

Priced at SGD 168/- per person, mum will get to enjoy a delectable sharing menu of sumptuous steaks and pasta served with two glasses of Botter Prosecco Brut. The sharing menu includes delectable items such as Hokkaido Scallop Tortellini with Sea Asparagus, Bouillabaisse Foam, and Black Radish. For the steak main, a hearty Bone-in Dry Aged Ribeye with Charred Broccolini, Bagna Cauda, and Bone Marrow Jus will be served.

Full menu here! As a token of appreciation to all mothers, GEMMA is also collaborating with Acqua di Parma to gift mums with an exclusive Mother’s Day gift set retailing at SGD 50/-. Limited to 60 sets. Make your booking ASAP.

GEMMA is located at the fifth floor of National Gallery Singapore.

Perfume Making Workshop in Singapore
Making your own perfume is fun and therapeutic in an unusual, unforgettable way.

12. Perfume Making Workshop at Sentosa Scentopia

Everyone benefits from me time and self-rediscovery time. Doubly so for mothers who have so much on their plates.

If you agree that these would make for a great gift, consider gifting mum with a perfume-making workshop session at Scentopia, Sentosa’s premier perfumery attraction at Siloso Beach.

I attended this workshop last year and not only was the MBTI-inspired questionnaire the workshop is built on insightful, it was also incredibly therapeutic going through hundreds of scents to create my own unique perfume. After all, a pleasing scent can invoke all sorts of cherished memories and experiences.

Should you gift your mother with this gift of rediscovery, she will, of course, also return home with a bottle of her own customised perfume. She will remember you, and love you more, every time she spritzes some on.

Scentopia Official Website with Booking Facility

Mother's Day 2023 Tech Gift Idea | vivo V27 5G
vivo’s amazing new V27 5G comes with a super-power camera that enables great shots even in poorly lit conditions, a stunning curved screen, and a casing that changes colour.

13. vivo V27 5G

Is mother looking for a new smartphone? One to help her capture her most precious memories as well as enjoy the best of portable, handheld entertainment?

The latest flagship-level addition to vivo’s ultra-stylish V series, the new V27 5G is equipped with the exclusive Aura Light Portrait System, a high-performance 4nm chip, and a visually stunning 6.78” 3D curved screen. The Aura Light Portrait System provides an elevated photography experience that allows for high-definition, vivid footage even in poorly lit conditions.

Together with the premium Sony IMX766V sensor and Optical Image Stablization (OIS), mummy can beautifully capture every moment that’s dear to her heart, no matter the environmental condition or the time of day.

The ultra-high performance 4nm advanced processor chip moreover enables exceptional low power consumption, performance boost, and high processing speed, which mum is going to need because she wouldn’t want to stop watching her favourite series and movies on that gorgeous 120 Hz refresh rate, 1.07 billion colours curved screen. Oh, did I mention the V27 5G is also available in stunning and stylish colours that CHANGE tones when exposed to UV light?

Available at major telcos from Apr 29, 2023, at SGD 699/- (without contract)! The V27 5G can also be purchased from vivo official online stores on Lazada and Shopee, and major consumer electronic stores.

For a limited time only, customers who purchase the vivo V27 5G from selected channels will also receive a premium gift box that includes a Bluetooth speaker and wireless earbuds (worth SGD 100/-), a complimentary phone case (worth SGD 19.90), and a Matcha Milk voucher from Matchaya. You can bring mummy to tea at Matchaya, before giving her this amazing tech gift.

V27 5G Official Page

V27 5G Camera Review Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Top row: Pooh Plus Bouquet & Disney Candle and Carousel. Bottom Row: Fantasyland Castle Sleep Set & Disney Earrings Mrs Potts and Chip.

14. Mother’s Day 2023 Gifts

Many people still associate Disney merchandise with children or movie fans. But the truth is, with their current huge ensemble of franchises, and I mean H U G E, Disney actually has gifts perfect for practically any occasion.

At, the official home of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, there’s a wide selection of such perfect gifts for pampering mummy with—all are inspired by Disney’s timeless stories too. With new items released each week, it is also effortless to find a suitable present for the queen of your family. Some suggestions are:

  • Plush Bouquets (SGD 47.90): Like I mentioned in an earlier entry, you can’t go wrong with flowers, yeah? Especially not when they come with adorable characters like Stitch or Pooh. The Pooh Plush Bouquet even has a faint scent of honey. Goodness!
  • Disney Candle and Carousel (SGD 105.90): This lovely golden carousel features gorgeous pendants inspired by the trusty pals of Disney heroines. It also turns on its own once lit. A magical delight that will surely charm mum.
  • Fantasyland Castle Sleep Set (SGD 95.90): Adorned with an all-over floral print and embroidered castle artwork, the chic two-piece pyjama set will allow mum to sleep like a queen. (The good queen, that is) The accompanying Three-Piece Accessory Set (SGD 65.90) includes a pillow cover, an eye mask, and a head wrap in satin finish.
  • Disney Earrings Mrs Potts and Chip (SGD 47.90): If you’ve watched the movie, you’d know that Mrs Potts is one of the most loving and devoted mum in the entire Disney universe. (That universe includes the Star Wars galaxy …) These unique earrings are presented in a beautiful corked glass jar, making them ready for gifting on Mother’s Day.

NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® Genio S Touch Coffee Machine | Mother's Day Gift Ideas
Make mother’s mornings a little better with the NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® Genio S Touch premium coffee machine.

15. NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto® Genio S Touch Coffee Machine

Last but not least, here’s a gift that would make mother’s mornings a little more bearable. Before she gets down to doing your laundry, cleaning your room, preparing YOUR meals, etc.

If mummy’s a big-time coffee lover.

The Genio S Touch (SGD 219/-) is a premium coffee maker that’s a compact and elegant addition to any home. Within its sleek metallic curves is an advanced espresso boost system that pre-wets coffee before brewing for a more intense flavour. There are also all sorts of personalisation options as well as temperature controls that allow for both hot and cold recipes. (Over 30 premium coffee recipes)

The Genio S Touch is moreover capable of up to 15 bars of pressure, a premium feature that allows coffee lovers to cap their brews with irresistible velvety crema. And for mums who seriously have a lot to get through each day, there’s an XL option. Extra large cups for extra heavy days.

Available at leading retailers! By the way, NESCAFÉ’s Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 is ongoing till June 4, 2023. Check out their roadshows for free coffee samples. You can try all sorts of NESCAFÉ® brews at these roadshows too.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas and Dining Guide for Singapore (2023)
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