National Day Light-Up 2022 at Six Landmarks

National Day Light Up 2022 at Six Landmarks
National Day Light Up 2022 at Six Landmarks

Light-Ups at six downtown landmarks to welcome National Day 2022.

I begin by saying, never speak too soon. :P

Two weeks ago, I did a post on the National Museum of Singapore, and I ranted about how there wouldn’t be a National Day landmark light-up this year.

There is one after all, albeit, announced only in late July. Other than the façade light-up that had already started at the NMS, five other downtown landmarks will be illuminated by Singapore’s national colours this August. Most of these landmarks are national monuments too and were illuminated the same way last year.

I read the announcement with “ohs” and “hmms.” I also thought, hey, I’d be having my romantic and sweaty National Day downtown walk after all!

And it was indeed sweaty, no thanks to the ultra-high humidity last evening! As for the illuminated landmarks, well, other than the National Museum, all weren’t too different from last year.

Which is not to say this National Day light-up is to be missed. Other than all locations within comfortable walking distance from each other, the brilliant red-and-whites are gorgeous under the evening sky.

Welcoming National Day 2022

The six illuminated landmarks are:

  • Stamford Arts Centre
  • National Design Centre
  • Cathedral of the Good Shepherd
  • The Cathay
  • National Museum of Singapore
  • Central Fire Station

It’s a bit of a walk to “hit all” within one evening. A circuitous route too because of The Cathay and the Central Fire Station. My walk took about 90 minutes.

Stamford Arts Centre National Day Light Up 2022
Like last year, I started at the Stamford Arts Centre. (Had Laksa nearby too before that) The rosy glows were already switched on at about 7.15 pm.
Singapore National Design Centre
The National Design Centre. This arty hub would soon be packed with visitors come this year’s SG Night Festival. (It’s next to the newly restored Saint Joseph Church too)
Cathedral of Good Shepherd 2022 National Day Light-Up
The Cathedral of the Good Shepherd thoughtfully put up an angelic light sculpture to go with this year’s National Day Light-Up.
The Cathay Building Singapore
Something was definitely amiss at The Cathay last evening! There doesn’t look to be any patriotic illumination here, does it?!? I might have to return later in the month for a proper shot.
The National Museum of Singapore, or NMS, is still the landmark with the most elaborate light-up. I’ve already taken a lot of pictures a fortnight ago but passing by it, I couldn’t resist snapping a few more.
Central Fire Station Light Up 2022
Last but not least, the Central Fire Station. I haven’t much photographed this lovely structure in recent years, so I did a couple more, before heading for a snack. (The walk really burned off my laksa dinner!)

The landmarks are illuminated from Aug 1 to Aug 27, 2022. The official hours are 7.30 pm to midnight.


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National Day Light-Up 2022 at Six Landmarks
Article Name
National Day Light-Up 2022 at Six Landmarks
To welcome National Day 2022, six landmarks across town will be illuminated in red and white till August 27th.

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