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Jewel Changi Christmas 2022 | The Scribbling Geek

Jewel Changi Christmas 2022
Jewel Changi Christmas 2022

Getting into the mood for the Avatar movie sequel at this year’s Jewel Changi Airport Christmas festivities.

‘Right, my second Christmas post for 2022, and this time, I visited the festivities happening at the eastern end of Singapore.

Changi Airport has long been one of the hotspots to head to for year-end Christmas decorations and fun, doubly so after the opening of Jewel in 2019. This year’s festivities at Jewel aren’t completely Christmas in nature though. In fact, other than the signature HUGE Christmas tree, this year’s events and décor have more to do with water than yuletide joy.

Specifically, Avatar: The Way of Water. James Cameron’s long-awaited sequel that’d be released worldwide in the middle of next month.

It’s, erm, something different. Not odd too, I guess, since Jewel and Changi T3 had previously based their year-end decorations on movies. And with the main attraction of Jewel, a huge water feature.

To be honest, I also wasn’t particularly enthusiastic before heading over; I ever only watched 2009’s Avatar once. That said, I did enjoy that one viewing and after seeing the morphing lights and aquatic displays at the Canopy Park last evening, I’m now definitely more excited about the sequel. And about “revisiting” Pandora.

I’ll probably purchase a ticket the moment pre-bookings are open.

Christmas Odyssea at Jewel

Canopy Park

I began my visit at Canopy Park and I’ll jump ahead by saying, if you’re also visiting, enter the park after sunset.

I went in when it was still bright and everything was rather dreary, to put it politely.

It’s a wholly different business though, the moment night descended. The morphing lights became far more enchanting. Every grove suddenly felt more mysterious too, thanks to the constantly changing lights.

The tail-end of the designated one-way walk, decorated with Christmas trees and coral-like structures, was magical too. Not ornately elaborate like some of the displays at this year’s Orchard Road light-up, but seductive with their simplicity and elegance.

Spending a moment alone in this area was quite therapeutic.

How it looked at 6.30 pm. Tranquil and lush, but not too magical.
While waiting for sunset, I entertained myself with these interactive screens, which feature playful sea creatures. Waving, clapping your hands, etc, trigger adorable responses. (I love the forlorn expression on the seal, LOL)
Avatar Inspired Artwork in Singapore
There were some, how to put it, Avatar/Pandora inspired artworks on display too.
Canopy Park Fountain
Everywhere begins to feel different the moment the sun goes to sleep.
Canopy Park Changi Airport
Now that’s an alien world forest. (And with something nasty lurking behind a tree!!!)
Avatar: The Way of Water at Canopy Park Singapore
This befits the whole Avatar: The Way of Water association.
Christmas Odyssea at Jewel | Canopy Park
Illuminated coral art piece. It makes for a great photo backdrop.
Jewel Christmas 2022
Christmas isn’t forgotten, of course. The Christmas trees also have … starfish to befit the aquatic theme.

Glamping in the Clouds 2022

Like previous years, this is right beside Canopy Park. I wonder how is it like at midnight when the entire Jewel Complex is quiet?

Glamping in the Clouds 2022
I ought to try “glamping” one of these days …

HSBC Rain Vortex Light & Sound Show, and Other Attractions

Done with Canopy Park, I headed down to the HSBC Rain Vortex where other festive attractions await:

  1. Big, big Christmas tree!
  2. Festive Light & Sound Shows
  3. Let It Snow!
Jewel Changi Christmas Tree 2022
Jewel’s huge Christmas trees are always a splendid sight to behold, aren’t they? (Is it taller than the ones at Ngee Ann City and VivoCity?) This year’s tree is sponsored by Prudential, 16 metres tall, and as you can see, decorated with nautical colours.
HSBC Rain Vortex Christmas Light and Sound Show
There are two HSBC Rain Vortex shows this festive season. This is the first one, which is accompanied by Christmas tunes. I prefer this.
Jewel Changi Airport Avatar Light and Sound Show
The second show is, you guessed it, inspired by the upcoming Avatar sequel. It’s more enigmatic and ponderous in feel. Obviously inspired by the bioluminescent waters of Pandora too.
Let It Snow | Jewel Changi Airport
Let it snow! Blizzard time! I felt strangely uplifted by this. (Or maybe it’s because of all those squealing rugrats around me …)

Pandora at Changi Airport and T3 Underground Carnival

Like previous years, I popped by Terminal 3 before heading home. There are more Avatar-themed attractions here, as well as an unexpectedly sizable carnival.

Changi Airport Avatar Marui Pod
Marui Pod at the heart of Terminal 3. This is easily one of the most unique photo-ops in Singapore this Christmas. I mean, it is a full-size alien home. Complete with light effects too. (And Na’vi)
Mangrove Adventures @ Terminal 3
A gentleman trying his hand at archery at Mangroves Adventures.
T3 Underground Carnival
The larger part of the T3 Underground Carnival is at the underground car park. (I think the area was previously used for unloading) Because of that, it’s spacious and full of stalls. With several nostalgic photo backdrops too.
T3 Underground Carnival Games
According to the official website, the underground carnival features games from different generations. I’ll just say there are quite a number of stalls and you’d need at least an hour to go through all of them.
Great World Cabaret Show Photo Backdrop
One of the photo backdrops. (Dang! If only there was really a steamy cabaret show) By the way, the carnival aims to create the ambience of Great World, one of Singapore’s historical amusement parks.
T3 Pirate Ship Ride
The carnival even has a mini pirate ship ride. Whee!

Christmas Odyssea at Jewel ends on Jan, 2, 2023. Check here for the timing of the performances.

T3 Underground Carnival ends on Apr 2, 2023.

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Jewel Changi Christmas 2022 | The Scribbling Geek
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Jewel Changi Christmas 2022 | The Scribbling Geek
Visiting the Avatar-themed displays and Christmas festivities at Jewel Changi Airport. And popping by the T3 Underground Carnival thereafter.


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