Singapore Iftar Dining Recommendations for Ramadan 2023

Singapore Iftar Dining Recommendations for Ramadan 2023
Singapore Iftar Dining Recommendations for Ramadan 2023

Great places to dine at or order from for Ramadan 2023.

Here’s my impression of Iftar, as a Singaporean non-Muslim.

The meal eaten after sunset during the month of Ramadan, Iftar is important not just because it replenishes the body but also because it’s a time for gatherings. Thus, why there would always be communal Iftars at mosques, etc, during the fasting month. Why some Muslim families would invite guests for dinner during this period too.

(Sidenote: Communal Iftars at mosques are quite the spectacle. The amount of biryani prepared!)

Actual Iftar food tables could also greatly vary. From simple family meals to incredible gourmet spreads; the latter, usually when there are guests.

If you’re looking to prepare a sumptuous feast for guests or to give your family a special sunset treat, the following are my Iftar dining recommendations for this year.

If you’re non-Muslim, well, how about treating your Muslim co-workers and friends to one of these feasts? I’ll just go ahead and say it. It never ceases to amaze me that so many Muslims can continue to work while fasting without water throughout the daytime. Goodness, I can’t even last a morning without coffee.

The Muslim community truly deserves our admiration and support.

Penang Culture Premium Nasi Ambeng Set for Ramadan 2023
Enjoy an awesome, spicy feast with Penang Culture’s Nasi Ambeng Sets for Ramadan 2023.

1. Penang Culture

The first Penang-themed Halal restaurant in Singapore, Penang Culture has two awesome Nasi Ambeng sets for 3-4 diners this Ramadan.

The Signature Nasi Ambeng Set (SGD 69.90) features Beef Rendang, BBQ Stingray, Sambal Prawn, Ayam Merah, French Bean with Tempeh, Sambal Eggs, Butterfly Pea Flower Rice, and everybody’s favourite Krupuk Fried Crackers. At 30 dollars more, the SGD 99.90 Premium Nasi Ambeng Set includes everything mentioned as well as Cheesy Lobster.

What a feast, isn’t it? Just typing the dishes makes me hungry! Naturally, Penang Culture’s menu features a full list of other famous Penang delights too. Lor Bak, Assam Laksa, and Ampla Juice, to name three.

Ramadan special sets available from 15 March to 22 April 2023. With 10 percent off for first-time orders and 20 percent off for pick-up orders too!

Penang Culture locations

Nando's Singapore Ramadan 2023 Promotion
Nando’s Singapore has a Ramadan festive platter great for smaller families and groups.

2. Nando’s Singapore

I love Nando’s. Do you love Nando’s? Other than their chicken always being juicy and perfectly grilled, it’s just so fun to sit in one of their outlets and drench your chicken with all of their sauces, eh?

(Wait, I should say drizzle, not drench …)

If you’re like me, you’d love what they’re offering for Iftar this fasting month too. Their Ramadan Classics Platter for 4 persons (SGD 74/-) comes with 1 Whole Chicken, 2 Signature Rice, 2 PERi-PERi Chips, 2 Coleslaws, 4 PERi-PERi Soups, and 4 Bottomless Drinks.

If that’s not enough to fill you up, you can also order their Ondeh-Ondeh Cake (SGD 6.50). In their words, this Ramadan-exclusive dessert is guaranteed to “hit the sweet spot.”

Nando’s Singapore locations

Iftar Dining Recommendation | Padi @ Bussorah Nasi Ambeng
Enjoy Padi @ Bussorah’s fantastic Nasi Ambeng at home with their festive packages.

3. Padi @ Bussorah

Padi @ Bussorah is famous for their authentic local Malay cuisine and going by their stalls at this year’s Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar, they certainly are popular too! There was always someone buying from them when I was at the bazaar.

If you wish to enjoy their signature dishes at home, they have all sorts of festive bundles and packages as well. There’s their Ambeng Package for four persons (SGD 88/-), which comes with everything from Beef Rendang to Sambal Squid to Spiced Beef Lung, and even includes Teh Tarik and Ondeh Ondeh Cake.

There’s also the Mandi Rice Package for four persons(SGD 132/-). The stars for this are succulent Braised Lamb Shanks and Grilled Chicken, with Kunafa for dessert.

Prefer seafood? Opt for their Ikan Salai Lemak Cili Api Package (SGD 88/-, for four)! The Grilled Seabass in Lemak Cili Api will have you swooning.

