A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 (Video)

A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

The passionate beauty of Southern Spain at Flower Dome’s A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022.

Another Spanish-themed floral display is ongoing at Gardens by the Bay’s Flower Dome and this time, the limelight is on the exotic cities of Southern Spain.

Held in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain and the Spain Tourism Board, A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowerstransports visitors to renowned Andalusian cities such as Seville, Córdoba, and Malaga. Where passionate, bold blooms are aplenty and unique, world-heritage architecture, found at every corner.

Sunflowers, as the event name states, are also the darlings this time round. TBH, they are not hard to see in Singapore nowadays but who doesn’t like their proud and symmetric beauty?

The feeling I get is also that this exhibition is Flower Dome’s final look at classic summer blooms. It’s a soothing and romantic way to end “2022 summer in Singapore” with, before we move on to the wintry blossoms of this year’s Christmas display.

The Passion of Southern Spain with Sunflowers and Architecture

Compared to earlier exhibitions this year, A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 has a heavier focus on flowers. Not that there are no eye-catching architecture replicas for photo-taking, though. At the heart of the floral display is a miniature reconstruction of Seville’s beloved Patio de las Doncellas (Courtyard of the Maidens). Lots of visitors were queuing up for photos here when I visited in the afternoon.

Spanish Seranade 2022 at Gardens by the Bay
A beautiful Spanish courtyard garden greets visitors at the entrance.
Flower Dome Spanish Seranade 2022 Display
Lush greenery and blooms everywhere. Wouldn’t you love to have such a garden in your home?
Spanish Flamenco Fans
Per other Flower Dome exhibitions this year, there are cultural displays. These are Flamenco Fans.
Flamenco fashion at Gardens by the Bay
There’s exotic Flamenco fashion on display too. After all, Flamenco is as “Southern Spanish” as it gets, yes?
Spanish Exhibition in Singapore
There is a small section featuring Granada Pottery & Ceramics too. As well as a showcase of Spanish olive products.
Flower Dome Sunflower
Back to the flowers! Sunflowers are truly gorgeous, aren’t they? They are simply perfect for photographing.
Singapore October 2022 Event
There are many other blooms to complement the vibrant sunflowers too. This is surely one of the most colourful Singaporean events for October 2022.
A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 | Patio de las Doncellas
The magnificent centerpiece. A floral wonderland inspired by the famous Patio de las Doncellas.
Flower Dome Petunias
The pink petunias are not as visually striking as the sunflowers. But they are no less beautiful.
Spanish Serenade 2022 Flowers
Other blooms at this lovely Spanish-themed event.

A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 is ongoing till Oct 30, 2022. Check out the official page for associated events too.

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A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Article Name
A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022 (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Magnificent sunflowers and exotic Moorish architecture at A Spanish Serenade with Sunflowers 2022. Ongoing from now till Oct 30, 2022.

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