Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023 (Video)

Visiting Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar, or Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023, on a Sunday evening.

A quick, picture-heavy post of this year’s Ramadan Bazaar, or more accurately, food street, at historical Kampong Glam.

Like the festivities over at Geylang Serai, there are no longer any major social distancing measures in the way—the whole district was truly crowded and lively, and warm when I was there. Generally speaking, I think there’s a wider variety of food here too, beginning with how the stalls don’t repeat.

As for actual food choices, most stalls are of the contemporary and innovative type, although, of course, there are still perennial favourites like Ramly Burgers. (How could Ramly not make appearances …)

There’s also the Light of Gelam light projection show for those visiting on weekends. Together with the illuminated eaves of the surrounding shophouses, the whole district has an exotic, almost Arabian nights feel once it gets dark.

It was a pleasant albeit sweaty excursion for me. Definitely atmospheric and festive too, with the lights and music and all that. Even if you’re not interested in the food, I think this bazaar is worth visiting for the ambience.

Muscat Street Stalls

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023 Food Trucks
Hippy food trucks at the start of Muscat Road.
House of Mandi
House of Mandi. They are right before Sultan Mosque and their meaty dishes looked awesome.
T Bob Corner
More meaty delights a few stalls away, in both local and western culinary styles.

Just to highlight, the emphasis for this Ramadan food fair is definitely on, what’s the proper description, local street food with modern reinvention. (Or what the press termed as hipster food a few years back) But many of the stalls do still have classic dishes and snacks if you prefer those. I think you can see this from the signboards in my pictures.

Cappadocia Turkish and Mediterranean Restaurant @ Kampong Glam
This gentleman from Cappadocia Turkish and Mediterrean Restaurant was most sporting and spontaneous!
Ramadan Food Stalls at Muscat Street
Other food stalls along Muscat Street. I had a small serving of Nak Tahu Tak’s Beef Tahu Bagedil and yikes, you can get addicted to that.

Kandahar Street Stalls

Dutch Baby Pancakes and Flamed Cheese Fries
Lovely food trucks here too.
Kampong Glam Food Bazaar 2023
Choco bananas, donuts, potato tornados, cheesy keropok, this stall has got it all!
EVB Bistro
A bistro at the heart of the street. Their trays are all for 2-3 persons. Great if you’re there with your partner or a small group.
Bo-Geh | Must Try Durian Goreng
The friendly staff of Bo-Geh. If you have been reading food guides for this event, you’d know their Durian Goreng is considered a must-try for this bazaar. (And it IS a must-try)
Kampong Glam Bazaar 2023
Interlude: A look at the … Sunday hungry festive bazaar crowd. (LOL)
2023 Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar Food
Other food stalls. In total, I think I showed but a fraction of all the stalls in my pictures. Check out my video for more.

Atmospheric and … Air-Conditioned Seats

There are limited seats at the bazaar; it is a street food fair, after all. But what’s there is undeniably atmospheric.

There’s an elevated level above some of the stalls at Pahang Street—you can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the whole Kandahar Street stretch from there. (Very few tables, though)

Behind the Kandahar Street stalls is a leafy, garden-like area. At night, this spot is dreamy when lit by fairy lights.


For those who prefer air-conditioned dining, there’s also a tent-ed area at Pahang Street, one with a stage and apparel stalls.

I think … it’s clear which is the most popular. Although I’d say the airy one above Pahang Street is quite great too when it’s breezy.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023 Seating Areas
Three different seating areas. One with AIR CON and live performances.

After Sunset

Kampong Gelam Singapore (March 2023)
Not everyone was at the bazaar. The cafes and restaurants were enjoying good business too.
Singapore Ramadan Food Fair 2023
The crowd got a little thinner after dark too.
Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023
Okay, I was kiddin’. There were just as many people at Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023 after sunset.
Ramadan Food Fair at Kampong Gelam
The tent-top, 2nd level seats at Pahang Street after dark. Interestingly, this spot was never crowded throughout my visit. I think it might be because the steps are rather steep and narrow.
Light of Gelam 2023 Light Show
This year’s The Light of Gelam show. On weekends inclusive of Fridays, there are (I think) two shows nightly. The earlier show is at 8 pm.
Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023
House of Mandi. They are right before Sultan Mosque and their meaty dishes looked awesome.

Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023 ends on Apr 16, 2023. Stalls are opened from noon to 11 pm.

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Kampong Glam Ramadan Bazaar 2023, or Raikan Cahaya Ramadan 2023, will feature over 80 food stalls with light projection shows on weekends.

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