Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2022 (Video)

Photographing this year’s year-end festive lights at Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2022.

I’ve been taking pictures of this year’s Orchard Road Christmas decorations since Nov 1, and mawkish as it is to say, it has so far been an emotional experience.

COVID didn’t stop Christmas from happening at the end of the last two years, but it certainly hampered festivities and celebrations, yes? Apart from restrictions imposed on gatherings and large-scale celebrations, and the need to “tap-in, tap-out” at so many places, several fixtures and events vanished entirely from the annual light-up. For example, the Christmas festive village.

Well, it’s anyone’s guess whether the worst of the pandemic is over, but as far as year-end festivities are concerned, it’s near completely back to normal at Orchard Road this 2022 year-end. Everywhere is decked out in carnival motifs and romantic colours. The pedestrian walkway from ION Orchard to Hilton Hotel has various photo booths too, with the Great Christmas Village making a comeback in December.

Even the huge Christmas tree at Ngee Ann City is back! The ground floor atrium is no longer occupied by, argg, TraceTogether counters and barricades.

I am filled with all sorts of feels from seeing all these.

The magic is working its way into me too. At the moment, I’m really looking forward to all upcoming festive events.

Christmas on a Great Street 2022

Christmas on a Great Street 2022
A closer look at this year’s main showpiece, i.e., the “gate.” It’s carnival-themed. The festive slogan is back to the classic “Christmas on a Great Street” too.
Singapore Christmas Lights 2022
Frosty blue is the main colour for the street light-up from Tanglin Mall to Mandarin Gallery.
Singapore Xmas Lights 2022
As always, the street lights are most dramatic at the middle of the pedestrian crossings.
Orchard Road Christmas Decorations 2022
From Design Orchard to the end of the festive light-up, romantic pink takes centerstage.

“Dual-Façade” Outdoor Media and Music in the Air

Like last year, the soaring side walls of Hilton Singapore Orchard feature festive light projection. If you download the PopAR app onto your phone, you’d be able to view the projections with AR snowfall too.

Singapore Christmas Light Show 2022
The projection consists of a playful pinball sequence and various ads. I suggest you download the AR app beforehand if you’re keen on watching it. It can be tricky to calibrate. (To see part of the projection, check out my video below. The show begins around the 2 minute mark)

Between 10 am and 6.59 pm, the following zones will also be broadcasting popular Christmas carols:

  • From ION Orchard to Mandarin Gallery
  • Paragon
  • Far East Shopping Centre
  • Wheelock Place

Take note, if you’re heading to these spots for the music, the broadcast ends at 7 pm and is replaced by music from the light projection.

Different Interpretations of Christmas and Soaring Christmas Trees Galore

Not sure whether there’s a best-dressed building competition this year, but most of the major malls are still going all out with their yuletide decorations.  Most decorations this year are traditional in theme too, although there are still some colourful surprises.

Tanglin Mall Christmas Tree 2022
The huge Christmas tree at Tanglin Mall. This marks the beginning of this year’s Orchard Road Christmas Light-up too.
Tanglin Mall Christmas 2022
The festive tunnel before Tanglin Mall’s tree is wonderfully magical under the evening sky, don’t you think so?
Forum Galleria Christmas Decorations 2022
Romantic pink is all over Forum Galleria this festive season.
Wheelock Place Xmas Decorations 2022
Wheelock Place’s designs for this year are rather subdued. TBH, I’m a little surprised, since they put up quite elaborate sets the previous two years.
ION Orchard 2022 Christmas
The Christian Dior tree outside ION Orchard. Less avant-garde compared to what ION displayed last year, but nonetheless very popular with photo crowds, as you can see.
Wisma Atria The Christmas Odyssey 2022
Like Tanglin Mall, Wisma Atria has a mini festive tunnel. But the highlight is definitely this technicolour Christmas tree. Woah, I feel like jiving to disco music after seeing it!
Ngee Ann City Christmas Tree 2022
After an absence of two years, Ngee Ann City’s big, big Christmas tree is back! It is surrounded by stylish Ralph Lauren bears too.
Ralph Lauren Bear and Fashion
Immaculately stylish!
Orchard Road Christmas Photo Booth 2022
Open-air photo booths between Wisma Atria and Ngee Ann City. The motifs correspond with the ones used for the street lights. By the way, and as you can see from some of my pictures, this year’s light-up is in collaboration with Hitachi.
Paragon Christmas 2022
Paragon’s huge tree for this year isn’t as eye-catching as the one with the big red bells in 2021. But if you go up close, you’ll see that it’s actually full of purple blooms. I think these would stand out more during the daytime.
313@Somerset Christmas 2022
Adorable gingerbread men are everywhere at 313@Somerset.
Museum of Ice Cream @ Orchard Gateway
Orchard Gateway’s Christmas décors have also been, erm, unusual. This year, they are partnering with the Museum of Ice Cream, with an Ice Cream Christmas tree as their main decoration.
Orchard Central Christmas 2022 | Seasons of Love
Lastly, Orchard Central’s theme for this year is named Seasons of Love. The theme uses traditional toys as motifs, like these two dudes.

Update Dec 9: The Great Christmas Village 2022

The Great Christmas Village 2022 has started! Finally back after a two year hiatus, the village once again occupies the whole of Ngee Ann City Civil Plaza.

There are kiddie rides, inflatable playgrounds, and carnival games. There are also food and merchandise stalls, and a large dining area.

Naturally, festive performances are scheduled for weekend nights all the way to the New Year.

Let’s see … The Great Christmas Village (@ Orchard Road) first started in … 2017? It’s been five years!
The Great Christmas Village 2022 Dining Area
The al fresco dining area before the stage.
Ape Inflatable Playground
Inflatable big ape playground. Don’t you love his smirk?
Christmas Carnival Games @ Orchard Road
Carnival games under the open sky.
Orchard Road Christmas Fair
Food and merchandise outlets. Compared to previous years, there aren’t as many food options this time round.
Kiddie rides. These aren’t as popular as the inflatable playground, though.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2022 and the Great Christmas Village 2022 ends on Jan 2, 2023.

Elsewhere in Singapore, it’s (again) a Disney Christmas

Other festive celebrations in Singapore.

My other Singapore events posts.

Orchard Road Christmas Light-Up 2022 (Video) | The Scribbling Geek
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