Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip (Video)

Brilliant tulips and Turkish culture at Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip.

To paraphrase Gardens by the Bay’s official event page, tulips are back at the Flower Dome but this year, they come with a twist.

Instead of windmills and Dutch houses, i.e., what everyone associates the vibrant bulbs with, the country of focus this time round is Türkiye. Historically, tulips are native to the Near East and Central Asia, and are believed to have first been cultivated in Eastern Türkiye almost a millennium ago.

It provides for a different visiting experience, one that is no less beautiful and certainly very exotic and even a little mysterious. I confess I always thought tulips were “Northern European flowers” too, and so seeing different varieties of them adorn Turkish art and landmarks was a refreshing change. Educational as well, of course. I finally learned that tulips are actually the national flower of Türkiye.

As for the highlight of this floral display, i.e., the hot-air balloons meant to invoke impressions of Cappadocia, to be honest, I was a little bit unsure about these when I first read about them. But it appears the case that GBTB has found the correct sizes and way to present these.

They seen a little too fun fair-like at first sight. But viewed from certain angles, they complete the picturesque landscape painted by the colourful tulips.

Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip Pictures

Tulipmania GBTB
I visited Tulipmania on a Sunday evening and it was crowded! Everybody wanted pictures with the biggest balloon.
Gardens by the Bay Turkish Exhibition
Once it got dark, many areas took on a mysterious, exotic ambience. This is the Turkish tea/coffee corner near the entrance. Lots of people were queuing up for selfies here.
Turkish Art at Gardens by the Bay
There were various displays of Turkish handicrafts and İznik Ware.
Tulipmania Singapore 2023
The stars of Tulipmania 2023. Perfectly shaped, perfectly brilliant tulip blooms.
Tulipa Gabriella
According to a tag, the pink one is called “Tulipa Gabriella.” (Gabriella, somehow, sounds just the perfect name)
Flower Dome Tulip Exhibition 2023
Do you agree that tulips look beautiful in any colour, and in any colour combination too?
Tulips @ Flower Dome
A stunningly brilliant sea of mesmerising blooms.
Turkish Ebru Tulip Art
Elegant Ebru tulip art, in a selfie-perfect display booth.

By the way, if you share your best pictures of Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip on Instagram, you stand to win a pair of air tickets to Istanbul. Courtesy of Turkish Airlines. Details here!

Landmarks and Icons of Eastern Türkiye

Like many preceding Flower Dome floral exhibitions, Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip features miniatures of famous Eastern Türkiye landmarks.

Tulipmania Galata Tower
The real Galata Tower is over seven centuries old, a landmark of Istanbul, and was built by Emperor Justinian.
Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip | Beyond The Ruins
“Beyond the Ruins” showcases the famous façade of The Library of Celsus. (I made a mistake about this in my video, btw. Apologies!)
İznik Ceramic Photo Booth
An enchanting, intimate booth, with cushions and all, adorned by İznik ceramic designs.
Tulipmania Gardens by the Bay
The centerpiece of this exhibition, the hills of Cappadocia! Complete with colourful “hot air balloons” and surrounded by gorgeous tulips.
Turkish Home | Gardens by the Bay
Close-up of the manor underneath the balloons. Those fiery wild tulips right before it are lovely, aren’t they?

Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip ends on May 21, 2023. Admission fees to the Flower Dome applies. The dome is open from 9 am to 9 pm, with last entry at 8.30 pm.


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Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Tulipmania: Origins of the Tulip celebrates the beauty of Türkiye, where the gorgeous bloom was first cultivated nearly 1000 years ago.

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