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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023
Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Have you decided on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your sweetheart?

The season of love is upon us! With Valentine’s Day 2023 just a fortnight away, have you found the perfect gift for your beloved?

If not, here are a few great ideas and deals for your consideration!

Janice Wong Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas.
Clockwise from top left: The Heart of Eternity Sculpture, Valentine’s Signature Bon Bons, 70% Bean to Bar Elderflower Dark Chocolate, and Valentine’s Cake.

1. Janice Wong Valentine’s Day 2023 Delights

Chocolates will never go out of fashion as a gift of love, especially when they look oh-so-gorgeous.

This Valentine’s Day, Janice Wong invites you to celebrate the wonders of love with one or more of their artisanal creations. Foremost on the list is their Heart of Eternity Sculpture (SGD 150/-), a crimson, show-stopping masterpiece of hearts made of Pure Imagination Bean to bar Single Origin 70% Dark Chocolate from Sierra Nevada.

If you prefer dashes of dreamy colours, Janice Wong’s Valentine’s Signature Bon Bons (starts from SGD 28/- for a box of five) will delight your partner’s sweet tooth and eyes. Just for this season, the bon bons also come in exotic Valentine’s flavours such as Guava Rose Berry, Ruby Peach Thyme, and Limoncello Pineapple.

There’s also their Valentine’s Cake, a heart-shaped cream cheese mousse cake with vanilla sponge and strawberry rose compote that’s hand-illustrated with artistic splashes of colour. (Available at S$58 or S$10 in a perfect-for-two smaller version). Or their 70% Bean to Bar Elderflower Dark Chocolate (SGD 14/-), made from exotically fragrant Ecuador cocoa.

If you opt for the bon bons, you can pair them with a full bouquet of roses too. Beauty, sweetness, and love will be delivered to your partner or yourself in one handsome package.

Sony Singapore Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Sony’s selection of Valentine’s Day gifts for 2023 allows you to declare: “I thought about you when choosing this present!”

2. Sony Valentine’s Day 2023 Gifts

Are tech gifts appropriate for St Valentine’s Day? In this day and age, I think the question should instead be, why not?

And if tech gifts are what you already have in mind, Sony has a great list of recommendations this passionate season. Their gift suggestions are also themed according to what sort of person your partner is. Appropriate whether it’s a gift “for him” or “for her.”

  • For those who love to capture and share their best moments: The lightweight Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera (SGD 959/- after discount) comes with impressive features such as pro-quality bokeh control, super slow motion video capturing, and a state-of-the-art BIONZ X™ image processor. It also allows for easy editing and direct upload to social media. If your partner is a pro, take a look instead at Sony’s professional range, for example, the Alpha 7R V Full-frame High-resolution Camera. As a semi-pro photographer, I’ll just share that a glance at the specs of the Alpha 7R sends thrills down my spine.
  • For those who love an audio escape: Sony’s headphones have long established themselves in the world of audiophiles; I have two sets myself. With the WH-1000XM5 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (SGD 499/- promotional price), the Japanese tech giant ups the game further with their industry-leading Auto NC Optimiser feature, which removes even more mid and high-frequency noise than before. If your partner prefers something smaller, consider the LinkBuds S Wireless Earbuds (SGD 242/- promotional price), which optimises ambient sounds as well as performs high-level noise cancellation.
  • For those who love to bring their music with them wherever they go: Sony’s SRS-XB33 EXTRA BASS™ Portable Wireless Speaker (SGD 199/- promotional price) uses full caps in its branding, and that’s what it’s all about. Powerful, deep, punchy bass sounds that your partner can bring anywhere, including the beach because the SRS-XB33 is washable and waterproof. (A washable electronic gear, check that out) There’s a lot of life and energy in this gift.
  • For those who love staying in: Sony is a leader in home entertainment and so their televisions and soundbars are always reliable, whether as gifts or otherwise. For Valentine’s Day 2023, they recommend the BRAVIA XR A90K (SGD 3,337/- promotional price) and the HT-A3000 – 360 Spatial Sound Mapping Dolby Atmos® / DTS:X® 3.1ch Soundbar (SGD 1,112/- promotional price). The former features breathtaking realism with Cognitive Processor XR™ tech while the latter measures the position of each speaker to optimise audio experiences. These gifts are on the costlier end but hey, you’re getting him/her a TV. Does that mean you have dreams of spending your lives together?

MyPetGo Pet Health Tracker
Through AI-driven technology and a robust marketplace, MyPetGo gives beloved pets a voice.

3. MyPetGo

Here’s an innovative, high-tech gift to consider if your beloved is a pet lover.

Or if the darling of your life is currently your little pup or kitty. Remember, Valentine’s Day has never only been for lovers. It’s for all we love.

