Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas 2022
Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas 2022

15 Christmas gift ideas for your festive consideration this December 2022.

The year-end gift-giving season is in full swing. Well, almost, anyway. With that, have you decided what festive presents to give to your friends, loved ones, or yourself?

If not, here are some gift ideas for your consideration! 15 in total!

As much as possible, I’ve also included promo or discount codes with my recommendations because, you know, inflation isn’t going to let up just because it’s Christmas.

Have fun reading and shopping! And may joy be with you this entire holiday season.

PS: Other than Amazon links, I don’t earn from any of the below recommendations.

Christmas Gifts and Food from Marks & Spencer
You’d be spoilt for choice when shopping for Christmas gifts and food at Marks & Spencer.

1. Marks & Spencer Festive Snacks and Sweets

Let me start with food and a brand that’s familiar to most Singaporeans.

Once again, every Marks & Spencer store in the country is full of not just yuletide decorations, but also boxes and boxes, and BOXES of Christmas sweets and snacks.

There are M&S pop-up festive markets all about town too. For example, at VivoCity and Great World City.

They sell great stuff, if you ask me, a taste of festive yumminess at affordable prices too. As for my picks this season, they would be:


  • M&S Cherry Liqueurs: I’ve been buying these for three years now. In fact, I just bought two boxes on Friday and I’ve already finished half a box! The rich cherry liqueur filling is simply so intense and heavenly. Currently going for SGD 14.90 for one box and SGD 24.90 for two.
  • M&S Turkish Delight: I buy these yearly too, to frostily give to rebellious boys … Just kidding. I usually gobble every chewy piece myself. SGD 14.90 for one box.
  • Percy Pig Biscuit in Festive House Tin: Do you like Percy? Do your kids like Percy? Well, if they do, they will doubly love this gift because of the yummy vanilla sandwich cream biscuit inside. (SGD 24.90)
  • A Winter Wonderbar: This one is suitable for just about any age. Other than all that eye-catching gold, the chunky chocolate mountain peaks will satisfy any chocolate craving in the lead-up to Christmas. (SGD 24.90)

Naturally, Marks & Spencer has various festive hampers full of yummy goodies too. Head on down to their stores to check these out.

Christmas Alcohol Gifts 2022
Great drinks to try or give away this Christmas.

2. Bottles of the Good Stuff

A bottle of great wine or whisky, or champagne, will always be a “safe” and appreciated gift. Especially if you’re bringing one to a festive meal or home gathering.

Here are four recommendations for this Christmas:

  • Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2022: Zesty and energetic, with rich notes of juicy citrus and makrut lime subtly underpinned by white nectarine and passionfruit notes. Available at Cold Storage for SGD 46/-.
  • Don Melchor Vintage 2020: Smooth and velvety. Invoke impressions of red fruits, violets, and roses too. This Chilean red is available at retailers across Singapore for SGD 200/-.
  • Glenmorangie A Tale of the Forest: This is a whiskey that Galadriel will approve of. Lush and herby, A Tale of the Forest is the first Glenmorangie whiskey crafted from barley kilned with woodland botanicals. It comes in a lovely box illustrated by UK-based artist Pomme Chan too, and will surely seduce you with its complex scent of a majestic forest. Available online at Asher BWS for SGD 188/-.
  • Moët & Chandon: Moët & Chandon is a name synonymous with bubbly, isn’t it? With celebrations and festivities too? Well, the French fine winery is hosting a pop-up at ION Orchard from Dec 5 to 27, 2022. Pop by and have a look at their various gift options and packs. For example, the Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Festive Minis Gift box will be available at the event for SGD 150.90.

Christmas Gift Idea for Music Fans | LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds
The LUMOS TEMPO features superior Trinity360 sound and noise cancellation of up to 42dB.

3. LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds

Do you agree that wireless earphones are a must-have for today’s lifestyle?

Not so long ago, we use them for music only. Nowadays, we need them for audio entertainment, movie streaming, games, voice calls, home learning, and even video conferencing.

