Jurassic Nest Food Hall | Gardens by the Bay

Jurassic Nest Food Hall | Gardens by the Bay
Jurassic Nest Food Hall | Gardens by the Bay

Dining with noisy dinosaurs at Gardens by the Bay’s Jurassic Nest Food Hall!

I haven’t done a food post for a long time, so here’s a quick one.

One that was also convenient (and yummy) for me to “do” since the location was right there when I visited Gardens by the Bay for the final Flower Dome exhibition this year.

The dining space beside the Supertree Grove has once again been revamped! This time, quite extensively too. The space is now Jurassic Nest, a dinosaur-themed food hall with dinosaur figures, a T-Rex centerpiece, and even a mini Jurassic-themed gift shop. In other words, quite like the dining attraction over at The Lost World section of Universal Studios SG.

What’s more, more than half of the stalls here are Michelin-starred. Hawker Chan, Tsuta, Bismillah Briyani, etc.

It’s an interesting and bold concept; for travelers, also a convenient way to sample some of the best Singaporean cooking in one spot. The young’uns will no doubt adore all the dinos too. (I’m an adult, and I … enjoyed the dinos)

As for prices, they are expectedly more pricey than typical food courts; I’d say dishes here are at family restaurant prices. But for visitors looking for a fun and relaxing location to dine at right after visiting the domes, the Supertree Grove, etc, there are few better spots.

I’d probably be dining here a lot during my future visits to Gardens.

Jurassic Nest Food Hall: Michelin-Starred Dinosaur-Themed Dining

Jurassic Nest Cafe (JN Cafe)
Jurassic Nest has two sections. An air-conditioned indoor part and an outdoor café.
Jurassic Nest Food Court
The indoor ambience is “leafy” and modern, but also distinctively Singaporean food hall/court in feel. Of course, if you sit near the outer perimeter, you can see the Supertrees too.
Jurassic Nest Food Hall T-Rex
The showpiece of the food hall! There are seats surrounding it so that, you know, you can bask in T-Rex glory while eating. (Which I did)
Michelin Starred Stalls @ Gardens by the Bay
The other star attractions of Jurassic Nest Food Hall. Michelin-starred stalls.

Here’s the current list of stalls as of late Nov 2022:

  • JN Cafe
  • Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang
  • Tsuta
  • Hawker Chan
  • Took Lae Dee
  • Bismillah Briyani
  • Mama by Putien Group (Opening Soon)
Bismillah Briyani Chicken Dum Briyani
I haven’t had any this year, so I settled for a simple Chicken Dum Briyani (SGD 9/-) by Bismillah Briyani.

Bismillah Briyani review: This Dum Briyani was really great, well worthy of its Michelin reputation! It was fragrant, very generous with spices, and with the chicken meat fresh, tender, and juicy. There was also a peppery taste to the rice, which is not what you usually get elsewhere.

I enjoyed the dish so much that I finished everything in less than ten minutes. Just in time for:

Jurassic Nest Dinosaurs
Other dinosaurs of the food hall. (A dippy and … I don’t know the name of the two legged one)
Jurassic Nest Food Hall Gift Shop
Lastly, the gift shop, for diners looking to bring home a prehistoric buddy.
T-Rex Toy
I wouldn’t mind one on my workdesk. 😛


You know, I continued to be amazed by the popularity of dinosaurs in Singapore. I mean, other than this latest themed food hall, we have what’s in and around the airport, and the Lost World at USS.

The star exhibits of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum are also three diplodocid sauropod fossils.

And then we have the dino-themed pop-up exhibitions and cafes in recent years.

Are the prehistorical beasties really so popular here? Does it have to do with the movies?

You know, when Jurassic Park first came out in the 90s, some movie reviewers described it as a horror movie.


The café operates from 8.30 am to 9.30 pm, while the food hall is open from 11 am to 9.30 pm. Last order at 8.45 pm.

Mr. T-Rex performs hourly.

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Jurassic Nest Food Hall | Gardens by the Bay
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Jurassic Nest Food Hall | Gardens by the Bay
Enjoying Michelin-starred cuisine at Jurassic Nest Food Hall, Gardens by the Bay's themed dining location located beside the Supertree Grove.

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