Seasons of Bloom 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Seasons of Bloom 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Seasons of Bloom 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Christmas festivities, poinsettias, and more, at Seasons of Bloom, Gardens by the Bay final Flower Dome display for 2022.

Seasons of Bloom is the final Flower Dome exhibition for 2022, described in official literature as a tribute to all the flowers Gardens by the Bay has presented over the last ten years. Ongoing from now till Jan 2, 2023, the exhibition is, of course, also a festive Christmas thingy. With poinsettias, nutcracker soldiers, and illuminated Christmas trees everywhere.

“Seasons of Bloom” is also 2022’s Poinsettia Wishes, so to speak. The name change, however, doesn’t look to be permanent as Poinsettia Wishes 2023 is already listed on Gardens’ Calendar of Events.

If I’ve read the official literature correctly, this finale floral display is, instead, a one-time extravaganza that’s part of the tenth-anniversary celebrations. (Yup, Gardens by the Bay is ten-years-old!) While visiting, I get the impression too that it’s a floral and visual summary of all the Flower Dome exhibitions in 2022. (Dahlias from Dahlia Dreams, Sunflowers from Spanish Serenade, etc)

As a whole, I’d say, hmm, Seasons of Bloom is not quite as Christmas-exotic as what was displayed for 2021 and 2022; it’s tough to beat the Nordic landmark replicas from those years. But as a colourful conclusion to 2022, what’s displayed is certainly beautiful enough, and of course, appropriately festive.

While strolling past all those different blooms, I was also reminded of all the serene afternoons and evenings I’ve spent at the Flower Dome this year.

Seasons of Bloom: Welcoming Christmas and Celebrating Gardens by the Bay’s Tenth Birthday

Flower Dome Christmas 2022
Like previous year-end Flower Dome floral displays, the exhibition opens with a festive gate. One that’s full of lights, holly, and guarded by big-eyed nutcracker soldiers.
Christmas at Gardens by the Bay.
Big Christmas trees are everywhere. All are decorated in the traditional style. (These particular ones also replace the Tula Giants, who have gone home! Aww …)
Colombian Flower Show in Singapore
The South American Garden hosts a mini Colombian flower show. Trivia: Did you know that Colombia is the world’s second-largest exporter of flowers? With the Colombian flower industry generating more than 200,000 jobs?
Seasons of Bloom Flower Dome
Overview of the central displays. The houses aren’t part of the Christmas decorations. Instead, they each represent one of the Four Seasons, with associated blooms displayed around them.

As highlighted above, Seasons of Bloom pays tribute to the flowers exhibited by Gardens by the Bay over the last ten years. And so if you’ve visited other Flower Dome exhibitions this year, you’d find many of the blooms at the “Four Seasons” walk familiar.

Seasons of Bloom | Flowers from the Four Seasons
Clockwise from top left, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. We will soon be back to Spring!

Flying Reindeer and a Big, Big Christmas Tree

Gardens by the Bay Christmas 2022.
Back to the winter and Christmas decorations! This is one of the showpieces for this year. Flying reindeer sleigh! Or should I say, soaring.
Gardens by the Bay Horticulture-Artistry Christmas Tree
The star highlight for this year: A 8-metre-tall, 6-metre-wide Horticulture-Artistry Christmas Tree. This was very popular with visitors. There wasn’t a minute when there wasn’t someone posing with it.
Seasons of Bloom Ice Cavern and Ikebana
There’s an “Ice Cavern” behind the big tree. Various Japanese Ikebana displays around it too.
Christmas at the Gardens 2022
The Christmas festive gate is atmospherically illuminated after sunset.
Christmas Event in Singapore 2022
A joyful, colourful year-end for everyone. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Seasons of Bloom ends on Jan 2, 2023.


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Seasons of Bloom 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
Seasons of Bloom 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Visiting Seasons of Bloom, Gardens’ by the Bay festive Flower Dome Christmas exhibition for 2022, and a fitting finale to the tenth-anniversary events.


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