MyPetGo (SGD 137/- | Data plan from SGD 13.90 per month) is a next-gen Pet Health Monitor for cats and dogs that monitors activities, location, and vital signs. Powerful in functionality but lightweight at just 35 g, MyPetGo’s sophisticated AI-driven ecosystem is able to quickly detect irregularities. It will also recommend preventive or actionable steps to address these irregularities.

MyPetGo is furthermore able to track locations. Pets, as much as we love them, sometimes go on adventures without informing us. When that happens, this Pet Health Monitor will be indispensable in relocating the doggy or kitty.

Remember the recent case of a pet cat who “wandered” all the way from Geylang to Marina South? Well, that darling was found using an Apple Airtag and the Airtag wasn’t even meant for such purposes. So you can imagine how useful MyPetGo would be if the same happens to your pet.

Lastly, MyPetGo’s app is empowered by a pet lovers’ marketplace, with services from mobile vets to specialist food suppliers, to on-demand services such as walkers and sitters. A handy journal function also allows for scheduling, the setting of reminders, food intake tracking, etc.

Aura Portable Blender | Gift Idea for the Health Conscious
Aura’s nifty portable blender allows anyone to blend great drinks while on the go.

4. Aura Portable Blender

Here’s a gift idea to consider if your sweetheart leads an active lifestyle. One for the health-conscious too.

The Aura Portable Blender is a true wireless portable/travel blender—“true wireless” here referring not to Bluetooth connectivity but how this blender is USB rechargeable. Stylish in appearance and with a jar made of durable borosilicate glass, the Aura Portable Blender allows anyone to blend drinks anywhere while on the go.

Smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails, breakfast mixes, you name it.  The Aura Blender can moreover be converted into a convenient travel bottle in half a minute.

And even if your beloved isn’t into blending drinks at, say, right outside the gym, this portable blender still has a lot of benefits. It is definitely a blending solution for crowded kitchens. Its stain-resistant glass body means easy maintenance too. One can blend all sorts of cold and warm drinks every day without having to worry about endless washing. I’m sure this is attractive for, what’s the phrase, amateur mixologists? Student nutritionists?

The completely portable nature also means … it’s great for romantic outings! The next time you’re having a picnic, instead of bringing beverages from home or buying a pack from the supermarket, how about blending your own romantic drinks? Something passionately red? Something vibrantly yellow to symbolize the glory of your love?

Some straightforward but made from your mutual favourite fruits? I leave it to your imagination.

Read my full review for the Aura Portable Blender here.

Quntis Screen Monitor Light Bar for Eye Protection.
Being able to toggle between warm and cool light was fun too, especially during games.

5. Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Monitor Light

Last year, I did a full review of the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light (USD 44.99 after current discount | Different sizes available including laptop option).

With shame, I’ll share that I temporarily “placed” aside my set while redecorating my workstation in mid-September, and promptly forgot about it! Now I’m punished with having to change my spectacles.

As in, I could have minimized damage from eye fatigue and thus not need a new pair of glasses this month.

What I’m saying is also this. If your partner spends a lot of time each day staring at a computer screen, please, do him or her a favour and give one of these. The ScreenLinear Pro is well-constructed, a breeze to install, and easily powered for hours by a power bank. Most importantly, it does what it is supposed to do without fuss. It reduces monitor and environmental glare, thus protecting your eyes.

To further share, I “remembered” my set in late December 2022, right after I finished my Netflix Xmas movie list. I felt instant relief from eye fatigue right after reinstalling my set and switching off the room lights. Not kiddin’.

If your partner stares at a screen the way I do or even just half of what I do, I’m sure he or she will appreciate the eye relief. And hey, the warm-light setting can instantly transform a workstation into a romantic alcove. That makes video chatting so much more, ahem, intimate.

Sennheiser Gift Ideas for Content Creators.
Clockwise from top left: Sennheiser e 835 Live Vocal Mic, XS Lav Mobile Clip-On Mic, MKE 600 Shotgun Mic, MKE 200 Directional Camera Mic.

6. Sennheiser Content Creation Equipment

Is your partner a content creator? A YouTuber perhaps, or a blogger?

If so, I’m sure he or she will appreciate the technological upgrades provided by the following Sennheiser content creation tools.

e 835 Live Vocal Mic (SGD 139/-): Tight lows and mids, and consistent sound quality at varying distances and axes make the e 835 a superb choice for home music performers. It also features a rugged metal body with a natural clarity that is great for speeches.

XS Lav Mobile Clip-On Mic (SGD 79/-): Is your partner experimenting with podcasting? The XS Lav Mobile offers instant, superior-quality dialogue recording with a simple plug in—it comes with 3.5 mm audio jack or USB-C.

