Dee Atan at Cook and Brew

Dee Atan at Cook & Brew
Dee Atan at Cook & Brew

Trying master mixologist Dee Atan’s Valentine’s Day cocktails at Cook and Brew.

If you love fine dining with a view, you must already know about Cook & Brew at The Westin Singapore.

Located on the 33rd floor of the classy hotel and with both indoor and open-air seats, Cook & Brew has long been one of Singapore’s premium spots for gastronomical dining while surrounded by the stunning views of Marina Bay.

This year, there’d be another reason to spend evenings at the stylish establishment. Building on its reputation for specialty drinks, Cook & Brew will be hosting a series of guest bartender events. During these, celebrity mixologists will be showcasing their classy creations all night long.

I popped by last night’s Valentine’s Day event, which featured guest mixologist Dee Atan. For the unfamiliar, Dee is the talented mixologist and bar manager of Ju Hua Tai, with quite a full bag of impressive awards under his belt.

The master was so spontaneous and entertaining. Casually joking with admirers as he effortlessly created one after another Valentine’s Day cocktails. Now and then spicing his mixes with sassy moves too.

His creations were also perfect for the evening. Not just in colour but in presentation and use of ingredients too. Too bad I attended the event alone. It would have been wonderful to share one of Dee’s drinks with a sweetheart.

Passionate and Exotic Cocktails to Celebrate Valentine’s Day 2023

Dee Atan Singapore Mixologist
Dee adding a little fizz to a concoction.
Cook & Brew Valentine's Day Cocktails.
With it being Valentine’s Day, Dee’s cocktails were all vibrant red. They also feature exotic aperitifs such as Pampelle and Rinquinquin. In other words, gently sweet without being too strong.

If you’re wondering, the main drink in the picture above is called Divine Love, and is mixed using rum, strawberry balsamic, Pampelle, and topped up with soda and yogurt vanilla foam.

The smaller picture is Forbidden Love. It’s made from gin, lychee, Rinquinquin, rose water, and features Dee Atan’s signature chrysanthemum jelly.

Kannan | Cook & Brew In-house Mixologist
Kannan, Cook & Brew’s in-house mixologist, was also hard at work preparing drinks for everyone. Here’s the man with a winning smile!
Cook & Brew Guest Bartender Event 2023
The two master mixologists at work beside each other.
Cook & Brew | The Westin Singapore
The restaurant section was full of diners. Most are probably enjoying the Valentine’s Day set, I guess?
Singapore Marina Bay Restaurant
The bar section with its splendid sea views is the perfect place to enjoy romantic cocktails.
Valentine's Day Cocktails @ The Westin Stamford
Sensuous drink for a passionate night. The one in the middle is called Love and Hate, and is a mix of whisky, Pampelle, rosso, and dry vermouth. I didn’t try this one but I overheard Dee saying it’s stronger than the other two.
Ollie Hard Seltzer
A quick callout before I end. Ollie, a born-in-Singapore hard seltzer, was also showcased at Cook & Brew last night. I tried a glass and gosh, I could drink this all night. I’ll do a mini-feature on this soon.


Check out my short of Dee Atan preparing Divine Love!

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Dee Atan at Cook and Brew | The Scribbling Geek
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Dee Atan at Cook and Brew | The Scribbling Geek
Trying mixologist Dee Atan’s romantic cocktails at Cook and Brew’s guest bartender event for February 2022. The event is in conjunction with Valentine’s Day.

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