National Day 2022 Light-Up & Celebration 2022 at NMS

National Day Light Up 2022 at National Museum of Singapore
National Day Light Up 2022

The National Museum of Singapore welcomes National Day 2022 with a nostalgic light-up and related exhibitions.

(Update Jul 30, 2022: Seems like there’d be landmark light-ups after all! Will be posting a separate post on that!)

I can’t be sure at the moment, no thanks to a lack of affirmative info, but from the looks of it, there wouldn’t be any large-scale National Day Light-Up across town this year. As in, there wouldn’t be a collection of historical landmarks awash in red and white lights to welcome the country’s 57th birthday.

Instead, only the façade of the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) would be lit. With the light-up happening from Jul 18 to Aug 10.

It’s a little disappointing for me, to be honest. I was looking forward to a romantic (and sweaty) evening stroll around downtown to check out patriotic illuminations.

That said, this seems to indicate a true return to normalcy. The previous ND landmark light-ups were, after all, a replacement of sorts for many events cancelled in August 2020 and August 2021 because of COVID-19. Not having another round of such light-ups suggests everything is finally returning to normal.

I for one am looking forward to the return of the Singapore Night Festival this year. The ongoing NMS facade illumination was also good enough for a patriotic evening excursion.

National Museum of Singapore National Day 2022 Illuminations

NMS National Day 2022
As like the previous two years, the entire NMS façade is illuminated. Quite a lovely sight, under the evening sky.
Singapore National Day Events 2022
It’s not just a simple light-up too. After the “reds,” the background colour changes, and slideshows composed of historical National Day Parade pictures begin.
National Museum of Singapore Light Show 2022
Some of the ND parade pictures look very familiar to me! They must have been used in school history textbooks.
Singapore AMX-13 SM1 Light Tank
This AMX-13 SM1 has graced the NMS front lawn for a few months now. It’s the perfect companion for the ongoing light-up. Stronger Together, Majulah!

OFF / ON: Everyday Technology that Changed our Lives, 1970s – 2000s

I reached the National Museum at 5.30 pm. And so while waiting for the light-up to start, I went through all the temp galleries of the museum, on the lookout for National Day special exhibitions.

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any for the moment. The ongoing temporary exhibitions are strongly related to Singaporean history and culture, but none are overtly for the country’s upcoming birthday.

OFF / ON: Everyday Technology that Changed our Lives, 1970s – 2000s was enjoyable, though. A nostalgic look at how technology transformed the lives of Singaporeans since the 70s, there were quite a number of selfie-perfect spots as well as displays that’d make older Singaporeans go “I used to have that too leh!


Here’s what I noticed too … Some of the nostalgic items, like pagers, yours sincerely still have mine in me drawers. Can you believe that? I’ll take it as affirmation that whatever I hoard is in truth, a cherished part of local history.

National Museum of Singapore Exhibition in 2022.
OFF / ON began with this replica of a 70s office. I … have one of those historical typewriters under my bed.
OFF / ON Exhibition Photospots
As I mentioned above, there were several nostalgic photo spots. You could even take a polaroid at one of the spots.
OFF / ON Exhibition Broadcast Technology
This neon-lit room pays homage to retro broadcast technologies. Goodness, Teletext felt just like yesterday. (I still love the simple colours and graphics, by the way)
OFF / ON Exhibition Items
Other culturally significant “technology icons” on display. I’m thrilled that the NMS selected the Famicom as an icon. I’m also proud to say … I still have my Famicom, PSP, Pager, and Tomy Pocketgames! I’ll be starting my own yesteryears exhibition soon, I tell ya!

The façade of the National Museum will be illuminated till Aug 10, 2022. OFF / ON: Everyday Technology that Changed our Lives, 1970s – 2000s is ongoing till Oct 30, 2022.

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National Day 2022 Light-Up at NMS
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National Day 2022 Light-Up at NMS
Visiting the National Museum of Singapore on a Monday evening to check out this year’s National Day Light-Up and exhibitions.

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