Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light Review (with Discount Code)

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light Review
Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light Review

The Quntis ScreenLinear Pro is a good start if you’re keen to investigate the benefits of monitor lights.

If you’re unfamiliar, like I was not so long ago, monitor light bars aren’t for cosmetic appeal. They offer a variety of health and practical benefits.

First and foremost is how they reduce eye strain by removing the need for an overhead light or table-top lamp. Yes, overhead lighting can strain your vision, especially if it’s bright fluorescence.

Secondly, monitor light bars help to block blue light and optical radiation. This again helps to minimise eye fatigue.

Being screen-mounted, monitor light bars are, of course, space-saving. What’s more, there’s no permanent fixing involved. You can thus use the same bar with different monitors.

Yup, there are certainly loads of benefits that most people would appreciate. On the other hand, whether you’d actually enjoy any depends on the design and build of the light bar you’re using. After all, it’s not just a matter of whether a bar properly lights up, but also considerations such as ease of assembly, stability, and durability.

As far as these areas are concerned, the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light hits decent scores for all. One of the more affordable options in the market, there are some limitations in its design but if you’re new to the concept or clear on what you need most, I’ll say this could be a great buy.

For me, I also discovered an extra use for my review set. One that got me really excited.

But I jump ahead. Let’s first take a look at the specifications and various features.

This review was written using a sponsored set. All opinions expressed are mine.


Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Computer Monitor Light Features and Specifications

Key Specifications

  • Physical Length: 40 cm
  • Diameter: 1.98cm
  • Weight: 500 g
  • Mount Adjustment: The mount is packaged with two adjustment clips. Best used with screens 0.3″ – 1.4” thick too.
  • Product Colour & Finish: Elegant Black/Matte
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy/PC/ABS
  • Light Source:  LED
  • Light Colour Rendering Index: > 95 Ra
  • Light Colour Temperature: 3000K – 6500K
  • Illumination Intensity: 700 Lux
  • Power Input: 5V/1A USB-C
  • Power Requirement: 5W


Quntis’ store at Amazon (5 percent discount code: LAHPEO6E) lists quite a thick chunk of text for the features. But in essence, they are:

  • An asymmetrical design that illuminates only the desktop/keyboard, to ensure there’s no screen glare.
  • Touch controls on the light bar itself with auto-dimming feature.
  • Manual, “stepless” adjustment of light intensity and temperature. In other words, no blinks when you long-touch the buttons.
  • Memory function to recall the latest setting.
  • Comes with a screen mount and power cable.
  • Certified to IEC62471 Optical Radiation Safety and IEC62778 Anti-Blue Light.
  • Powered by USB-C.

Important: For this review, I’m using the “Pro” version meant for 15-22” monitors. Quntis has a “Pro Max” version meant for 22-29” screens, as well as a different, slightly cheaper version intended for laptops.

Note that the Pro and Pro Max are not suitable for laptops. Between the two, the Pro Max also comes with a slightly longer USB cable and a different recommended screen thickness.

Unboxing and Product Examination

My review set took but two days to arrive. Delivery was handled by Amazon.

Quntis ScreenLinear Pro Features
Main features are listed on the side of the box.
LED Screen Light Review
The box comes with a manual and a hex-key for adjustment of the mount.
Quntis Monitor Light Bar
With its aluminium, matte-surface finish, the LED light bar feels durable. (Or solidly built) Controls are also clearly marked.
Quntis Monitor Mount
Quntis’ monitor mount feels substantial despite its mostly plastic surface. The hinge also requires some effort to bend i.e. it’s likely to stay in position after installation. On the other hand, there is no lock or catch for the hinge. I’m thus unsure whether it would loosen down the road. The same goes for the in-built spring mechanism (see below).


