Virtual Sandwich Making at Subway’s Big Museum of Taste!

Subway’s Big Museum of Taste in Singapore
Subway’s Big Museum of Taste in Singapore

Assembling my dream sandwich at Subway’s Big Museum of Taste.

If you’re a fan of pop-up museums and submarine sandwiches, you must already know about this.

The world’s first Subway museum has opened in Singapore! From now till Aug 30, 2022, fans of the franchise can head down to Prinsep Link for not just a slice of Subway’s history but also to try their hands at virtually assembling a perfect sub.

Full of interactive games and photo spots, i.e., selfie-perfect, the ticketing system is different from the usual too. You can’t buy a ticket. Instead, you get one e-ticket for every SGD 12/- spent at a Singaporean Subway restaurant. Two, if you spend SGD 20/- in a single receipt. (You can then redeem the tickets via an e-booking system)*

For me, the ticketing system ain’t an issue at all since I have their subs for dinner at least once a month. And oh, the good news. Children below 12 can enter for free. Admission is granted as long as they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket.

* Receipts must be from Subway restaurants.

Subway Museum Singapore: History and Games. Lots of Games!

This quirky pop-up museum is divided into quite a few vibrantly decorated rooms, two of which are dedicated to interactive games. The objective here, or should I say mission, is to play these games to collect as many sandwich ingredients as you can. In the last room before the gift shop, you can then assemble your perfect Subway sandwich.

Subway Museum in Singapore
A huge open-air Subway sub announces the museum. No tickets are needed if you want to take a photo with this!
Prinsep Street Pop Up Museum
Subway’s Big Museum of Taste occupies the ground floor only. So no worries about steps.
The entrance lobby has a terse presentation of the franchise’s history, how it was started by 17-year-old Fred DeLuca with investment from physicist Peter Buck and all that. It’s a fascinating and inspirational read, especially for entrepreneurs.
Subway Museum Singapore
Subway’s first ever museum in Singapore formally begins with … a Subway sandwich bar! There are even signature green aprons for you to wear when taking your pictures.
foodpanda photo spot
As part of a partnership with foodpanda, there’s also a neon pink room with Pau Pau. Because, you know, many of us use Pau Pau’s guys to deliver the subs to our doorsteps? (There’s a claw machine with attractive prices like foodpanda vouchers here. One play per ticket)
Subway Museum Interactive Games
The key attractions of the museum are the interactive games for assembling “ingredients.” All are motion-based and of a certain challenge level, though none are too difficult. You are free to have multiple tries at each station too!
Design Your Sub Game
Once you’re satisfied with the variety of (virtual) ingredients you have on hand, you can assemble your perfect Subway sandwich here! You can also download a snapshot of your creation into your phone.
Subway Museum Gift Shop
Last but not least, the gift shop! You can buy cutesy merchandise. Each ticket also entitles you to a cookie (!!) and a can of Coke or Coke Zero. (All that virtual food handling made me really ravenous so I gobbled the cookie right beside the exit)

Subway’s Big Museum of Taste is located at 11 Prinsep Link, across the road from Parklane Shopping Mall and beside Sunshine Plaza. It ends on Aug 30, 2022 so head on down soon!

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Virtual Sandwich Making at Subway’s Big Museum of Taste!
Article Name
Virtual Sandwich Making at Subway’s Big Museum of Taste!
The world’s first Subway sandwich museum has opened in Singapore! And it’s full of interactive games for you to assemble your dream sandwich.

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