Dahlia Dreams 2023 (Video)

Quirky and adorable rabbits are aplenty at Dahlia Dreams 2023.

I’ve posted about the annual Dahlia Dreams floral exhibition a couple of times. So this year, I’ll skip a full introduction and just list the must-know information.

  • Dahlia Dreams is always the first Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome show for the calendar year. As such, it is always in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebrations too.
  • This year’s show has a playful side to it because, you know, Year of the Rabbit and mischievous bunnies and all that.
  • According to the official GBTB website, there are a hundred rabbits on show. (Erm … I didn’t count. Feels like it, though)
  • The Dahlias are absolutely, incredibly gorgeous. There are big, fluffy, and dreamy ones on display this year too.
  • Compared to the floral shows in the second half of 2022, Dahlia Dreams 2023 feels smaller in scale. Other than the entrance and middle area, there are no other exhibits elsewhere in the Flower Dome. Some of the decorations also look … what’s a good word, familiar? As in, I’m sure I’ve seen these in previous exhibitions … To be clear, I don’t mind. There’s nothing wrong with reusing perfectly fine decorations. (Hey, sustainability is one of this year’s mottos!)

Welcoming the Lunar New Year at Dahlia Dreams 2023

Dahlia Dreams 2023 Flower Dome
The entrance showpiece. Spells “The Lunar New Year is here” right away, doesn’t it?
Overview of the main displays.
The Hare and the Tortoise | Dahlia Dreams 2023
Okay, this is one of the highlights of Dahlia Dreams 2023. The legendary race between the Hare and the Tortoise is depicted amidst festive blooms. Here are the two speedy ones at the starting point!
Dahlia Dreams 2023 Pagoda
Fluffy spectators for the race on a Chinese pagoda.

In the original Hare and the Tortoise tale, the Tortoise won the race, of course. ‘Cos the Hare was arrogant and presumptuous. But since it’s the Year of the Rabbit, Gardens by the Bay tweaked the story to reflect “cooperation.” This time, both animals won the race!

Flower Dome Chinese New Year 2023
The Hare executes qinggong and deftly leaps into the air to pluck the festive green (采青 | Cǎi Qīng). The Tortoise clings on!
Year of the Rabbit 2023 at Gardens by the Bay
Above: A serene moment at a river, with more fluffy spectators. Below: Victory! The Hare and the (blur-looking) Tortoise BOTH receive the riches!
Three Rabbits Burrow
This is the “Three Rabbit Burrows” display, which is based on the Chinese idiom of Jiǎotù Sānkū (狡兔三窟), or “the crafty rabbit has three burrows.” In other words, to never put all your eggs into one basket.
Err … the actual rabbit burrow. This reminded me of a chapter in the old Mists of Panderia WOW expansion.
“A Hundred Children at Play” Vase at Flower Dome, Singapore
The utterly exquisite “A Hundred Children at Play” vase. It features the classic Chinese illustration theme of many children at play, i.e., a motif of abundant offspring.

The Magnificent Blooms of Dahlia Dreams 2023

Compared to last year’s show, I think there are lesser Dahlia types but a lot more other festive blooms. As mentioned above, some of this year’s Dahlias are absolutely breathtaking too.

They are so … big and fluffy. I overheard one visitor saying in Singlish, “ they look so Chinese New Year hor.”

I agree.

Holland Festival Dahlia
The Holland Festival Dahlia. How could anyone not love this?
Arabian Nights Dahlia
Arabian Nights Dahlias. Has that look of magical quality, doesn’t it?
Dahlia Exhibitions Singapore
I forgot to check the name for this one! I was too mesmerised by its beauty.
Polka Dahlia
According to GBTB’s website, this is the Polka, an anemone Dahlia.
Lunar New Year Flower Show in Singapore
Amongst all of Flower Dome’s shows, I think Dahlia Dreams have the most spectacular blooms. Do you agree?
Dahlia Dreams 2023 | Gardens by the Bay
A very happy Rabbit Year to everyone!

Dahlia Dreams 2023 ends on Feb 26, 2023. If visiting after Jan 20, don’t forget to check out River Hongbao 2023! It’s just a few steps away!

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Dahlia Dreams 2023 (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
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Dahlia Dreams 2023 (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Dahlia Dreams 2023 at Gardens by the Bay has started! As always, it’s a lovely way to get into a festive mood for the Lunar New Year.

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