Vinyl Pasar | Pre-loved Vinyl Marketplace Event

Vinyl Pasar (Crane @ Arab Street, April 16, 2023)
Vinyl Pasar (Crane @ Arab Street, April 16, 2023)

An afternoon of vinyl passion and celebration at the first-ever Vinyl Pasar, held at Crane @ Arab Street.

Vinyl is one of the four building blocks of the universe, so said American author Dave Barry. (The other three are fire, water, and gravel.)

I encountered this amazing quote in 2016 while … playing Civilization VI and truth be told, I always thought the quote was purely selected for its quirkiness, although a friend of mine does regularly remind me that nothing lasts except vinyl.

And while my family still has our records, I admit with shame that I’ve long assumed that the post-2000 Singaporean vinyl market is pretty much, well, “subdued.” Consisting mostly of certain groups of music lovers.

Gosh, how wrong I was! While I didn’t encounter thick crowds at the first-ever Vinyl Pasar—the venue was intimate in size—there were enthusiasts from all walks of life. From music professionals to artists to young couples and expatriates, to even students. The entire second level of Crane @ Arab Street was full of vendor fans and collectors.

Organised by music producer and DJ Jean Reiki, this vinyl lovers’ event was also much more than just a marketplace for pre-loved vinyl. Artist Kheyton Lim was there to upcycle scratched vinyl with mesmerising, natured-inspired art. The founders of System Sovereign, Cherry Chan and Kiat, were also there with limited-print tees inspired by turntables.

There was also a music-sharing session for Vinyl lovers titled Vinyl-Holicks Anonymous. As well as a special talk by Randolf Arriola aka The Gear Whisperer on how to care for vinyl and turntables.

It was lively! And full of nostalgia as there were quite a number of vintage 80s records on sale.

Best of all, Jean has expressed the intention for similar marketplaces and workshops in the near future. SG vinyl fans will have much to look forward to.

Vinyl Pasar – Celebrating Music and the Artistry of Vinyl Records

Pre-loved Vinyl Marketplace Event in Singapore
Vinyl Pasar was hosted at the second and third floors of Crane @ Arab Street, from 1 to 5 pm on April 16. I was there slightly after 1 pm and there were already several music fans going through the goodies.
Vinyl Pasar Marketplace
There were quite a lot of people by 1.30 pm.
Pre-loved Vinyl Records in Singapore
Some of the pre-loved golden oldies on sale.
Vintage cassette sale
There were cassettes too! Remember those? And I spot 80s classics beloved by us Electone players.
Art on Vinyl | Kheyton Lim
As mentioned above, artist Kheyton Lim was at the marketplace to help visitors decorate scratched vinyl with artistic patterns, i.e. upcycle.
Vinyl Record Art by Kheyton Lim
Some of the decorated vinyl. Really a breath of new life, isn’t it?
Vinyl Art by Jean Reiki
This lovely masterpiece was created by Jean Reiki herself. Would you like to own it?
Singapore April 2023 Music Marketplace
CD and pop culture collectibles. (Something in this pic breaks my heart …)
Vinyl-Holicks Anonymous
Vinyl-Holicks Anonymous! Participants were invited to “share” the music of their vinyl purchases or choose from several pre-prepared ones. A restored Denon vintage turntable from the 70s was prepared. Session guided by Randolf Arriola aka The Gear Whisperer!
The Funky Soul Survivors Vinyl Record
I didn’t have any records with me so I picked this funky soul one from the pre-prepared stack. (Randolf told me it’s French) The first track I played was most groovy and danceable.

Check out my Youtube video of the event!


Keep an eye out for future vinyl marketplaces and related workshops too.

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Vinyl Pasar | Pre-loved Vinyl Marketplace Event
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Vinyl Pasar | Pre-loved Vinyl Marketplace Event

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