MKE 200 Directional Camera Mic (SGD 159/-): Vloggers will love the MKE 200, which brings presence and cleanliness to voice recordings through features like a built-in wind screen and shock mount. Compact enough to be used with smartphones too.

MKE 600 Shotgun Mic (SGD 509/-): Looking for movie-quality audio recordings? The MKE 600 picks up sounds coming from the direction in which the camera is pointing and attenuates noise coming from the sides and rear. A switchable “Low Cut” filter additionally minimizes wind noise. Best of all, the MKE 600 is battery-powered. No worries about your filming equipment being unable to provide phantom power.

Dyson Hair Care Products | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Dyson’s limited-edition hair care machines in Topaz Orange for Valentine’s Day 2023.

7. Dyson Limited Edition Hair Care Machines

Here are two awesome and innovative hair care machines gift ideas from Dyson, both available in limited edition luscious Topaz Orange.

The Dyson Supersonic™ Hair Dryer (SGD 699/-) is designed for powerful quick drying and is suitable for different hair types. It measures air temperatures at over 40 times a second to regulate temperature output as well as utilises Dyson’s intelligent heat control technology to prevent extreme heat.

In other words, the natural shine of hair will be preserved. It is long known that extreme heat, such as during blow-drying, is capable of seriously damaging hair quality and shine.

The Dyson Airwrap™ Multi-Styler (SGD 859 /-) also features the same intelligent temperature control, allowing anyone to style desired waves and curls without having to, argg, worry about heat damage. In addition, this multi-styler is equipped with the Dyson Digital Motor, which creates a phenomenon known as the Coanda Effect.

Simply put, the Coanda Effect causes air to attach to a surface. Coupled with meticulously controlled heat, hair can then be easily styled while ensuring a natural, sleek finish. Wavy beauty, for example, is assured without the use of aggressive elements.

What’s more, both hair care machines currently come with unique Byzantine Purple presentation cases that you can customise at a Dyson Demo Store. (Purple … A colour of sophisticated passion). You can also book a complimentary styling appointment with Dyson Stylists to learn how to get date-night perfect-ready with Dyson haircare machines.

Marks and Spencer Valentine's Day 2023 Gifts
Clockwise from top left: M&S I Loooong for you chocolates, M&S Valentine’s Love Bombs, Rosie Floral Wrap, Valentine’s Day 2023 Proseccos.

8. Marks & Spencer Valentine’s Day 2023 Gifts

Pink is the colour of the season this February at Marks & Spencer. To celebrate the love that is everywhere in the air, M&S has prepared a wide range of romantic goodies for different budgets and tastes.

  • For the traditional at heart: Chocolates and sweets for V-Day will never go out of style, ya? Especially not when they look so pretty and cute! From the affordable Loved up Lollies (SGD 3.90/-) to the strawberry mallow-filled M&S Strawberry Kiss Whips (SGD 7.90/-), to the puppyish M&S I Loooong for you chocolates (SGD 11.90/-), these simple gifts immediately spell your affection and love. If you’re looking for something a little more unique and elaborate, go for the M&S Valentine’s Love Bombs (SGD 49.90/-). These heart-shaped delights transform into soothing hot chocolate bombes with marshmallows when melted. The perfect finish for a cozy Valentine’s Day evening.
  • For couples into a great drink: Toast to great love and more with M&S’s choice picks for February 14th. The Conte Priuli Prosecco DOC (SGD 15.90/-), an innovative style of prosecco, is made exclusively from Glera grapes, fresh and fruity peach, honeysuckle, and citrus notes. The Conte Priuli Prosecco Rose (SGD 13.90/-) is, well, a drink that is as sweet as love itself. By the way, all lovebirds enjoy a 20 percent discount with any purchase of two food items from M&S Valentine’s Day Collection. How’s that for a great V-Day deal?
  • For lovebirds into pink fashion: Marks & Spencer has curated quite a sexy list if you’re looking for gifts that are a little more passionate. The ultra-comfortable Rosie Floral Wrap (SGD 79.90/-) features a dreamy floral print and is made with fabric created with Cool Comfort™ and Cling Resist™ technology—this kimono is a sheer delight to lounge in on any night. The Boutique Satin Pyjama Set (SGD 79.90/-) is made from the same luxurious soft satin fabrication, while the Dream Satin Cami Long (SGD 59.90/-) ensures night-long comfort with its impeccable cuttings. If you’re looking for a sexier gift for the lady of your life, let’s just say M&S’s bra and knicker sets in contrasting lace and fabric finishes, and in different shades of red, will deeply flatter any gal.

Valentine’s Day 2023 Dining Recommendations

Festive celebrations in Singapore posts.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2023 | The Scribbling Geek
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