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DC League of Super-Pets is full of silliness and trashy dialogue. But wait a minute, it also comes with a full bucket of thrilling superpowered fights.

DC League of Super-Pets Review: 5 thumbs-up and 2 thumbs-down
Snappy Movie Review | DC League of Super-Pets

DC League of Super-Pets Synopsis

Oh no! A diabolical new villain has descended upon Metropolis and not even Superman or the Justice League is a match! Would Krypto, Superman’s beloved pet dog, be able to save the day? More importantly, would the superpowered dog be able to work with a ragtag bunch of forgotten pets, the likes of a new Justice League, to deal with this menace on hand?

Snappy Review

Sorry to begin my review with this declaration. I never liked Krypto the Superdog.

The whole concept just feels so lame to me, you see, an unabashed attempt to repackage the Superman franchise for as many audiences as possible. In fact, back when I was regularly visiting Singapore’s DC Superhero cafes for their awesome, you-can-take-home placemats, Krypto’s was the only one that I didn’t laminate. I gave it away to a neighbour.

Yup, never did like the Kryptonian super pooch. And so I thought about giving DC League of Super-Pets a miss.

Well … it turned out to be a pretty good watch. Silly, high-energy, colourful, and curiously, bipolar in viewing experience.

As I predicted, I disliked the trashy dialogue, inane doggy banner, and repetitive gags. (What’s with the lettuce?) Hate to put it this way too but I honestly felt Kevin Hart was overkilling the chill and street wisdom. His moments just came across as so dry.

In contrast, in stark contrast, the action scenes were a BLAST! Every single sequence was dished out with the same finesse and fluidity found in “serious” DC animated productions. I mean, Superman fighting a telekinetic, hairless … guinea pig, how silly does that get? And yet this brief bout had me seated upright. An hour later, I was cheering for pets and metahumans alike in the final Kaiju-inspired bash.

It was a bizarre experience. Admittedly, not an unenjoyable one. Obviously, Super-Pets from start to end demonstrates DC’s greatest strengths in animation as well.

The way the story ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a sequel. If there’s indeed going to be one, let me just say, I’d be way more enthusiastic about watching too.


The latter is perhaps the greatest achievement of this animated comedy. It actually made a hater like me wanna see Krypto again. (Woof!)

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