River Hongbao 2023 Lanterns (Video)


Big, festive, and auspicious lanterns at River Hongbao 2023.

Happy Year of the Rabbit 2023 to all! I know everyone’s busy with house visits and holiday outings and all, so I’ll just go ahead and post pictures I took at River Hongbao 2023 last night.

Hereby wishing all a prosperous Guimao Rabbit Year ahead. For working folks and businesspeople, Dàzhǎn Hóngtú (大展宏图). For couples looking to have children, may you do it like rabbits, every other month. For students, Xuéyè Jìnbù (学业进步).

For all, Shēntǐ Jiànkāng, Wànshì Rúyì (身体健康 万事如意)! Health and prosperity for everyone! Huat AH!

River Hongbao 2023 CNY Lanterns

Dance of Spring | River Hongbao 2023
The Dance of Spring. One of the largest displays and situated outside the main fairgrounds.
The Great Spring Race
The Great Spring Race. Like the similarly-themed exhibits at Dahlia Dreams 2023, the Rabbit (Hare) and Tortoise won this race through cooperation.
River Hongbao 2023 Caishen
This year’s big, big Caishen! He’s at a spot that’s somewhat inconvenient for photography. But if you explore the grounds, you can find spots where his face is fully visible.
River Hongbao 2023 Chinese Zodiac Animals
The other Chinese Zodiac animals are, of course, at River Hongbao 2023 too. They perform modern dances for everyone.
Chinese New Year Dazhan Hongtu Lantern
HUAT AH! Let’s all HUAT HUAT HUAT together!
Futuristic Ventures | River Hongbao 2023
Futuristic Ventures. Would Singapore someday be a space-faring nation? Will we build our own Star Destroyers?
Kuaigao Zhangda (快高长大) Lantern | Gardens by the Bay
“Grow Up Quickly,” well-wishes for all children to be healthy and strong.
Gardens by the Bay Chinese New Year 2023
Lion Dance and more rabbits. The rabbit lantern set piece has bells for lovers to toss coins at.
River Hongbao 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
River Hongbao 2023 | Gardens by the Bay

Happy Rabbit Year, everyone!

Singapore Chinatown CNY Light-Up 2023

River Hongbao 2023 Lanterns (Video) | The Scribbling Geek
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River Hongbao 2023 Lanterns (Video) | The Scribbling Geek
Pictures of festive and auspicious lanterns at River Hongbao 2023. Hereby wishing all a wonderful Year of the Rabbit 2023!

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