Singapore Night Festival 2022 Highlights (Video)

Singapore Night Festival 2022
Singapore Night Festival 2022

Enjoying the myriad lights and programmes of Singapore Night Festival 2022.

The Singapore Night Festival is “on!”

I badly missed this annual event. As tiring and as sweaty as it always was to trudge across the heritage districts photographing one after another art installation and projection, the experience has always been uplifting. In some cases, exhilarating as well.

And it really just seems like yesterday when I was doing the trek in 2019. Did three years just fly by like that?

Well, we all know why the festival was put on hiatus for two years, so I wouldn’t go into that. Instead, I highlight this year’s theme of “Rebirth.”

While heading from Bugis to Fort Canning last evening, I indeed experience a sensation of revival. To be honest, this year’s opening night crowds aren’t as large as previous editions. At some locations, you can also sense visitors taking the effort to stand further apart. On the streets, of course, there are still many people wearing masks.

But rebirth is in the air, with the lights and music, and performances and street food. The reason for the hiatus has yet to completely go away, grrrr. But I think Singapore as a country is slowly but steadily coming to terms and grips.

Someday, ten, twenty years later, we may celebrate our experiences from this pandemic in a SG Night Fest light show.

Singapore Night Festival 2022 Night Lights

Other than a theme of revival, this year’s night lights and art installations also celebrate the heritage of the districts the festival is held at. Namely, Bugis, Fort Canning, and Dhoby Ghaut.

You’d definitely get this impression; that is, if you’re familiar with local history and culture. For those who aren’t, no worries! Each installation and show comes with a detailed write-up. There’s of course, also the official website, with its many synopses and interactive map.

Celebration of Life+Style by Justin Lee
I started my “walk” before sunset. This is Celebration of Life+Style by Justin Lee, a “metaphor to investigate the prevailing social and cultural norms in Singapore.” (Going by the online introduction, it looks much more atmospheric when the sky is completely dark)
Singapore Night Festival 2022 Map
To highlight again, each art installation is accompanied by a description and a map. The latter is very useful for planning/amending your visiting route.
TERRARIUM by Aux Media Group | National Design Centre
TERRARIUM over at the National Design Centre was a kaleidoscopic delight! It honours SG icons such as the dragon playground and … (biting) otters. I felt it also made great use of the surrounding architecture.
City of Books by Fish Jaafar | Bras Basah Complex
City of Books by Fish Jaafar pays homage to the popular name of Bras Basah Complex, i.e., shu cheng (书城, the city of books). It takes a bit of patience to fully capture the explosive 3D feel in a photo, though. I could only do it from an upper level.
Paddy Fields by FARM
Paddy Fields by FARM at Stamford Walkway was a breezy interlude. (Metaphorically speaking. Last night was sweltering. There was no wind!!)
Singapore Night Festival 2022 Art Installation
An Ocean Without The Anchor by Speak Cryptic at Raffles City feels Persona perfect to me. It represents the Malay concept of bergotong-royong, or “cooperation.”
PALIMPSEST at Armenian Street | Singapore Night Festival 2022
PALIMPSEST by William Chan and Brandon Tay at Armenian Street celebrates the heritage of its location. But it was a real challenge to properly photograph because of the crowd and flashing graphics.
Singapore Night Festival 2022 Displays at Fort Canning Hill
Uphill at Fort Canning, the “forbidden hill” is full of quirky birds. (Part of tobyato bird pitstop by tobyato?)

Light Projection Mappings at Four Locations

For me, the best part of the Night Festival has always been the many light projection mappings.

This year’s display didn’t disappoint. Better yet, one of them pays homage to classic movies screened at the Capitol and the Cathay, a subject close to my heart not just because I review movies, but also because I studied this subject years ago.

It’s truly great that this colourful heritage is now presented for younger generations to appreciate.

0:00 Through Worlds (CHIJMES)

1:13 Stamford Clock Tower Projections

2:25 Midnight Show at the Capitol (National Archives of Singapore)

5:31 Stories from Forbidden Hill (National Museum of Singapore)

Performances, Exhibitions, and Food!

New Stream Brass Band
Splendid New Orleans-style jazz performance by New Stream Brass Band at Capitol Singapore outdoor plaza.
Curio City at the National Archives of Singapore.
The Curio City mini exhibition within the National Archives of Singapore. This isn’t listed as a programme, but hey, it was great to pop by after viewing the Midnight Show at the Capitol light projection.
Singapore Night Festival 2022 Drinks
Drinks stall at Armenian Street, with a glimpse of the illuminated Peranakan Museum behind.
Sri Sivan Temple Dance Performance
Traditional dance performance by Sri Sivan Temple at Armenian Street.
The Cathay Hotel
And of course, a replica of The Cathay, right across from the actual Cathay! There’s a performance here. I may drop by next week to check it out.

Singapore Night Festival 2022 ends on Aug 27, 2022.

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Singapore Night Festival 2022 Highlights (Video) | The Scribbling Geek
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Singapore Night Festival 2022 Highlights (Video) | The Scribbling Geek
Highlights from Singapore Night Festival 2022. It’s great to again enjoy light projections and art installations across town after a 2-year hiatus.

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