And so anyone, from colleagues to friends, to schoolchildren, will appreciate a great pair of wireless earphones as a gift. Hereby, I recommend Singapore’s very own LUMOS TEMPO (SGD 179/-), which comes with every audio feature you would want and need for today’s wireless audio gear:

  • Noise cancellation of up to 42dB; above the current industry standard
  • Trinity360 sound
  • 30 hours of battery life
  • Three mics per earbud
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • IPX5-rated sweat and water resistance

For more details, check out my full review of the LUMOS TEMPO! And if you’re buying a pair for yourself or a loved one, don’t, don’t forget to quote my discount code LUMOSXSC. You’ll enjoy SGD 20/- off. (Valid for the first 100 redemptions and till Mar 31, 2023)

shopDisney Christmas Gift Ideas 2022
shopDisney is full of adorable and beautiful products, all perfect as Christmas and festive gifts.

4. shopDisney Festive Selection

A Disney-themed Christmas gift has probably already occurred to you, with all the Disney pop-up photo booths and merchandising stands happening at Capitaland Malls.

If you have no time to visit these malls though, or if you prefer a wider selection to choose from, head on over to the online Christmas shop at shopDisney. From apparel to decorations, to food and Christmas collectibles, the selection is incredible. The best part being, it’s not just classic Disney merchandise on sale. Star Wars and Pixar, and Marvel goodies are available too.

How about a Star Wars Droid Factory R6-SNO Figure (SGD 22.90) for a Rebels fan? Or an, err, grumpy Grumpy Nutcracker (SGD 95.90)?

Or a Hulk Holiday Plush (SGD 39.90)?

Maybe a Poisoned Apple Ceramic Travel Mug (SGD 32.90) for your boss? Or a vintage Mickey/Minnie baby Sleepwear Set (SGD 55.90) for a dear friend’s newborn?

There’s seriously a lot to choose from, and going through the selection is a joy in itself. shopDisney is furthermore offering free delivery for purchases above SGD 70/-, but only for a limited period. If you want to buy anything from them, now’s the time to do it.

Gift Ideas for Audiophiles | Astell&Kern Music Products
The Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 and Odyssey In-Ear Monitors.

5. Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 Digital Audio Player

This gift idea is not for everyone, but if you can afford it and you’re giving it to an audiophile, trust me, your gift wouldn’t be forgotten for a long, long time.

Or, it could be the ultimate Christmas delight for the devoted music lover in you.

As I mentioned in an earlier callout post, the stylish A&ultima SP3000 (SGD 5799/-) is a sleek powerhouse of audio innovation, designed to deliver the very best in digital music entertainment. Features such as independent dual audio circuitry and the new AK4499EX DAC Chip by AKM allows you to not only experience music as if you’re right there with the performers, you may even start hearing instrumental nuances you never knew existed.

To share, I had to tear myself away when I tested a unit during the launch. I was listening to tracks I’ve known for decades but it was like rediscovering every single one.

The music gets even better if you pair the SP3000 with A&K’s Odyssey in-ear monitors (SGD 5299/-), a next-gen collaboration between the Korean maker and Empire Ears. Equally a breakthrough in audio technology, features such as a 10-driver Quadbrid System and Dual Conduction Architecture ensures you hear and feel the bass when using the Odyssey, while audio fidelity is always maximized.

The short of it, the A&K SP3000 and Odyssey come with a significant price tag but they are empowered with the absolute best in sound reproduction technology for this year. Any audiophile will love every second of the sweet music they provide.

Christmas Present Idea | ZenPop Anime Packs
I have the Zenpop Sep 2022 “Destiny Loop” Anime Pack, and I love it for I’m a Tokyo Manji Gang supporter!

6. ZenPop Subscription Boxes

Are you considering an Anime-themed gift but have no idea what memorabilia to buy because you’ve never watched an hour of Anime in your life? (Tsk)

If that’s the case, consider ZenPop’s Japanese Anime Pack. One of Japan’s oldest and most established subscription box services, ZenPop’s monthly Anime Packs (about SGD 53.89 after conversion from USD) are never the same. The curation is also always a mix of collectibles from current Anime hits and evergreens. In other words, there is bound to be something that would appeal inside any pack.

To give an example, for Dec 2022’s “Flashy Fight” pack, there are collectibles from Kimetsu no Yaiba, Spy X Family, and the ever-popular Pokemon.

What’s more, if you use the discount code YOURJAPAN before payment, you’d enjoy a USD 6/- discount. That works out to about SGD 8/-.

Alternatively, you could forgo the discount and opt for free shipping instead with ZenPop’s festive code, SANTA.

Lastly, ZenPop has a Dec 2022 Christmas Jumbo Box of snacks that’s going for about SGD 62/-. With a big mix of snacks and stationery, this could be a great gift to bring to a house gathering.

