i Light Singapore 2022

i Light Singapore 2022
i Light Singapore 2022 Light Up at Marina Bay.

A sustainable light art extravaganza at i Light Singapore 2022.

i Light Singapore 2022 has started! Happening from now till June 26th, 2022, and featuring some 20 sustainable light art installations at glitzy Marina Bay.

To be honest, I thought this sustainable light festival was gone for good, or going to be cancelled for the third time. Previously a February-March thing, it did seem as if the reopening/relaxation of COVID-19 precautions weren’t soon enough for this year’s festival to happen?

Well, it’s here and being scheduled for this month is probably a good idea; the June school holidays and all that. Like previous festivals, sustainability also takes centerstage again, with art installations made from repurposed waste and objects, and the theme of environmentalism prevalent throughout.

Taking centerstage at a choice spot is also a reminder of what all of us just went through. Ping Lim and Ian Grossberg’s Alone Together (photo below) is pretty gameshow-like and ticklish. But if you have any memory of what happened in 2020, I think you’d find it hard not to be affected.

I guess the veiled message this time around is also, if we don’t look after the environment, what eventually hits is going to be far worse than COVID-19.

i Light Singapore 2022—Re-evaluating Our Commitment to Sustainability

Compared to 2019, yes, I still remember, i Light Singapore 2022 is less strenuous to navigate. The art installations and light projects form a straightforward U around Marina Bay, with the partnering GastroBeats 2022 right next to the route.

i Light Singapore 2022 Bondfire
I began at Esplanade Park and Bondfire gave me quite a scare! Right after I pressed my shutter button, the installation hissed and released smoke/fog. (Read: I thought I damaged my camera) I seriously ought to have read the design notes beforehand.
i Light SG 2022 at Esplanade Park
Other art installations at Esplanade Park. I was there a little too early. All of these would look much better after dark.
Light Wash at Marina Bay
The major landmarks of Marina Bay aren’t venues for light projections this time. However, many are illuminated in violet as part of Light Wash. According to official write-ups, this is in line with this year’s Spark of Light theme.

Further on the Spark of Light theme, violet is the colour with the shortest wavelength in the visible light spectrum. The most “powerful” wavelength as well. i Light 2022 correspondingly uses this colour to represent an awakening of the senses. The likes of ideas springing to life within human minds.

Florescentia at Cliiford Pier.
Florescentia at Clifford Pier. Made from recycled carbon neutral polypropylene, this art piece isn’t large but exudes a quiet elegance.
Fallen by Ina Hur (ARTINA) and Nerdist
Fallen at the junction of Collyer Quay and Marina Boulevard reminded me of plasma ball displays, but it actually represents a fallen space jellyfish that had accidentally eaten human trash. (Grim, isn’t it?)
i Light Singapore 2022 at Marina Bay
This was a crowd favorite, partly, I guess, because of its spectacular location. Shish-ka-buoy is made from recyclable marine buoys and constantly varies in colour. Standing beside the buoys is soothing and therapeutic.

Right beside Shish-ka-buoy, at the heart of The Promontory, is TOER’s Firefly Field. A simulation of fireflies dancing over a field, this whimsical installation attracted a large crowd; everyone was enthusiastically snapping pictures.

I find it magically serene too, truly like the brilliant firefly ballets one sees in Anime. What’s more incredible is that the lights never stopped moving when I was there. This, despite there being no wind at all.


i Light SG 2022 Art Installations and Programmes
Other light-art installations along Marina Boulevard. Clockwise from top left: Keep on Moving, Collective Memory (CDs! I was still using these in 2017!), Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by OPPO, and the above-mentioned Alone Together.

Opps, a clarification. Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by OPPO isn’t an art installation. Instead, it’s a ticketed programme. One that allows you to experience the festival from a specially constructed pontoon.

(I originally wanted to buy a ticket for Lightwave, but guess what. I totally forgot to! Worse, I only realised when I was at the festival. Like CDs and plastic, maybe it’s time for me to be recycled …)

i Light SG 2022: Spark of Light.
Plastics were the “inspiration” for two large installations at Marina Bay Sands. This is only to be expected as the world increasingly trembles under the weight of discarded plastic.
MOTHEREARTH ClimateChange Data Sculpture
The ArtScience Museum was my final stop and the light projection here was impressive. Extremely high-definition and with a thumping soundtrack. Decisively psychedelic in feel too.

i Light Singapore 2022 is ongoing till June 26, 2022. Officially, the “lights” are on from 7.30 pm to 11 pm, with extended hours to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

I was at Esplanade Park at 7 pm and the installations were already lit. However, as you can see from my topmost pictures, you will want the sun to be gone before you start your visit.

i Light Singapore 2023 – A New Wave

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i Light Singapore 2022
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i Light Singapore 2022
i Light Singapore 2022 has started! After a break of two years, Asia’s Leading Sustainable Light Festival returns to ultramodern Marina Bay.

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