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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 | The Scribbling Geek

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up 2023
Chinatown Chinese New Year Light Up 2023

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 features rabbits galore and the return of the beloved CNY festive bazaar.

Happy New Year! Christmas is (long) over! It’s time to chop chop prepare for Chinese New Year.

“Quickly prepare,” because this year’s CNY comes exceptionally early—it’s just a little more than a fortnight away. Which, in turn, seems appropriate since we tend to associate rabbits with feistiness, zest, and vigour.

(Or, that’s what Western pop entertainment has led us to believe. The rabbit in Chinese culture is a wholly different business …)

The Chinatown festive bazaar is also back! Finally back. While making my way down Pagoda Street last evening, I realised just how much I’ve forgotten about it, even though it’s only been gone for two years. (So three years since the last one in 2020) I also realized how much I missed the festive sounds and bustle, despite always grouching about the crowds in the past.

If you haven’t, you should head down for a look. Enjoy the street lights, buy something at the bazaar, and perhaps stay for one of the stage shows at Kreta Ayer Square.

About the lights, there’s controversy again, isn’t there? Well, I don’t think the rabbits are as eye-catching as last year’s tigers. But complaints about the bunnies looking as if they are about to poop-poop because of protruding bottoms and bent legs?

Hey, big bottoms are a sign of prosperity in Chinese culture, okay! And do we really want anthropomorphic, Disney-ish rabbits with straight legs for Chinese New Year decorations? I think not!

Leaping into the Prosperous Year of the Rabbit @ Singapore Chinatown

Singapore Chinatown Chinese New Year 2023
This year’s Eu Tong Sen Street Chinese New Year showpiece features a family of rabbits presenting gold and well-wishes. The bunnies look a little too solemn, TBH, but let’s just focus on receiving riches.
Year of the Rabbit 2023
No Chinese Zodiac animals behind the showpiece this time around. Instead, it’s all rabbits. Rabbits wishing you good luck and good health!
Festive rabbit musicians. (The one with the specs looks so geeky, doesn’t it?)
Chinatown CNY Dragon Dance Lantern
There’s a dragon dance! With … you guessed it. More bunnies.
Leaping into the Prosperous Year of the Rabbit | Singapore Chinatown
The Eu Tong Sen Street showpiece again. This is the “aerial” view with a clearer view of the prosperity the rabbit family is offering everyone.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Lights 2023
The street lights feature lots of traditional Chinese lanterns and coins.
Chinatown CNY Street Lights
Festive street lights and traffic, overlooked by rabbits.
Bringing you prosperity and the riches of the Earth. (I.E., carrots and turnips)

Chinatown Point

Chinatown Point CNY 2023
Chinese Zodiac display at the main entrance to Chinatown Point. (Great way to learn Chinese characters, hor)
Chinatown Point CNY Otters 2023
Them Chinatown Point otters are still at it! Now they are masquerading as rabbits!!!

Chinatown Chinese New Year 2023 Bazaar

The bazaar, or festive fair, was crowded when I visited at 8 pm – it felt like a weekend. But having not experienced this for two years, there was a certain joy as I strolled through the bazaar? I’m sure most Singaporeans would feel the same when there.

Chinatown Chinese New Year 2023 Bazaar
Pagoda Street festive shoppers.
Chinatown Chinese New Year Bazaar 2023 Stalls
All the usual goodies. You know, I completely forgot about the Pussy Willow stall (bottom right). Seeing it again made me feel euphoric. I don’t know why.

By the way, check out my post on Dahlia Dreams 2023 at Gardens by the Bay for festive CNY blooms. If you’re curious about the stories behind traditions such as the giving of Yāsuì Qián (压岁钱) and the eating of Nián gāo (年糕), read this write-up of mine about CNY traditions over at Holidappy.

Mini walk-thru of the festive bazaar in my video below too.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Like last year, the illuminated displays put up by the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple are nothing short of awesome. Frankly, I find them better than the street displays too. Absolutely, absolutely festive and photogenic.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Chinese New Year
Such joy and exuberance! Xin Nian Lai Le!
Buddha Tooth Relic Temple CNY 2023
These lively bunnies look and feel so different from the ones at the main road, don’t they? Happy Year of the Rabbit 2023!

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 ends on Feb 19, 2023, while the last day of the festive bazaar and food fair is Jan 21, 2023 (Chu Xi). Check the official Chinatown Festivals page for updates and schedules of performances at Kreta Ayer Square.

Other festive celebrations in Singapore.

My other Singapore events posts.

Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 | The Scribbling Geek
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Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 | The Scribbling Geek
Chinatown Chinese New Year Light-Up 2023 features bunnies, lots of Huat, and the return of the CNY festive bazaar after a two-year hiatus.


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