There’s more to choose from at their Oddle website. As part of this year’s celebration, first-time orders enjoy SGD 5/- off too. How’s that for a festive treat?

53 Bussorah St, Singapore 199469.

Ikea Ramadan 2023 Dishes and Festive Cookies
Festive specials take center stage at Ikea Swedish Food Market and Swedish Restaurant this Ramadan.

4. Ikea Swedish Restaurants

Ikea Swedish Restaurants have long been great for informal family meals, yes? Well, this Ramadan season, they are great for Iftar too because there would be three special festive dishes.

Nasi Kerabu and Chicken Leg with Sweet Spicy Sauce (SGD 8.90) and 6 Pcs Chicken Wings with Sweet Spicy Sauce (SGD 9.90) will be available from Mar 3 to Apr 30. The hearty Lamb Shank with Mixed Vegetables (SGD 15.90) will be available from Mar 23 to Apr 21.

While there, don’t forget to pop by the Swedish Food Markets too to check out Ikea’s festive cakes and cookies for Ramadan 2023. The 500g Ondeh Ondeh Roulade Cake, for example, will be on sale for SGD 24.90. The 500 g Pandan Gula Melaka Cake, on the other hand, is SGD 26.90, while Mixed Baklava (240 g) is going for SGD 11.90.

Various snacks and cookies such as Cheese Bangkit will also be on sale at attractive family prices.

Ikea store locations

Tenderfresh Makcik Tuckshop Ramadan Specials 2023
Other than a special Ramadan platter, Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop has festive individual meals, buddy meals, and Iftar feasts.

5. Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop serves up an impressive range of nostalgic tuckshop-style food this festive March and April.

Foremost on the recommendation list is a Ramadan Platter for 2-3 dinners (SGD 34.80). This lovely mix of everything comes with Battered Fish with Tartar sauce, Garden Greens, Potato Salad, Crispy Skin Chicken Chop, Onion Rings, Chicken Broiler, Fragrant Rice, Sunny Side-Up, and Masak Merah Sauce. It’s like a mini rice table feast, isn’t it?

If everyone prefers something different, no problem. Tenderbest has various Ramadan special signature sets for 1 person. For example, Chicken Chop Rice & Nuggets with Fries (SGD 13.68), or Crispy Wing with Aglio Olio & Cheese Fries + Cream of Mushroom Soup (SGD 15.58).

And then there are the Iftar Feasts (from SGD 63.72), which come with something of everything and are enough for 5-6 persons.

Festive promotions: There’s 10 percent off first delivery orders if you spend a minimum of SGD 50/-. Free islandwide delivery for orders above SGD 120/- too. These are on top of discounted prices. Yup, the prices I quoted above are already discounted between 10 to 30 percent.

Tenderbest Makcik Tuckshop locations

Order Your Feast With Oddle!

Quite a number of my recommendations are found on Oddle Eats. If you haven’t, visit Oddle Eats’ website, subscribe to their EDM, and download the mobile app to be updated on the best deals for this Ramadan period! Currently, bank promotion vouchers are also stackable on top of existing bundle deals, with islandwide delivery.

Iftar Dining Recommendation | Istimewa Nasi Padang Nasi Ambeng Platter
If you haven’t, this Ramadan is the perfect time to try Istimewa Nasi Padang’s famous Nasi Ambeng Platters.

6. Istimewa Nasi Padang

Istimewa Nasi Padang is offering a complimentary dessert with every Nasi Ambeng Iftar Set ordered between Mar 23 and Apr 20, but that’s not the only reason why you should break fast with them.

Started by a husband and wife duo, and today, with over 30 years of experience preparing home-style Malay cuisine, Istimewa Nasi Padang has been featured in numerous media specials and food blogs. From The Straits Times to Berita Harian, to Makan Sutra.

They are also renowned for signatures such as Ayam Goreng Istimewa and Beef Rendang, and of course, their talk of the town Nasi Ambeng Platters (SGD 22/- to SGD 60/-).

For Ramadan 2023, they have festive ala carte dishes and different Nasi Ambeng platters; the latter, including a one-person option. (Perfect for devoted solo diners like me)

The enterprising stall even has a weekly Ramadan Tingkat Meal Service (from SGD 145/-),with options for 2 / 4 / 6 persons. (Here’s the tingkat menu I found on Google Maps)This is seriously a must-try Nasi Padang specialist with a rock-solid reputation that offers it all.