So as not to embarrass myself with my clumsiness, I’m not putting up an assembly video. Instead, I’ll highlight the following in writing:

  1. The main assembly task is to insert the light bar into the circular holder of the monitor mount. This isn’t as easy as it sounds as you can’t just slide the bar in. (The manual specifically tells you not to) Some careful “forcing” is required.
  2. The positive side of (1) is that the light bar is very, VERY unlikely to fall out once it’s in the holder. (Heck, I couldn’t separate them once I got the bar in)
  3. As mentioned above, the package came with two “adjustment covers.” These are actually interchangeable blocks for you to attach to the mount to vary the size of the clasping area. There is a spring mechanism to further strengthen the grip too.
  4. The USB-C power cable is best attached before clipping the mount onto the monitor. For whatever reason, I couldn’t get the power cable in after fixing everything onto my monitor.
Quntis Monitor Mount Adjustment
I think most people would use the larger adjustment cover.

Installation and Use

 “Clipping” the assembled monitor light onto my PRISM+ F240v monitor was effortless, thanks to the spring mechanism of the mount. Once in place, the markings on the light bar are prominent too. This makes the controls a breeze to manage.

The spring mechanism and counterweight additionally hold the whole setup in place. There is still some looseness if I tremble the bar, but otherwise, it stays where it is.

Other than a slight overlap of my screen, the ScreenLinear Pro looks right at home after installation. (Note: I don’t have a 22” so I’m using a 24” screen for this review)

As promised by Quntis, there was absolutely no screen glare; to be honest, I was quite concerned about this. The “asymmetrical” design cited throws the light onto your keyboard/desk, using the periphery of that trajectory to illuminate the monitor screen. The end result is more than satisfactory as far as glare is concerned. Even screen colour isn’t affected.

Quntis ScreenLinear Anti Glare Test
Quntis ScreenLinerar Pro anti-glare test. Left: With everything switched off. Middle: With warm light switched on. Right: With cool light switched on. (All pictures were shot with similar camera settings and without touch-up)

Coming to comfort and actual use, I worked/gamed with just the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro switched on for three hours and I’d be honest, I didn’t experience a marked difference in eye fatigue. (Or perhaps I’m so used to it I no longer notice!)

That said, I did find the environment overall more conducive. My typing/work area was adequately illuminated. Controls for light temperature and intensity were also easy to manage, once I got the hang of how the touch function is done.

Watching a movie with comforting, semi-warm light on was definitely an enjoyment.

Screen Monitor Light Bar for Eye Care
Being able to toggle between warm and cool light was fun too, especially during games.
Quntis Monitor Lamp Review
Okay, this is a technically bad photo. But I hope it shows you how bright the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro could be at maximum setting.

If any, my only complaint is that once switched off, the monitor light somehow “disconnects” from the power bank I’m using. In other words, I needed to re-plug the USB-A end.

This is possibly due to my power bank. When I’m plugged into my CPU, this issue doesn’t exist.

It Works With My Electone!

As unprofessional as it is for me to say, I was keener to investigate whether the ScreenLinear Pro would work well with my Electone, when I received the invitation to review.

And you know what? It’s a PERFECT fit!

Light Bar for Yamaha Electone
I love the effect! I’d certainly be using this for my upcoming Youtube Electone uploads.

Of note, Quntis has a Piano Lamp too, meant for uprights and grands. Do take a look at the product page if that’s the instrument you play.

Review Conclusion

Most other reviews for the Quntis ScreenLinear Pro mentions the BenQ ScreenBar. I guess this is unavoidable since BenQ is the pioneer in this area.

Without an actual BenQ ScreenBar on hand, I wouldn’t do a comparison. (Anyway, I wouldn’t even if I have one) Instead, I’ll just say BenQ costs significantly more and might not be an investment suitable for someone new to the concept of LED monitor lights. Or someone with a limited budget on hand.

Besides, Quntis’ offering is a superior product in its own right. It’s easy enough to assemble and install. Once clipped onto the monitor, it’s stable and pretty much does what it’s supposed to do, without fuss and demands.

Having only received my set last week, I can’t comment on durability. However, so far, I’ve not encountered any situation which hints at a short life. I’m quite willing to bet mine would last for quite a well.

PC LED Monitor Light Review
The warm light really adds to the ambience of gritty games!

Visit Quntis’s Store today! To enjoy a 5 percent discount, please use discount code scribblinggeek

If you’re buying from Amazon, please use discount code: LAHPEO6E instead!

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