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The Man Bag Co City Sling V2 Review
The Man Bag Co City Sling V2 Review.

The City Sling V2 is a durable, rugged companion for guys who carry more with them each day.

I was very keen to review the Man Bag Co’s City Sling V2.

You see, thanks to the easing of community restrictions, I’ve resumed going about Singapore photographing festive events and travel attractions. With that, it means the return of several nuisances:

  • Long, sweaty, encumbered treks. Argg, did Singapore become hotter since 2016, when I started this blog?
  • Crippling panic attacks when in the middle of an excursion, I can’t remember where I’ve stuffed my phone, lens cap, keys, credit card, etc.
  • Scratching and damaging my gadgets because I keep stuffing my phone into pockets with keys, because I keep packing my DSLR in the same compartment as my wireless earbuds, etc.

Now, to be clear, I do use proper bags. Currently, I’m with an old Nikon camera bag and a (cheap) laptop backpack. The problem though, the Nikon bag is boxy and a real nuisance to open without unslinging. The laptop backpack has decent space and padding but gets really yucky and warm against my sweaty back after just a few minutes of walking.

For these reasons, I was really eager to test the City Sling V2. Its crossbody pouch-like design is a little new to me, but it looks trendy and cool; cool as in I was sure it would be more comfortable to go out with than a padded backpack.

The Man Bag Co’s product description also promises a durable build and space for “guys who carry more.” (Sound a lot like me)

In short, did the City Sling V2 satisfy? Was it able to store my DSLRs and all the barang barang I bring everywhere? Read on to find out!

City Sling V2 Size
The City Sling Version 2. Currently, it is one of The Man Bag Co’s largest crossbody sling bags at 44 cm width, 20 cm height, and 9.5 cm thickness.

About The Man Bag Co

A quick introduction of The Man Bag Co before the review proper.

A Singaporean “man bag” manufacturer and retailer, The Man Bag Co has a straightforward and bold mission. To help guys all over the world carry their stuff in a safe and secure manner, while maintaining a balance of quality, affordability, and environmental friendliness.

They also go by the slogan of Free Your Pockets™, or #freeyourpocket . I just say the moment I saw the hashtag, it immediately resonated with me. I guess, the same for guys with more gadgets to bring around each day.

Impressively, The Man Bag Co has also been featured in both Singaporean and International publications, most notably by GQ Magazine (UK).

If you go through their product page, I’m sure you’d agree that they stick to their core missions. The various sling bags retailed by this Singaporean brand do not come in flashy colours, but they are clearly designed with functionality and durability in mind.

Guys looking for practical accessories that are streamlined would be pleased by their selection.

The City Sling Version 2 Review

Right, on to the review proper. With reference to my introduction, I’m looking for the following in this review:

  • How does the City Sling fare in terms of space, padding and durability?
  • Is there enough space and compartments for me to sensibly store all the toys, I mean gadgets, that I bring outdoors? (Specifically, my DSLR)

Is the City Sling V2 comfortable and cool to use? Cool here not in the fashion sense but weather-wise.

Rugged Build With Maximization of Space

First off, the City Sling Version 2 feels rugged, especially the Fidlock™ magnetic buckle and adjustable strap.

The Cordura fabric will require some regular cleaning/brushing; it can attract lint. But being water repellent, it’s easy to wipe. With our weather being increasingly unpredictable, I think this durable fabric is a great choice for keeping gadgets and belongings safe.

The Man Bag Co Review
The City Sling V2 has no adornment apart from the logo of the Man Bag Co.
Water Repellent Cordura Fabric
Zippers and a closer look at the water-repellent Cordura fabric.
The adjustable bag strap. The Man Bag Co’s product description doesn’t state what it’s made from, but the material is smooth and semi-glossy, and feels really strong. Stitching is neat and firm too.
The Man Bag Co City Sling V2 Fidlock Buckle
The stainless steel Fidlock™ magnetic buckle. This feels sturdy without being weighty. To unclasp, you just need to pull the tag/hangle.

Unlike its austere exterior, the compartments of the City Sling V2 are in bright orange. According to the product page, this is to facilitate easy retrieval of items.

The Man Bag Co City Sling V2 Outermost Compartment
The outermost pouch. This measures around 26 cm in width and has two inner pockets. There is also a 20 cm long keyhook.
The Man Bag Co City Sling V2 Review
The main compartment is spacy and has 7 inner pockets. Measuring around 35 cm in width, what’s great is that some pockets are padded. There is also a full-length hidden pocket, with zip and soft fleece lining, for storage of tablets, portable game consoles, etc.
The hidden pocket with fleece lining. This is long and spacious enough to easily hold a Nintendo Switch.
Sling Bag with SD Card Slot
The innermost compartment is the smallest at 19 cm in width. It comes with two SD card slots.

Storing my DSLRs!

My “special” space test! And I was well pleased with the results.

Sling Bag for DSLR
It’s a very tight fit. But I was still able to fit in my bulkiest setup. I.E. A Nikon D780 with a super heavy 24-85 mm lens. Leaves minimal space for other things in the main compartment, though. I wouldn’t want to risk putting my phone in the adjacent soft fleece pocket too.
Holding my D7500 with a small 35 mm prime lens was absolutely no issue.

In either situation, I was also able to place in the usual barang barang, i.e., miscellaneous stuff that I carry around. Wet wipes, extra face masks, emergency medicine, etc.

With the D7500, I believe I can fit a larger lens, and still store the 35 mm prime. Though it would be a squeeze.

All in all, I think the City Sling V2 is great when I just need to have one lens with me, preferably, a smaller prime. Should I fit in a bulkier zoom, everything will still fit but the bag budges everywhere.

I have no complaints, though! I doubt The Man Bag Co designed the City Sling V2 with heavy DSLRs in mind. What it can hold is more than satisfactory for me.

Comfort and Style

I’ll say this right away. The City Sling V2 is comfortable to wear and bring about, whether when you’re carrying it at your side, against your back, or at the front.

It doesn’t get warm. It’s easy to change position and as long as you don’t shorten the strap too much, it’s easy to access the compartments.

The Man Bag Co Sling Bag
For the moment, I’m usually wearing it against my side, for ease of access to my stuff.
Sling Bag Singapore
It looks absolutely fine when worn at the back too. It is also much more comfortable and less warm to wear, compared to my backpack.

Review Conclusion

For guys looking for a crossbody sling bag that offers more space, I’m quite sure the City Sling V2 wouldn’t disappoint. Compartments and pockets are systematically arranged. As I’ve highlighted in the above pictures, it also looks and feels durable.

In other words, this is a bag you can use every day and in a variety of situations, as long as you don’t mind it being on the larger side.

Appearance-wise, the City Sling V2 is on the conservative/traditional side. Currently, there is no colour option other than black too. If functionality is the primary concern, though, I guess this shouldn’t be an issue and anyway, the City Sling V2 is still modern looking. For some guys, perhaps sporty too.

And it’s comfortable to wear, even when packed full of stuff. As a rugged daily companion, this sling bag will not disappoint.

The City Sling V2 is available at SGD 99.00 on The Man Bag Co’s online shop. Check out their full range of bags too.

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