Discount code courtesy of Your Japan. Do note shipping time estimates too if ordering.

Your Japan Online Store Products
A selection of Your Japan online store products. I strongly recommend the Kanji mug for those learning Japanese.

7. Your Japan Japanese Merchandise

Here’s another Japan-themed festive gift idea.

Your Japan is a Japanese travel and culture portal with detailed write-ups on not just what to see and where to dine at when in Japan, but also cultural insights and expatriate experiences.

They also have an online shop with practical products that would be appreciated by lovers of Japan. For example, their Hiragana Mug (USD 28/-) is perfect for students new to the Japanese language. The same goes for their Katakana and Kanji mugs. (I think the Kanji mugs are exceptionally useful)

Their tote bags are also stylish and made from 100 percent certified organic cotton, while their apparel will delight anyone who wants to study or work in Japan.

And there’s free shipping for orders above USD 49/-! If “a gift of Japan” is what’s on your mind this holiday season, you should have a look at Your Japan’s store right away.

Avatar: The Way of Water Toys
Avatar: The Way of Water Toys on sale at Toys “R” Us.

8. Avatar: The Way of Water Playsets

The long, LONG awaited sequel to Avatar (2009) will be released in Singaporean cinemas on Dec 15, 2022. With that, you can be sure every other boy in town will be eyeing Avatar merchandise and playsets. Which, by the way, are already available everywhere.

(I will be gender respectful and state that some girls would likely appreciate a playset too)

With festive discounts aplenty online and in all major departmental stores, the figurines and playsets aren’t pricey too. Compared to other toy series, I’d say Avatar: The Way of Water merchandise also makes for more meaningful Christmas gifts to kids since environmentalism is a heavy theme in the movies.

It’s like, as we move forth into 2023, you’d agree that environmentalism is one of the most important awareness to bring with us?

Plus, every other Christmas event at Jewel and Changi Airport is celebrating the sequel’s release. Spending a day there with your child after giving him/her a playset will be a splendid December excursion.

Compact Home Music Systems for Christmas
Though space-saving, the Audioengine A1-MR and Audioengine S6 push the limits of what home music systems can be.

9. Audioengine A1-MR and Audioengine S6

Is it appropriate to give home music systems as Christmas gifts? Well, yes, if the model you’re giving away is space-saving and stylish, and capable of superior audio delivery.

The Audioengine A1-MR (Usual Price SGD 419/-) and Audioengine S6 (Usual Price SGD 499/-) are both compact in design and concepualised to be the perfect complement for workstations, home theatres, or gaming setups. The A1-MR also offers true stereo sound with seamless WI-FI connection support, while the slightly more expensive S6 features a front-firing woofer capable of delivering luscious, deep, and pronounced bass.

Coming back to the A1-MR, Audioengine’s control app allows you to effortlessly connect to your home WiFI network (up to 12 zones) and instantly stream from major providers such as Amazon and Spotify.

For more details, check out the respective product pages on AV One group’s online store for Audioengine products. With it being the gift-giving season and all, AV One is currently offering discounts too. To cite some numbers, the A1-MR is currently going for SGD 379/-.

Easy Christmas Gifts for Everyone | Fanciful Socks
Talking Toes socks at Takashimaya. A great wizard once said you can never have enough socks!

10. Colourful and Fanciful Socks

This idea occurred to me when I was at Takashimaya one evening.

As Dumbledore said when asked about the Mirror of Erised, one can never have enough socks. He then lamented, “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.

The great wizard was lying, of course; if you’ve read the books, you’d know why. But he’s not wrong too for fanciful socks could be a fun and affordable gift for all. Especially if your recipient doesn’t mind a laugh.

And while socks are considered undergarments, they don’t carry any intimacy connotation, not unless you want them to. Anyhow, if you ask me, I think most people will appreciate an extra pair, doubly so for quality pairs.

You can also ensure actual practicality by not choosing designs that are too outlandish.

The Man Bag Co City Sling V2
The Man Bag Co’s City Sling V2. Perfect for guys who need more carrying space each day.

11. The Man Bag Co Sling Bags

Just like socks, we can never have enough bags, can we?

Or maybe not. For today’s busy working male, I think what’s really needed is that one bag that’s durable, sizable enough for a slew of gadgets and stuff, and trendy without being too flashy.

