Hydrangea Holidays 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Hydrangea Holidays 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Hydrangea Holidays 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Celebrating Dutch culture and multicolour Hydrangea blooms at Gardens by the Bay’s Hydrangea Holidays 2022.

Hydrangea Holidays 2022 is yet another Flower Dome debut event for 2022. The impression I get is also that it’s the replacement/successor for similarly Dutch-themed tulips events of previous years.

Being scheduled for now till Mid-August, yup, all the way beyond National Day, I supposed it’s also more to welcome returning international tourists than for the local June holidays school crowd. Not that there weren’t excited schoolchildren around when I visited yesterday afternoon, of course. Or a lack of things for their age group to enjoy.

As for the Netherlands, I believe most people would agree that the Benelux country enjoys one of the most identifiable cultures in the world? One of the most picturesque too? Be it in architecture, ecology, or handicrafts?

I’ve been there thrice but my last visit was ten years ago. For that reason, I’m grateful Gardens by the Bay and its partners have worked hard to make this event happen. There was definitely an authentic Dutch ambience when I stood among all those gorgeous Hydrangea clusters.

The Resident Bears of Gardens by the Bay Enjoying a Dutch Summer Holiday

Other than blooms and a tranquil windmill, Hydrangea Holidays 2022 features the “resident bears” of Gardens by the Bay enjoying Dutch food and culture.

To be … quite honest, I had no idea Gardens has resident bears! Bears with names like Fun Felix and Precious Peggy. What’s more, there are even merchandises inspired by them.

With me heading down to the Flower Dome practically every month nowadays, perhaps I should get one of those plushies to accompany me each time. (Blink)

Flower Dome Hydrangea Holidays 2022
A beary warm welcome to all visitors!
Hydrangea Holidays | Gardens by the Bay
Naughty Nicholas is on a working holiday. He’s managing a Poffertjes stall, Poffertjes being mini dutch pancakes.
Gardens by the Bay Active Anton Bear
Active Anton surrounded by lots and lots of cheese. (Because, you know, the Netherlands is famous for smooth Gouda cheese)

The Magnificent Hydrangea. Beauty in Abundance and Symmetry

Native to Japan but today cultivated all over the world, Hydrangeas aren’t the flowers most people immediately associate with the Netherlands. Frankly, I was a little puzzled when I first read the synopsis for Hydrangea Holidays 2022.

After enjoying the event, though, I’m now say, why not? The graceful blooms are wonderful settings for the Dutch displays. The colourful beds they form are serene and uplifting too.


In all, everywhere was quite the dreamy floral landscape for a summer holiday.

Flower Dome Blue Hydrangea
There is something quietly soothing about Hydrangea blooms. Perhaps it’s how each cluster always exhibits a certain harmonious symmetry.
Pink Hydrangea Bloom
Look at how perfectly formed each flower is.
Gardens by the Bay Netherlands Event
The blooms are quite the perfect pastoral company for the various Dutch-themed displays.
Rabbits on a road trip! I hope they aren’t thinking about eating the flowers, though.

By the way, I love those wooden animal statues! Don’t their rustic simplicity feel so elegant?

Hydrangea Colour Meanings
By the way, different coloured Hydrangeas represent different emotions and wishes. Flower Dome, of course, introduces this in detail with a helpful sign.

You Can Manipulate the Colours!

Fun fact, and I got this from Gardens’ website. You can alter the colour of Hydrangea blooms by manipulating the pH levels of the soil they are planted on. Adding lime produces pink blooms while adding sulphur creates blue blooms. Is that alike or the opposite of litmus paper?

Dutch Architectural Landmarks and a Special Art Exhibition

Like other partnered Flower Dome events this year, Hydrangea Holidays 2022 features architectural replicas representative of the country on show. In this case, not just a windmill but also canal bridges and Dutch townhouses, and the famous Westerlichttoren lighthouse.

There’s also a special exhibition of artwork by JOURNEY, a Touch Community Services brand that celebrates the artistry of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Visitors who wish to support JOURNEY after enjoying the artworks can bid for them via a silent auction.

Dutch Windmill at Gardens by the Bay
The showpiece Dutch windmill. I love how a classic Delft Kissing Couple is part of it.
Another kissing couple over at a bridge.
JOURNEY by Touch Community Services Exhibition
JOURNEY’s exhibition is inspired by this event, but Hydrangeas aren’t the only flowers artistically expressed.
Westerlichttoren at Flower Dome
Adventurous Andy the Bear with the Westerlichttoren! He’s really happy to pose for a picture, as you can see!

Hydrangea Holidays 2022 ends on Aug 14, 2022.

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Hydrangea Holidays 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
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Hydrangea Holidays 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Gardens by the Bay’s Hydrangea Holidays 2022 features friendly bears, pastel-coloured blooms, and a picturesque Dutch windmill.

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