28 Hoy Fatt Rd, #01-24, Singapore 151028.

Arnold's Fried Chicken Online and Ramadan 2023 Specials
Arnold’s Fried Chicken has two special Ramadan 2023 meals. Currently, there’s also an online exclusive “Variety Feast” special.

7. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

My office used to be at Geylang and twice a month, I’d head over to the City Plaza branch of Arnold’s Fried Chicken for some deeply needed, err, food therapy.

Oh, those afternoons seating there alone in that corner unit feasting on the signature golden fried chicken! How many awful work projects those lunches got me through!

With delivery services, I can now bring that joy into my home, and you bet I’ve been regularly doing so. As for Iftar dining promotions this festive season, Arnold’s has two special Ramadan Meals, one for 2 persons (SGD 40/-) and the other for 5 (SGD 85/-), with each including one Spring Chicken Plate, Chicken Pieces, Fried Buns, Mashed Potato, Cheese Sticks, and drinks.

At the moment, they are also offering an online exclusive Variety Feast, which allows you to choose your sides. As well as a Ramadan-exclusive Kurma Milk at only SGD 3.70.

Sweet Kurma milk, me thinks, would be a great finish to an err, therapeutic golden fried chicken meal.

Arnold’s Fried Chicken locations

Deelish Brands 313@Somerset Food
Deelish Brands new outlet at 313@Somerset features classic, mouth-watering Western fare.

8. Deelish Brands

Halal fast casual restaurant group Deelish Brands recently opened their second multi-concept location at Food Republic 313@Somerset. With three popular Deelish concepts conveniently in one spot, diners can choose from a wide variety of mouth-watering Western favourites throughout the day.

The three brands are:

800 Degrees Pizza: Hand-stretched, homemade pizza made with fresh produce and artisan-quality meat and cheese.

Blimpie: Enormous subs! Born in the 60s and one of America’s most beloved neighbourhood delis for over half a century.

Buttrmilk: Irresistible, classic fried chicken and waffles. Prepared with fresh chicken marinated overnight with a special recipe.

Fifth level of 313@Somerset.

Subway Chicken Tandoori Sub and Bandung Cookie
Subway Singapore unites Indian and Malay Cuisine with a brand new Tandoori Chicken Sub and a uniquely rosy cookie.

9. Subway Singapore

Speaking of subs, everybody’s favourite Subway Singapore has two irresistible specials this Ramadan. One of which is delightfully festive and, erm, rosy? While the other will tantalise your tastebuds with its harmonious blend of the sweet and savoury.

The all-new Chicken Tandoori Sub (SGD 8.50 for 6-inch and SGD 14 for a foot long) features boneless, tender chicken strips glazed in oh-so-aromatic seasoning. Especially wonderful if paired with crunchy lettuce, cooling cucumber, and sweet red onion.

Bandung Cookie (starts from SGD 1.70) condenses the classic Malay drink into chewy form. Each cookie is bursting with the classic taste of condensed milk and rose syrup. Irresistible and festive to look at. A true homage to the beloved household and wedding reception drink too.

Available at participating Singaporean Subway restaurants from Mar 31 to May 30, 2023! Available too on GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo from Apr 1, 2023 as well.

Subway Singapore website

Cherry & Oak Ramadan Platter 2023
Cherry & Oak’s specially curated Ramadan Platter for 2023.

10. Cherry & Oak

Cherry & Oak at Owen Road is a halal Asian Smokehouse specialising in artisanal wood-smoked cuisine. For this festive season, they are offering a specially curated Ramadan Platter (SGD 68/-) that is great for 2-3 persons.

The sharing platter comes with 200g Burnt Ends, 4 Rainbow Sausages, Karedok Salad, 4 Smoked Wings, Fries, Roti Bakar, and 3 Nasi Lemak Bakar. An absolute feast if you’re fond of smoky tastes.

Other than their festive special, Cherry & Oak also has an extensive menu that features a unique hybrid of world tastes. They have everything from Satay Madura to Irish Duck, to Mud Crabs, to wagyu, to pasta, shabsouka, and even dutch pancakes. Dining with them is truly a cosmopolitan experience.

Festive special: Islandwide delivery & self-pickups available with no minimum spend! Available from 23 March to 7 May 2023.

95 Owen Rd, Singapore 218907.

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Singapore Iftar Dining Recommendations for Ramadan 2023
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Singapore Iftar Dining Recommendations for Ramadan 2023
Singapore Iftar dining recommendations for Ramadan 2023. From gourmet Malay feasts to Western favourites, to the best of fusion cuisine.

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