5 Classy Travel Gadgets and Gear to Have For Your 2023 Adventures

Classy Travel Gadgets and Gear to Have For Your 2023 Adventures
Classy Travel Gadgets and Gear to Have For Your 2023 Adventures

Classy travel gadgets to make your next overseas break doubly enjoyable.

Do you believe in traveling in style? Say, when on a luxury cruise or when heading to Europe to check out the latest in fashion and gastronomy?

Is being practical while looking fashionable also part of your travel identity?

If so, the following stylish travel gadgets and gear are made for you. All will also, in more ways than one, make your cherished overseas break a little easier to enjoy.

The Shure SE215 energises music with superior audio reproduction. It also blocks up to 37 dB of noise.

Shure SE215 Pro Professional Sound Isolating Earphones
The Shure SE215 energises music with superior audio reproduction. It also blocks up to 37 dB of noise.

1. Shure SE215 Pro Professional Sound Isolating Earphones

Here’s a nifty two-in-one travel accessory that doesn’t just spices up your holidays with great audio, it can also help you catch some precious sleep on planes, train cabins, or noisy hotel rooms.

The stylish Shure SE215 energises any song with clear audio reproduction and deep bass engineering. Its unique detachable 3.5 mm cable design also allows you to attach to different cable accessories for different connections, including the True Wireless Secure Fit Adapter for Bluetooth setups.

There’s powerful noise cancellation too, of course, Sound Isolating™ technology that blocks up to 37 dB of noise. If you’ve ever been “trapped” in a hotel room with rowdy and noisy neighbours, you’d surely know how much of a lifesaver such powerful noise-cancelling technology can be.

It can even be the tech that makes or breaks your holiday.

Seagate One Touch Travel SSD
The amazingly small Seagate One Touch SSD. Your wallet is probably larger and heavier.

2. Seagate One Touch SSD External Drive (500GB/1TB/2TB)

Not too long ago, having to bring a hard drive with you means the tragedy of not being able to walk away from work even when on a holiday.


But that has changed, hasn’t it? Other than backing up your precious new travel photos, you can use an external drive to store an entire stash of valuable travel info, resources, and movies, i.e., things that’ll make your holiday easier to enjoy. (Exceptionally important for solo travelers too, btw)

The incredibly petite Seagate One Touch SSD external drives range makes bringing such a drive utterly effortless. At, check this out, 70 mm (L) by 5 mm (W), and just 10.6 mm thick and 45 g heavy, this sturdy SSD is so small, so lightweight, you might actually forget you brought it along with you. Because it is just so miniature.

Miniature and cool looking. The One Touch SSD has unusual fabric-covered sides to remind you at all times that it’s not just for work.

Best of all, for most countries, all Seagate One Touch SSDs come with several months of Adobe Photography Plan and Mylio Create Plan. Once you’re back home, you can use these online services to make your travel pics doubly awesome.

Check out my full review of the Seagate One Touch SSD here.

Sony Xperia 5 IV for Travel and Content Creation
The Sony Xperia 5 IV is packed with all sorts of superior content creation tools. Perfect for travel bloggers, vloggers, etc.

3. Sony Xperia 5 IV

Released in late September 2022, the Xperia 5 IV is described by Sony as a premium content creation tool. Looking at the features, that is indeed what it is.

The first Xperia 5 series smartphone to feature Real-time Eye AF and Real-time tracking technology on all lenses, this is one camera phone that works hard to ensure you always capture perfect portraits. An assurance that is so important when traveling, because you’re unlikely to return soon for a retake.

As an Xperia flagship phone, the 5 IV naturally comes with a slew of other attractive features too. For example, a 5000mAh battery, full-stage stereo speakers, Sony’s 360 Reality Audio, and both 120Hz display and 240Hz Motion blur reduction on its 6.1” OLED display. In other words, this is a mini entertainment studio capable of top-notch cinematic or gaming entertainment, for all who are on the move.

Coming back to content creation capabilities, the Xperia 5IV is equipped with an improved 12MP front camera that enables 4K HDR content with outstanding contrast grading, as well as the ability to take clear pictures in high glare or underlit scenes. No matter the tricky environment you’re in, this nifty smartphone will help you to look your best in all selfies.

Tumi Unpack Tomorrow Campaign 2023
The Unpack Tomorrow Campaign features famous personalities such as Richarlison de Andrade and Reneé Rapp.

TUMI’s Alpha Bravo and Voyageur Collections

Have you been by TUMI’s physical stores or website recently? Well, the premium travel and lifestyle brand has recently launched the Unpack Tomorrow Campaign, which showcases the latest in their Alpha Bravo and Voyageur range for 2023.

The iconic Alpha Bravo collection has been refreshed with new colourways while staying true to the collection’s utilitarian roots and military-inspired heritage.

The women’s Voyageur collection for women features recycled materials within its core designs, with a redesign that focuses on versatility and enhanced functionality. Voyageur will furthermore reintroduce key styles in on-trend nylon materials that will last a lifetime for all journeys.

Check out the Unpack Tomorrow videos. The first of these features Brazilian footballer star Richarlison de Andrade demonstrating how the Alpha Bravo collection is built to weather whatever his hectic day brings.

Other Unpack Tomorrow videos will progressively row out in March and April 2023 too and will feature spokespersons such as Son Heung-min and Reneé Rapp. Do keep a lookout for these on the same channel. And, of course, head over to TUMI’s stores or website to take a look at the collections yourself.

Ostrich Go Neck Pillow
The Ostrich Go Neck Pillow will help you get that few hours of precious sleep when on a plane, train, etc.

5. Great Travel Pillows

Other than money and a superior smartphone, I think nothing is more important for a trip than a great pillow. If you’ve ever had a precious holiday wrecked by poor sleep quality, I’m sure you’d agree.

By this, I’m also not just referring to dreary overnight flights and train rides. Way, way too many hotels still provide pillows that are too soft or thin. Or conversely, feel as if they were filled with marbles.

Sadly, there’s no all-in-one travel solution to ensure great shuteye anywhere, and so I have to recommend two different products here.

For those on the move, the Ostrich Go Neck Pillow stands apart from the usual U-shaped offerings beginning with how its ergonomic, sleek design allows you to hang it over your luggage. Made from high-end BASF memory foam with a washable sleeve, you can also compress it into an oval travel bag that’s easy to carry.

For hotel “situations,” well, I think a simple solution is an inflatable pillow like this simple, super affordable one sold by Decathlon. Now, I have one of these for a while and I’ll go ahead and say it’s not exactly comfortable. But, place it beneath one of those flimsy hotel ones and you’d more or less get the semblance of a cushy headrest. Besides, once deflated, it’s but 100g and effortless to stuff into your bags.

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5 Classy Travel Gadgets and Gear to Have For Your 2023 Adventures
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5 Classy Travel Gadgets and Gear to Have For Your 2023 Adventures
Do you believe in traveling in style while staying practical? If so, these classy travel gadgets and gear are sure to delight you.

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