Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 & Odyssey IEM Release

Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 & Odyssey IEM Release
Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 & Odyssey IEM Release

Here are two premium lifestyle gadgets to consider splurging your year-end bonus on, if music is the essence of your life.

Or if the music from your handphone no longer cuts it, no matter how enhanced.

Astell&Kern the top names in the world of digital audio players (DAP), has released the A&ultima SP3000. An absolute powerhouse of innovation and style, this portable high-resolution audio player effortlessly does what many people would regard as just metaphoric marketing text.

It teleports you.

Plug in, launch a song, and you’re there beside the musicians performing the piece. Embraced by a sonic experience that’s as realistic as it gets. In an environment as natural and as comforting as it could be too.

Not kidding. I had the pleasure of trying a set this week, using the equally incredible Odyssey IEM, and the experience was simply transcendent. I know that’s a weird description to use but, believe me, that was exactly how I felt.

It’s like, there were all these people chatting around me but instantly they all went silent and I felt as if I was right next to (a much younger) Billy Joel singing about truth and tenderness. I could even sense the distance between Billy’s piano and him, as well as fully experience the damper resonance of his instrument.

Transcendent, I repeat.

For audiophiles and Astell&Kern fans, there’s much to be excited about with this new flagship model too, when it comes to the features:

  • Independent Dual Audio Circuitry: A world’s first. The complete separation of balanced and unbalanced output allows for unmatched sonic production.
  • AK4499EX DAC Chip by AKM: Separates digital and analogue signal processing to generate the most realistic presence. Achieves an incredible signal-to-noise ratio of 130dB too.
  • AK4191 Delta-Sigma Modulators: Processes the digital signal before digital-to-analogue conversion. Again, a first in the market.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 6123 Octa-Core Processor: For lightning-fast response and processing, and support for high-resolution aptX-HD and LDAD wireless streaming.
  • Support for all major formats: Including MQA and Native DSD 512.
  • 904L Stainless Steel Body: The choice of durable, corrosion-resistant metal for luxury Swiss watches.
  • AK’s Signature TERATON ALPHA Technology: Further refined for the SP3000 to achieve peak realism.
  • An Artisan Leather Case: Each SP3000 comes with an ALRAN premium leather case designed to showcase its sleek metallic design.
  • 256GB Internal Memory.
  • Compatible with leading music services.
  • Bluetooth Sink: Allows wireless music streaming from files stored on an external device.
Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000
Streamlined and sleek, the A&ultima SP3000 exudes sophistication.
A&K SP3000
I tried snippets of various tracks with the test unit, before settling on George Benson’s Affirmation. All I can say is, I was instantly reminded of that evening when Benson performed this classic live at the Singapore Indoor Stadium in the 90s. (BTW, the interface is streamlined and intuitive too)

The Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 retails for SGD 5799/- (GST included) and is exclusively available at AV One, Singapore’s leading audio visual equipment specialist.


Astell&Kern Odyssey Limited Edition IEMs
A bold physical design with internal technology that’s even bolder.

The Odyssey: A Luxury In-Ear Monitor to Complete Your Dream Music Journey

The A&ultima SP3000 is released together with the Odyssey, a next-generation in-ear monitor (IEM) that’s also a collaboration between Astell&Kern and Empire Ears.

Like the SP3000, the Odyssey comes packed with a long list of breakthrough features, and I could probably write a full article if I go through all of them in detail. But in summary, these are:

  • 10-driver Quadbrid System: Comprises of two W9+ Subwoofers, 5 Balanced Armatures, dual Electrostatics, and a W10 Bone Conductor.
  • 7-way SynX Cross Over Network and EIVEC MKII Engine: Harmonises all 10 drivers of the Quadbrid System. Maintains coherence and timing too.
  • Empire’s Dual Conduction Architecture:In short, uses both air and bone conduction to perfect the listener’s immersion. You don’t just hear that bass. You feel it too.
  • 5Hz to 100 KHz Frequency Response Range.
  • Effect Audio Ares II Cable.
  • A.R.C. Treated Chassis.
  • Soundproofed Barrier.
  • Visually Stunning Design: Or should I say, complex? The Odyssey features a visual design inspired by the principles of Enigma, a unique dichroic faceplate that features nine individual polymer layers in three proprietary lamination steps.
Odyssey IEM Technology
The amazing technology within each Odyssey monitor.

The Odyssey retails for SGD 5299/- (GST included) and is also exclusively available at AV One.

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Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 & Odyssey IEM Release
Article Name
Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 & Odyssey IEM Release
The new Astell&Kern A&ultima SP3000 and Odyssey IEM embrace the latest technologies on the market to ensure truly immersive, authentic sonic experiences.

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