I-PRIMO Flagship Store Opening at ION Orchard (Video)

I-Primo ION Orchard Flagship Store Opening
I-Primo ION Orchard Flagship Store Opening

Bridal jewellery isn’t something that I usually write about, but I-PRIMO’s flagship store opening at ION Orchard still caught my attention because of its mythology association.

There’s a new bridal ring specialist in Singapore, one that came all the way from Japan!

One of the largest bridal jewellery chains in Japan, with some 112 stores in Japan and across East Asia. I-PRIMO officially opened their Singaporean flagship store at ION Orchard yesterday, i.e., Nov 24, 2022. The opening marks the company’s formal expansion into the Southeast Asian market. Soon-to-weds in Singapore can now experience their legendary service quality that includes dedicated consultations, an extensive selection of diamond and ring designs, custom fitting, and even complimentary professional cleaning for life.

As a Japanese brand that upholds the concepts of Omotenashi and Omoiyari, each ring purchase at I-PRIMO is also meant to be a memorable experience to be cherished. The ION Orchard flagship store furthermore has over 200 ring designs, many of which are named after mythological Greek characters or constellation stars.

It’s a starry and dreamy experience, in other words, to decide on one’s wedding rings with them. For guys looking to pop the big question, getting an I-PRIMO engagement ring with the right goddess name might just improve one’s chances of a positive response too. (Me thinks)

A Brand-New I-PRIMO Flagship Shop at the Heart of Orchard Road

I-Primo Singapore Sotre
I-PRIMO’s flagship store in Southeast Asia commenced operations on Nov 15, 2022, with the official opening a week and a half later.
I-Primo ION Orchard Store
The interior of the store is elegant and chic, with different shades of brown. (The colour choice subtly reflects a Japanese heritage too, yes?)
Consultation area at the rear of the store. Each ring purchase at I-PRIMO is a full-service consultation to ensure clients are fully satisfied with their selections.
I-Primo Diamonds
Diamonds for selection. For … forever too.

As an assurance of quality, I-PRIMO diamonds are awarded the Triple Excellent status, the highest standard in terms of proportion, symmetry, and polish. They are also 3Excellent, which means hearts and cupids are clearly visible. In other words, capable of maximum brilliance.

I-PRIMO Rings Singapore
As mentioned above, the brand-new flagship store at ION Orchard has over 200 ring designs for selection. I-PRIMO also has a good number of designs that include tasteful dashes of gold, even though they specialize in platinum rings. They offer made-to-order rings too.

Inspired by the Stars and Classic Mythology

Some starry showpieces of I-PRIMO’s designs and craftsmanship.

I-Primo Fomalhaut Ring
The Fomalhaut. Named after the brightest star of Piscis Austrinus, the “Southern Fish” constellation.
Japanese Engagement Ring Design
The Volantis. Named after a binary star in Volans, the “Southern Flying Fish” constellation. (And probably a meaningful name too for Game of Thrones fans)
I-Primo Marriage Rings
Of course, the Japanese jeweler has lots of modern and chic marriage ring designs too.
Japanese Bridal Jewellery in Singapore
More marriage ring designs. These, inspired by goddesses and divine daughters from Greek mythology.

I-PRIMO ION Orchard is located at 2 Orchard Turn, B1-33, ION Orchard, Singapore 238801. Opening hours are 10 am to 10 pm daily.


To make a reservation for a consultation, head over to their official website and click the button on the top right.

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I-PRIMO Flagship Store Opening at ION Orchard (Video)
Article Name
I-PRIMO Flagship Store Opening at ION Orchard (Video)
Japanese bridal ring specialist I-PRIMO has opened its first Southeast Asia flagship store at ION Orchard, with over 200 ring designs for soon-to-weds to choose from.

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