Ollie Hard Seltzer Sparkling Drink

Ollie Hard Seltzer Sparkling Drink
Ollie Hard Seltzer - A born-in-Singapore sparkling alcoholic drink.

Looking for a refreshing alternative to beer or wine? Here’s a great sparkling drink to try!

Ollie is a born-in-Singapore flavoured hard seltzer drink that’s currently available in five flavours. The white wine-like Original, bittersweet Grapefruit, fruity White Peach, floral Lychee, and feisty Citrus Ginger.

I was introduced to this drink at Cook & Brew’s recent guest bartender event, and this stuff is good! Refreshing with notes of sweet or citrusy flavour, and just the right hint of alcohol. Bubbly but not gassy like soda.

Ollie Sparkling Drink
Five fun flavours.

Marketed by Ollie Brands Singapore, this hard seltzer drink is also a born-in-Singapore invention. According to founder Samuel Cooper, the idea for this alcoholic sparkling water drink was first conceived in his Boat Quay apartment in 2020, during the two-month COVID-19 lockdown.

Cooper was seeking a healthier alternative to typical alcoholic drinks, but just couldn’t find anything that appealed. In the end, he re-ignited his hobby of home-brewing but instead of brewing beer, he experimented with ways to remove the additives and sweeteners found in most beverages.

Ollie Brands Singapore
Founder Samuel Cooper with his refreshing creations.

The result, after much experimenting, was Ollie. And it’s indeed healthier for one bottle contains just 90 calories; no fattening sugar, carbs, and glutens here. The alcohol content is also at 5% for a milder kick, with only natural ingredients used during the brewing process. All to ensure a premium drinking experience that’d be perfect for your social gatherings and outdoor adventures.

Check out Ollie’s official website to buy packs of this great drink. Ollie can be found at various physical outlets.

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Ollie Hard Seltzer Sparkling Drink
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Ollie Hard Seltzer Sparkling Drink
Looking for an alternative to beer or wine? Try Ollie, a new born-in-Singapore hard seltzer drink that comes in different refreshing flavours.

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