Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 | Apr 15 to Jun 4

The Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023
The Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023

Discover your new favourite coffee blend with Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023!

Rejoice, coffee lovers! The Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 has started!

From April 15 to June 4, 2023, organizer Nestlé Singapore will be hosting coffee roadshows across the island, with some 60 NESCAFÉ®, NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto®, and Starbucks® At Home coffee flavours on rotating showcase. Conceptualised to help coffee lovers explore new flavours and discover new favourite blends, free coffee samples will be available for all. Spend SGD 8/-, SGD 28/-, or SGD 48/- and you can enjoy attractive gifts too. (While stocks last)

What’s more, Nestlé will be introducing three brand new flavours at the roadshows, two of which are specially made for Singapore. These new flavours will only be available in stores islandwide from Mid-May onward, so the earlier roadshows will be your chance to try them before everyone else.

The three new flavours are:

  • NESCAFÉ® GOLD 3in1 Original and Intense. These two new NESCAFÉ mixes are specially crafted to suit Singaporean Kopi preferences. Both are also prepared with golden-roasted Arabica beans, with a full-bodied, milky taste that’s smooth and smoky.
  • Starbucks® Sunny Day Blend by Nespresso® Blonde Roast Capsule Coffee. The first light roast in the Starbucks® At Home range, the Sunny Day Blend is lighter and fruitier, with notes of vanilla and berries too. Inspired by Singapore’s cheerful tropical sun.
NESCAFÉ® GOLD 3in1 Original
The new NESCAFÉ® GOLD 3in1 Original and Intense feature a pronounced roast aroma and a creamy, milky finish. The Intense version is strong enough to make the coffee addict in me swoon too.
Milder and fruitier, and with softer acidic touches, Starbucks® Sunny Day Blend is great when you need a coffee that’s not too intense, but still with character and intent.

Roadshow schedule is as follows.

April 2023

  • GIANT SEMBAWANG: April 15 – 16
  • FAIRPRICE AMK 712: April 21 – 23
  • FAIRPRICE JURONG POINT: April 21 – 24, 26, 28 – 30
  • SHENG SIONG CLEMENTI 720: April 22 – 23, 25 – 26
  • COLD STORAGE: April 29 – 30

May 2023

  • SHENG SIONG BEDOK 209: May 6 – 9
  • GIANT WRS: May 13 – 14
  • FAIRPRICE JEM: May 19 – 22
  • SHENG SIONG WOODLANDS J10: May 20 – 21, 23 – 24
  • GIANT IMM: May 27 – 28
  • FAIRPRICE NEX: May 26 – 29, June 2 – 4

Official Website (with info on free gifts)

Roadshow Pictures

Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 Roadshow
Roadshow at Fairprice AMK 712. Quite a number of shoppers trying the different coffees available.
Nescafe 3in1 Coffee Promotions
Lots of promotions ongoing too.
Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 Nescafe Promotions
NESCAFÉ promotion packs with limited edition mug sets.

60 Different Blends of Coffee for Coffee Lovers to Try

As mentioned above, the highlight of this year’s Singapore Coffee Fiesta is how visitors can try up to 60 Nestlé coffee blends. Yup, sixty.


To be honest, when I received the invitation to the event preview, I thought the number would be because Nestlé is launching a whole new range. Something like, ten new flavours under a new brand name? Or ten new types of 3in1 sachets?

But a quick look at what was on show at the preview immediately made me realise I was being silly. It’s like, I drink NESCAFÉ coffee every day and rarely do I drink the same brew on consecutive days. I ought to know right away that NESCAFÉ aloneeasily has half that number of flavours.

Nescafe Instant Coffee
These handy bottles are my standard go-to whenever I have morning meetings to rush to.
Nescafe Iced Latte
I buy these from 7-11 too whenever I’m on the move. I just drank the Iced Caffe Latte last month.
NESCAFÉ 3in1 packs
NESCAFÉ 3in1 packs. I regularly buy the Gao Siew Dai Original pack.
Dolce Gusto® capsule boxes
Dolce Gusto® capsule boxes. I don’t buy these two flavours, though. I buy the Cappucino and Café Au Lait. Around Christmas, I’ll always buy the Toffee Nut Latte too.
Nescafe Gold Blend Alta Rica
My mom makes her morning cuppa with NESCAFÉ Gold.

What I’m saying with my pics: Nestlé does have a long list of coffee flavours and brews. If you visit the roadshows, you can try as many as you wish, including the soon-to-be-released new flavours.

Starbucks Coffee Capsules by Nespresso
Starbucks® coffee capsules. I haven’t tried any of these outside of the new Sunny Day Blend so I’ll be going to the roadshow for samples.
Starbucks® at home boxes. You know, these have great-looking packaging and would be great as gifts.
Modern and traditional coffee in Singapore
According to the organisers, coffee is the second most consumed beverage in Singapore. Well, I’m not surprised to hear that.
Nescafe and Starbucks Instant Coffees
Head on down to the roadshows to rediscover your new favourite coffee, one cup at a time!

Video short of Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 Launch

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Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 | Apr 15 to Jun 4
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Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 | Apr 15 to Jun 4
Singapore Coffee Fiesta 2023 offers free samples for 60 types of brews and blends. Roadshows happening across Singapore till Jun 4.

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