Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots | Gardens by the Bay (Video)

Hanging Gardens - Mexican Roots | Gardens by the Bay
Hanging Gardens - Mexican Roots | Gardens by the Bay

Magnificent Mexican heritage and history at Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots.

With so many events ongoing in Singapore this month, and the Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, I didn’t pay much attention to this debut event of Gardens by the Bay. All I did was make plans to pop by as soon as the exhibition is open.

While swamped with work over the weekend, I actually considered skipping this event. After all, I’ve been heading to the Flower Dome almost every month this year.

Thank goodness I went—I’d never forgiven myself had I not! Much more than just an exhibition featuring blooms associated with Mexico, Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots is a showcase of Mesoamerican history and heritage from ancient times till now, with the showpiece, a replica of the world-famous Chichen Itza pyramid. (Very well-known to us Civ players. This wonder grants culture and production!)

The great Feathered Serpent of the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl, was a guest star too. Having encountered him so many times in games and fiction over the years, I had a truly heady moment finally meeting the plumed god “in person.”

A Fiesta of Mexican Heritage, Art, and Mythology

Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots begins with a gorgeous festive floral arch situated right after the main entrance. A brilliant masterpiece by third-generation artisan Mario Arturo Aguilar Gutierrez, you know you’re walking into a colourful fiesta, the moment you see this vibrant gateway.

Mexican Floral Arch at Gardens by the Bay.
The lovely festive arch. In Mexican culture, these elaborate arches indicate that a place has been dressed for a festival. They can also represent gratitude and devotion.
Close-up of the decorative details. The flowers are so densely and neatly arranged, they feel tapestry-like.
Atlantean figures in Singapore
These dudes have their own alcove away from the main exhibition. Replicas of the stone statues/columns at the Temple of the Morning Star in Tula, the original statues are believed to represent warriors of Quetzalcoatl. They are also called the Atlantean figures or Tula Giants.
Hanging Gardens - Mexican Roots Chichen Itza
The showpiece, Chichen Itza! It’s not the most visually striking replica at the Flower Dome for 2022, but it’s certainly a treat for architecture and history fans! (And Civ players like me)

Cultural Icons Amid Representative Blooms

Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots features several visually striking replicas of famous Mexican statues too. The abovementioned Tula Giants form one group. The rest of the replicas surround Chichen Itza.

Hanging Gardens 2022 Olmec Head
An Olmec Head flanked by yellow orchids! These immense monuments of the Olmec civilisation were historically carved from one single basalt boulder. The originals also weigh as much as eight tons.
Flower Dome Chac Mool
A graceful Chac Mool adorned by orange blooms. These reclining statues, found at archeological sites in and around Mexico City, are such perfect blends of beauty and functionality.
Quetzalcoatl at Gardens by the Bay
Quetzalcoatl, the mighty Aztec God of Agriculture, Fertility, Rain, Wind, and many other things! Known too as the Feathered Serpent and the inspiration for a DH Lawrence Book and a Larry Cohen movie.
Maquizcoatl - Double Head Serpent of Mesoamerica
I originally thought this was the Feathered Serpent too. But it’s actually the Maquizcoatl, a mystical double-headed serpent that represents regeneration and fertility. This display is some 18 m long.
Vivid marigolds surround the various displays. The flower is inseparable from the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. (If you’re visiting, keep a lookout for Dahlias too, the national flower of Mexico)

Mexican and Mesoamerican History on Showcase

Like other Flower Dome debut events this year, Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots showcases historical gems and relics. This time around, the displays are also doubly worth seeing because these are artistic treasures that are rarely exhibited in Singapore.

For me, the seed mosaics and codexes are especially fascinating.

Mexican Seed Mosaics
The seed mosaics present a timeline of Mexico’s history. There are also individual works for you to appreciate up close. (According to the official website, these mosaics are loosely laid out and are not meant to last. A metaphor for the transcendent nature of life)
Tonalamatl Codex
The Tonalamatl Codex. An important almanac of Central Mexico that was used to calculate the calendar cycle.
Mesoamerican Art in Singapore | Hanging Gardens - Mexican Roots
A selection of Mesoamerican art sculptures was on show too.


Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots ends on September 25, 2022.

From Mexican Gardens to Andalusian magnificence.

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Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
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Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots (Video) | Gardens by the Bay
Visiting Quetzalcoatl, Chichen Itza, and all things Mexican at Hanging Gardens – Mexican Roots, Gardens by the Bay's Flower Dome debut event for Aug 2022.

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