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Lights by the Lake 2022 at Jurong Lake Gardens

Lights by the Lake 2022 at Jurong Lake Gardens
Lights by the Lake 2022 at Jurong Lake Gardens

An illuminated, mini world tour at Lights by the Lake 2022, Jurong Lake Gardens.

Here’s another Mid-Autumn Festival-inspired event to enjoy this August and September.

From now till September 11, i.e., the Mid-Autumn weekend, serene Jurong Lake Gardens will be adorned by gorgeous lanterns featuring renowned travel landmarks and in celebration of the four seasons. Aptly named Lights by the Lake 2022, the event is held in conjunction with President’s Charity 2022, with the overt message of celebrating Singapore’s resilience in the face of hardship.

It’s completely free of charge. In my opinion, with more to see and enjoy than any other ongoing light-ups at this moment.

And if you’ve attended the A Better Tomorrow Festival of Light in December 2020, you’d know just what to expect. Be it the illuminated travel landmarks or cutesy figures, it’s like walking through a lit wonderland at the heart of a tropical garden.

The Four Seasons

Not Vivaldi’s famous concertos but four extensive lantern showpieces featuring merrymaking in different climates. Singaporeans looking to travel this year-end and in 2023 will surely enjoy the lively displays.

Spring time! The season of renewal. For planting fruits and … enjoying giant mangosteens.
Summer time. With kawaii frogs, dragon boating, and frolicking at the beach.
Golden autumn and a winter vacation, with giant apples?? (Is this holiday in Japan’s Tohoku region?)

It’s a Small World

Situated at the Lakeside Field, It’s a Small World is the star attraction of Lights by the Lake 2022 and what’s worthwhile going all the way to Jurong to check out. All the set pieces are well-crafted and displayed. Several feature intricate replicas of famous world landmarks too. Landmarks such as Germany’s Brandenburg Gate and Malaysia’s Petronas Towers.

The Egypt setpiece is one of the largest and most elaborate. As a huge fan of Egyptian mythology, it’s my favourite display!
Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and beer-chugging Bavarians. Ah … it makes me long to visit Germany again.
I love the Thailand setpiece too, with its many representative structures, dancers, and muay thai fighters.
Venetian gondolier and the Rialto Bridge.
Singapore’s nearest neighbour has its own showpiece too.

A World with Love

This Singapore-themed showpiece is next to that for Malaysia, and I initially thought it was Singapore’s set for It’s a Small World. But it’s actually the core message for the whole event. That of the nation surviving adversity with strength, unity, and love.

Singaporeans united by love.

President’s Challenge Water Lanterns

Here’s another highlight of the event. You can release a water lantern at the ABC Waters Amphitheatre near the Lakeside Field. All proceeds for the sale of the lanterns and other memorabilia go to the President’s Challenge Charity Fund.

Do take note, though, you wouldn’t be releasing the lanterns into Jurong Lake; that would be so environmentally unfriendly. Instead, there are inflatable pools for the purpose.

I believe the water lanterns cost SGD 10/- each.

Performances, Games, and a Food Fair!

Lastly, there are lantern riddle games, music performances, and a Pasar Malam style food fair! Check out my video (the second half) for the food selection available!

Lantern riddle game. I watched for ten minutes and had NO idea what was happening …
The food fair has an airy outdoors sitting area.

Lights by the Lake 2022 ends on Sep 11, 2022. If you’re heading there by public transportation, the MRT station nearest to the entrance is Lakeside.

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