Paling Gaming Tables Singapore Launch (Video) | Apr 6, 2023


Paling elevates the gaming experience with exquisitely crafted tabletop gaming tables.

Attended this product launch on Thursday and boy, did it bring back good memories. In the same way as the new Dungeon and Dragons movie did.

But firstly, some information about the brand hosting this event! Founded in 2022 in West Java, Indonesia, Paling is a designer and manufacturer of tabletop gaming tables, with a mission of overcoming “the western ceiling of tabletop gaming hardware.” In other words, to offer tabletop gamers an Asian choice when it comes to furniture and accessories.

Comprising a team of experts in woodwork, metalwork, furniture, and branding, all with a shared love of tabletop games, Paling aims to elevate the gaming experience with their designer gaming tables too. With names that emphasise valiant qualities such as BRAVE and KNIGHT, Paling tables are furthermore made from sustainable Indonesian hardwood such as Mindi, with craftsmanship built on 30 years of experience as well.

These are the dreams of devoted tabletop gaming fans. If you run a board game café, one of these tables could be the centerpiece of your establishment. Each design also comes with different thoughtful features such as “convertible” tops to allow the tables to double up as dining or work tables.

While watching exhibition players at the BRAVE and KNIGHT on Thursday, I was, of course, reminded of the AD&D campaigns I played during my secondary school days. My schoolmates and I used to play on the floor or at void decks. (The floor …)

Our teenage selves probably wouldn’t appreciate a designer gaming table. But if we’re still at it, I’m sure more than one of my mates would love to own one. I certainly would.

Paling Singaporean Launch

Paling Gaming CEO | Joshua Michael
The CEO of Paling, Mr. Joshua Michael, delivering his introduction. Joshua himself is an avid board game player and collector of Catan games. He is also the founder of The Maple, the biggest board game café in Bandung, Indonesia.
Paling Singapore Launch
Mr. Mark Koh, Marketing Head of Paling, introducing the hexagonal BRAVE. The BRAVE comes with LED lights and knock-down metallic legs. The latter, a feature that enables easier/lower cost transportation.
Exhibition players at the BRAVE.
Exhibition players at the BRAVE. It’s lovely with the LED lights on, isn’t it?
Paling KNIGHT Tabletop Gaming Table
The 4-seater KNIGHT and a view of its swing drawers.

Paling Lifestyle and Gaming Accessories
Other than gaming tables, Paling also has various lifestyle accessories and furniture, for example, headphone holders. You can see more of these in my feature video above.

Paling Gaming Table Lineup

Paling currently has five table designs. The BRAVE, the 4-seater KNIGHT, the huge 8-person INITIATE™, the modular LOYAL, and the stylish SQUIRE. As mentioned, all are crafted using sustainable wood and each design comes with unique features.

All Paling tables also use Suede Fabric, which provides a balance of comfort, traction, and classy aesthetics.

BRAVE tabletop gaming table
The BRAVE. The hexagonal shape optimises space and player comfort. It also comes with features such as LED lighting, metallic legs (for durability), and players’ compartments.
The huge INITIATE™ is … huge. What’s interesting about it is that it can also be quickly converted into a dining table.
Paling KNIGHT Tabletop Gaming Table
The KNIGHT will remind you of a mahjong table. And it is a perfect mahjong table with cup holders, knock-down legs, swing drawers, and a table topper.
Paling Loyal Gaming Table
The lightweight LOYAL has foldable legs, switchable tops, and connector latches. Multiple LOYALs can be combined to form larger tables. (For tournaments, etc).
Paling | The Squire
The SQUIRE is Paling’s smallest table at 800mm by 800mm.

Paling’s BRAVE and KNIGHT are currently on display at Danovel@Pasir Panjang. Heritage furniture maker Danovel will serve as the authorised importer and dealer for Paling tables in Singapore, while Cozy Carpentry will be the official assembler and delivery partner.

Drop by the showroom to have a look at these great gaming tables! And while at it, don’t forget to check out Danovel’s gorgeous furniture and upholstery too.

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Paling Gaming Tables Singapore Launch (Video)
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Paling Gaming Tables Singapore Launch (Video)
Attending the Singaporean launch of Paling, an Indonesian designer and manufacturer of high-end tabletop gaming tables.

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