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Starke Digital Locks
Starke Digital Locks

A short while ago, I posted a review of the Starke Living Air Purifier. Here’s a callout to Starke’s other star products. Their high-tech digital locks.

Empowered by German technology and full of features convenient and useful, Starke Digital Locks are the solutions to go for if you’re looking to upgrade the security of your home and property. For example, the Starke Seamless™ Désignerin comes equipped with:

  • RFID / Pincode / Mechanical Keys / Mobile App / Fingerprint
  • Remote Unlocking With App
  • Semiconductor fingerprint sensor (508dpi)
  • Passage mode function
  • LCD screen display of date & time, User ID access, and user unlock records
  • Stainless steel handle
  • Voice-guided operation
  • Auto secure & break-in alarm
  • Voice setting function
  • Auto-locking time setting function
  • Privacy locking
  • Anti-theft password
  • Emergency power supply through USB
  • One-touch entry in 0.5s
  • Anti-hacking PrintSave™ system to store passcodes and fingerprints
  • Real-time updates on lock status
  • Store up to 99 unique fingerprints with one lock
  • Coated in anti-rust lacquer
  • Change batteries within 30 sec
  • Suitable for HDB, condominium, and private estate doors
Starke Seamless Désignerin Key Features
Key features of the Starke Seamless™ Désignerin at a glance

What a long list of features, isn’t it? Did I mention they are also currently at a price that’d make competitors fidget?

Having the best technological features is also not all there is to security, of course, and Starke knows this. For this reason, the company provides free pre-purchase consultation and a full refund policy (conditions apply). Needless to say, you can search the net anytime and find lots of positive reviews for Starke Digital Locks.

Have a look at the Starke web shop today! If you’re living in or shifting into a landed property, Starke is currently also offering an attractive Gate & Door promotion that comes with free installation. With this package, it’s that easy and affordable to protect yourself with technology.

Starke Gate & Door Digital Lock Bundle
Starke’s Gate & Door Bundle (June 2022)

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