Connor’s Stout Porter Pop-Up at 313@Somerset

Shake To The Good Times Pop-Up by Connor’s Stout Porter.
Shake To The Good Times Pop-Up by Connor’s Stout Porter.

Experience Connor’s Stout Porter’s unique shake ritual at the Shake To The Good Times Pop-up. From now till Apr 6, 2023.

Do you love draught stout? Do you think a tall glass of dark, chilled goodness with a thick head of creamy foam is nothing short of heavenly?

If so, you’re in for a treat! Carlsberg Singapore’s Connor’s Stout Porter is now available in a brand new, ready-to-enjoy 320ml can. From Mar 31 to Apr 6, 2023 (5 to 9 pm)*, Connor’s Stout is also hosting a Shake To The Good Times pop-up experience at 313@Somerset.

Register your interest and you can enjoy a malty cup of Connor’s Stout Porter. There are chances to win exclusive merchandise too.

* Extended hours on Apr 1 and 2: 3 pm to 9 pm.

Connor’s Iconic Shake Ritual

Connor’s Stout Porter and its “shake before opening” ritual are already familiar to stout fans. With the new smaller 320ml can, though, fans can now more conveniently enjoy the draught stout experience anywhere.

As for Connor’s famous three-step shake ritual, it’s simply:

  • Chilled a can to between 5° to 8°C.
  • Shake the can till there is no sloshing sound.
  • Pour the stout at 45° into a suitable class, relax, and watch the creamy, dreamy foam head form.

It’s that straightforward. And fun! Video here!

Connor's Shake Ritual
The shake ritual is given centerstage at the pop-up (see below).

As for taste, I feel Connor’s Stout Porter has a balanced profile that’s smooth and with roasted caramel notes. Brewed from a mix of premium malts that includes lager malt, caramel malt, brown malt and roasted barley, it’s neither too herby, bitter, nor strong. By the way, the recipe is inspired by an original British one from the 1700s.

And oh, the creamy, buttery foam has distinct whiffs of coffee-ish fragrance, which (IMO) kinda go well with the initial bitter kick.


If you a coffee fan, I think you’d doubly love Connor’s wonderful brew.

A perfect head of creamy and buttery foam with every can.

The Draught Stout Experience

Each Connor Stour Porter can is double-dosed with nitrogen to achieve that creamy, ultra-smooth head. Shake the can right and there will be a mesmerizing cascading effect to enjoy too.

Connor’s Stout Porter Pop-up (313@Somerset)
Chill, enjoy malty goodness, win limited-edition Connor’s merchandise too.

What’s Happening at Connor Stout Porter’s Shake To The Good Times Pop-Up?

From Mar 31 to Apr 6, 2023, you can experience Connor’s malty brew and its unique shake ritual at the Shake To The Good Time pop-up, located beside the entrance to H&M.

Visitors 18 and above can indulge in a refreshing cup of Connor’s Stout Porter while enjoying stout-flavoured fries. There are also various activities to try your hand at for a chance to win exclusive merchandise.

Connor’s Stout Porter Exclusive Merchandise
Try your hand at winning some exclusive merchandise.

You can furthermore learn more about the key ingredients used in Connor’s Stout Porter and have a go at the iconic Shake Ritual to achieve the perfect, creamy, heady Connor’s pour.

Best of all, if you share your #ShakeThatConnors video and tag @connorssingapore on Instagram, you stand to win limited-edition Connor’s Stout merchandise, including Connor’s bomber jackets, coasters, cushions, notebooks, and glassware!

Do note that entry to the pop-up is VIA REGISTRATION ONLY. To register your interest, please visit . Age verification is needed for entry too.

Connor's Stout Porter 4-Can Packs
Connor’s Stout Porter will be available islandwide, with attractive luck draws at Cheers and 7-Eleven.

If You Love the Creamy, Connor’s Experience, What’s Next?

Connor’s Stout Porter in both 320ml and 490ml can sizes will be available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, and e-retailers islandwide at the recommended retail price of SGD 14.90 and SGD 21.50 respectively for 4-can packs.

From Mar 1 to Apr 30, 2023, be treated to one of Connor’s new glassware too with every purchase of a 4-can pack (490ml or 320ml packs) at participating supermarkets and e-retailers. While stocks last, of course.

At participating Cheers outlets, you also stand a chance to be one of 3 winners to bag a Marshall Acton III Speaker (worth SGD 499/-) with each purchase of a pair of Connor’s 490ml cans.

Lastly, 2 lucky winners will walk away, I mean, cycle away with Brompton Bikes (worth SGD 2,480/- each). To participate, just buy a pair of Connor’s 490ml cans at participating 7-Eleven outlets from now to Apr 30, 2023.

Pop-Up in Singapore (Apr 2023)
Of course, there’d be a fizzy selfie-op at the pop-up too.
Shake To The Good Times Pop-Up
The pop-up is a cool place to chillout, isn’t it?

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Connor’s Stout Porter Pop-Up at 313@Somerset
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Connor’s Stout Porter Pop-Up at 313@Somerset
Connor’s Stout Porter’s Shake To The Good Times Pop-up at 313@Somerset has free draught stout and exclusive prizes. (Mar 31 to Apr 6, 2023)

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