WiZ Smart Lighting Review (Video)

WiZ Smart Lighting Review
WiZ Smart Lighting Review

Affordability and a fun-to-use, extensive app are the greatest strengths of the WiZ Smart Lighting system.

When I first read the product brief for WiZ Connected Lighting, or WiZ Smart Lighting, I frankly thought it sounded too incredible to be true.

Wi-Fi-controlled bulbs and lamps that could instantly change color or luminosity via a cellphone app? Lights you could set schedules for or programme to adapt to the weather conditions outdoors?

And all without the need for an external control hub? Or with the bulbs costing an arm and a leg?

Well, I tried the WiZ Tunable White + Color Bulb A60 (Usual Price SGD 31.90) and the WiZ Tunable White Bulb A60 (Usual Price SGD 25.90), and yes, it was exactly as promised. I replaced two old ceiling spotlights with two new WiZ bulbs, downloaded the app into my phone, and five minutes later, I was having fun splashing my living room with every shade of the rainbow.

It was really that straightforward. To share details, I did encounter some difficulty during the Wi-Fi detection phase but once I determined where I’ve gone wrong, everything was resolved at once.

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your living space with the magic of lights, but without major electrical works or expenditure, I’d say WiZ Smart Lighting is an immediate go-to.

Who is WiZ?

Started in 2017 and now part of Signify Holding, WiZ is an Internet of Things platform for smart lighting solutions and smart devices. Currently, the WiZ Connected Lighting line-up offers bulbs, downlights, LED strips, and table lamps. The full range also includes accessories such as smart plugs and motion sensors.

The A60, Tunable White and Tunable White + Color

WiZ LED A60 Bulbs
The WiZ A60 bulb uses an E27 base and comes with two options. The + Color version is also but around six Singaporean dollars more.
WiZ Smart Lighting Features
Summary of key features. If you have Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa installed, you could use those to control WiZ smart lights too.
WiZ Smart Bulb Review
Looks exactly like a typical LED bulb, doesn’t it? But there’s a lot of technological magic within.

WiZ App and Setup

The WiZ app is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store, and was easy to find.

Once installed and launched, the app guided me through various setup steps, the core of which is Wi-Fi detection. Hereby, I’ll summarize by stating I encountered my one and only difficulty with the WiZ Smart Lighting system during said Wi-Fi detection phase, and it was because I misread the instructions.


Specifically, the phone I was using was connected to my home’s 5 GHz network by default, whereas WiZ requires a 2.4 GHz band. The app thus could not auto-detect or manual-detect my installed bulbs.

The moment I manually switched to using a 2.4 GHz network on the phone, though, the bulbs were detected right away, and installation was completed.

Installing the WiZ Lighting App
Downloading and installing the WiZ app. Note that the phone you’re using must be connected to a 2.4 GHz network. You should also have your Wi-Fi network password on hand.

Tech Note: As far as I know of, most newer routers offer both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, with the unmarked one usually the 2.4. For example, mine always shows Linksys****5GHz and Linksys****, the latter one being the 2.4.

I don’t know whether this is the case for most other routers but if you’re having the same difficulty with detecting bulbs on the WiZ app, try changing the network your phone is connected to.

Instant Ambience Change at One’s Fingertips

As long as installation and detection are properly done, each individual WiZ smart light shows up on the app. With that, it’s a matter of selecting the light you have in mind and applying the transformation. Using the dropdown menu options on the top left of the app, you can also name each light or change the representative icons.

(In the following pictures and videos, the + Color A60 bulb is the one to the right)

WiZ Smart Lighting
The WiZ app comes with many presets. Some presets, such as “Christmas” will also command the bulb to loop through different colors.
WiZ Smart Lighting System
Soothing jungle green! On another note, some of the more exotic colors would be great for content creators and vloggers.
WiZ Smart Lighting Presets
Left: Light presets for the WiZ Tunable White Bulb A60. Right: Light presets for the WiZ Tunable White + Color Bulb A60. The app automatically recognises the color range of the bulb selected.

Having hundreds of settings or presets is useless if an action takes forever to be performed, and here’s where the WiZ app really shines. Regardless of whether it’s for colors, light temperature, or luminosity, changes are instantaneous. It’s literally as if you are using an old fashion wall switch or dimmer.

Many of the presets, listed as Dynamic or Celebration, features multiple colors too. The fun thing about these is that the bulb then automatically changes colors. You could thus select the Party preset and instantly transform your home into a makeshift disco.

An Array of Other Functions, From Rhythms to Schedules, to Consumption Monitoring

Besides color presets, luminosity levels, etc, the WiZ app comes with several other smart lighting functions to improve daily living. For example, there is a Rhythms function that’s based on the Circadian Rhythm Cycle. This function automatically varies the temperature of the lights throughout the day to boost productivity and improve sleep quality.

There is also Schedules, which allows you to time the activation of individual lights/bulbs. This comes with a nifty Vacation Mode to simulate presence in your home when you’re away on a holiday.

Naturally, there are also monitoring functions. For example, an Energy Consumption chart that shows consumption breakdown by the hour, day, or week.

WiZ Connected Lighting App Functions
The WiZ app comes with a variety of functions and modes to help you get the most out of your WiZ smart lighting installations.

Conclusion: An Affordable, Instant Way to Transform One’s Living Space

I’m pleased and impressed by what WiZ Smart Lighting has to offer. Doubly so when I compare WiZ’s price range to that of other smart lighting solutions such as Philips Hue.

Apart from the network selection issue that I highlighted above, there were no other technical difficulties during installation too. The bulbs worked fine with an older spotlight strip. Controls were also a breeze to understand and fun to explore once I got the hang of everything. I’m referring to all those exotic presets.

With controls managed by a downloadable app, WiZ could possibly introduce more presets and settings down the road. (I hope so!)

Coming back to cost, I think WiZ is especially great for homeowners experimenting with smart lighting systems. The only money to spend would be for the bulbs, which are affordable. There is no other hardware investment required.

It is a magical and quick way to transform one’s living environment within minutes.

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