The various sling bags by Singapore’s The Man Bag Co fulfil all these requirements. Weather resistant and made from superior materials such as Cordura fabric and Fidlock buckles, The Man Bag Co’s sling bags are all made to last, while modern and masculine in appearance.

For dudes with a lot of “essentials” to bring about each day, such as me, spacier designs such as the City Sling V2 (SGD 99/-) even comes with 9 inner pockets, including one that’s lined with soft fleece to protect gadget surfaces. There are even SD card slots, a key hook, and padding on the front and back of the City Sling V2.

Best of all, from now till Jan 1, 2023, if you quote my discount code GEEKXMAS10 when buying from The Man Bag Co’s online store, you can enjoy 10 percent off all orders! (Single use per customer and not to be combined with other discounts) Hop on over to check out their store today.

Affordable Christmas Gifts | Famous Amos Cookies.
Famous Amos Christmas gifts selection for 2022.

12. Famous Amos Gift Collection 2022

Here’s another gift idea that involves food. A convenient one as well since they have so many outlets in Singapore.

Famous Amos has quite an extensive Christmas gift selection this year, with all sorts of Christmas-y tins and boxes to choose from. Most are priced below 20 dollars too, and come with your choice of yummy cookies.

For folks needing to bring something to a company year-end party, or to give to a friendly neighbor, etc, you’d agree few gifts are more affordable and appropriate? And Famous Amos cookies are popular in Singapore, right? I mean, they have been around since my primary school days, in the 80s! Free smells, since the 80s!

… … I’m suddenly feeling cravings. I’m going to their stores after this post.

Christmas Gift Ideas 2022 | Lush Bathing Products and Gift Sets
Lush has all sorts of festively named bath bombs, bubble bars, and gift sets for Christmas.

13. Lush’s Christmas Collection

Lush’s online Christmas store currently has nearly a hundred sweet, oh-so-sweet-smelling limited edition treats to pamper yourself with or to give to a beloved one. All Lush Christmas bath bombs and bubble bars are also “festive-ly” named, with delightful names like Magical Santa Bath Bomb, Sweet Pudding, and Candy Cane.

There are, of course, gift sets too. Each, attractively wrapped and themed to suit different tastes.

This holiday season, how about giving the gift of ultimate relaxation? With 2022, frankly, more than a little wearisome, I think everyone deserves a break. One that begins with a fragrant hour amidst heavenly, bubbly scents.

Books to Give This Christmas: The Mysterious Benedict Society
The adventures of Reynie and friends will delight readers young and old.

14. The Mysterious Benedict Society Book Set

Personally, I do not recommend giving storybooks as gifts. After all, few of us have the same reading tastes, do we?

But if you really want to give a gift of good fiction this holiday season, say, to a younger reader, consider the full set of The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Now, I’m not recommending Trenton Lee Stewart’s hit series because I’ve watched Season 2 of the TV adaptation. Neither is it because I’m struggling to arrange Theodore Shapiro’s snazzy theme song for the Electone!

I have the first book and it’s honestly a great read, even for adults. The prose is easy enough for younger readers. It is also elegantly and compellingly written throughout, with a multi-layered plot that invites contemplation. (The Whisperer! Yikes!)

Naturally, watching the Disney+ adaptation before or after reading the books only doubles the thrill.

The Salvation Army Christmas Kettling Website 2022
The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettling website for 2022.

15. A Gift to a Stranger

Last but not least, how about a gift not to your friend, or family, or yourself, but to a stranger?

A stranger in need? A family in crisis?

The Christmas season has always been nicknamed the sharing season, and with all that’s been happening in 2022, many unfortunate folks truly need your concern more than ever.

To give a simple gift of cash, you can visit, where there are hundreds of charities and individual campaigns for you to choose from. You can also directly donate to the Community Chest’s SHARE programme. Your entire contribution will support more than 100 social service agencies. In their words, every single dollar will be well spent.

Alternatively, you can check out the Boys’ Brigade Share-A-Gift page. This project, over 40 years old as of this year, has long worked hard to organise the distribution of food and gifts for the needy during the Christmas season.

Finally, The Salvation Army’s Christmas Kettling has started on Nov 26! And it’s online too! If you happen to pass by a red kettle while festive shopping/dining/celebrating, consider dropping in some spare change?

Every dollar will be appreciated.

Festive celebrations in Singapore posts.

Singapore Christmas Gift Ideas 2022
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