Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022 (Video)

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022
Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022

A tropical little Christmas, with festive lights and good food and music and all, at Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas Wonderland 2022.

So far, I’ve written like, eight Christmas posts this year, and so I’m more than a little Christmas-ed out for the moment. Thanks to that, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to visiting this year’s Christmas Wonderland.

In fact, I only went on Monday evening because I’ve been going every year since 2015 and it just feels so odd not to.

Strange thing then, I ended up staying for over two hours. Took nearly two hundred photos too. I even queued for most of the photo spots, bought something, and, err, had more than one festive drink.

This year’s light displays again being great is one reason, of course. The Spalliera showpiece was expectedly fabulous too, as majestic as ever. But these aside, I think I especially enjoyed this year’s visit because of the crowd; believe it, or not.

It’s like, there were so many happy adults and children about, so many tourists too. Standing there amidst everything, waiting for my food and photo turns, the one thought that came to my mind was, Christmas will be here soon. We made it through another year! Phew!


Let’s be honest. 2022 was yet another “bad” year, wasn’t it? Singapore wasn’t too awfully affected but neither was it any walk in the park.

But somehow, we made it through and can still put up a grand Christmas fair. One with lots of twinkling lights and food stalls and performances and all. This is a reason to be happy and to rejoice, yes?

Not to get maudlin, but gazing at all those fairy lights, everything even felt magical to me.

Christmas Wonderland 2022 Light Displays

Gardens by the Bay Christmas Windmill
One of the showpieces for this year. An illuminated, moving windmill surrounded by a field of yummy-looking candy canes. Aptly named Whimsical Windmill too.
Christmas Wonderland Walk of Lights
This year’s Walk of Lights has all sorts of dazzling colour transformations and patterns. It’s mesmerising.
Gardens by the Bay Christmas Light Displays
Festive light sculptures and displays are all over the fairground, with several clustered at Merry Lane. This igloo scene was very popular with families.
Christmas Wonderland 2022 Lights
A fantasy toy train, a magic bus at Navidas Station, and a golden horse carriage. Magical transportation is aplenty!
Magical Christmas Castle
Fairy tale castle. No bouncing on it, though.
Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022
The “face” of every year’s Christmas Wonderland. This year’s Spalliera is an amazing 21 meters tall and is made up of some 103,000 bulbs. It is also handmade. (Can you believe that?)
Christmas Wonderland Spalliera 2022
Standing within the Spalliera is always akin to being inside a kaleidoscope.
Singapore Christmas Luminarie
Italian luminarie awesomeness from high up. It’s truly otherworldly, isn’t it?

Fun & Games, Good, and Music

The open-air “ELFresco” dining area is the perfect spot to chill at while waiting for sunset.
Christmas Wonderland 2022 Music Performance
There are music performances at Elfresco from about eight pm onwards too. (After the first Garden Rhapsody)
Christmas Wonderland 2022 Food
Food stalls by Brewerkz, Meatballs in a Bucket, etc, are all over the fairground. There’s also a very festively decorated one by the Museum of Ice Cream (bottom right).
Christmas Venetian Horse Carousel
The double-storey Venetian horse carousel was very popular with visitors of all ages. I’d add that it’s loud too with its classical music soundtrack. I had dinner next to it and it was like being next to an orchestra pit!
Santa Backdrop
An empty, homely festive backdrop at 6.30 pm. Later on, a certain famous personality will be posing for photos here with families … (I didn’t have time to join in! The queue was very long!)
Gardens by the Bay Christmas Carnival Games
Carnival games at the game village. Many skilled experts were hard at work here!
Mistletoe Lane Shops
Over at Mistletoe Lane, there are various stores selling festive gifts, decorations, etc.
Singapore Christmas Fair
Another aerial view. Singapore’s “biggest yuletide event” is worth at least a visit, yes?

Christmas Wonderland 2022 ends on Jan 1, 2023. Buy your tickets online before heading down! You will need to pre-select an entry time slot too.

When visiting, don’t forget to check out the huge luminarie Christmas tree at the main entrance to Gardens too!

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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022 (Video)
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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2022 (Video)
Visiting the festive fairground of Christmas Wonderland 2022, and appreciating how we’ve made it to another Christmas.

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