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LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds Review
LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds Review

The LUMOS TEMPO features active noise cancellation of up to 42dB, 30 hours of battery life, and oh-so-sweet Trinity360 sound quality.

Are you looking for a new set of wireless earbuds? One that’s affordable but packed with all the latest features?

If so, here’s a model for you to consider, one that’s proudly made in Singapore. LUMOS, a Singaporean projector specialist, has recently launched a wireless earbuds product. Named the LUMOS TEMPO, these premium earbuds aren’t just modern looking, they are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), high definition 6-Mic voice feature, 30 hours of battery life, and even Rich Trinity360 spatial sound.

What’s more, the launch price is but SGD 179/-. (Normal price SGD 359/-)

Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? Here’s what’s even more amazing. I had the pleasure of trying a set this week and they sound fantastic. Loud, balanced, and with spatial placement that’s (to me) near perfect.

The ANC is also one of the deepest I’ve ever experienced. Paired with that wonderful soundstage, the music that’s streaming through is nothing short of euphoric.

This review was written using a sponsored set. All opinions expressed are mine.

LUMOS TEMPO Features and Specifications

Let’s start by taking a look at the key features and specifications:

  • Noise Cancellation: With ambient i.e. transparency mode too. And with noise cancellation of up to 42dB.
  • Sound Quality: Trinity360 Sound (Described by the maker as a precise calibration of high, mids, and lows)
  • Battery Life: 30 hours total (23 hours in the charging case; 7 hours in the earbuds). Two hours are needed for a full charge.
  • Controls: Touch.
  • Bluetooth: Version 5.2.
  • Mics: Six. Three per earbud.
  • Rated IPX5 Sweat and Water Resistant
  • 2 Built-In Sound Modes (Gaming and Music)
  • One year warranty
  • Launch Price: SGD 179.00

As for the more technical aspects:

  • Codec: SBC, AAC
  • Dynamic Driver: 10mm

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz

Delivery and Unboxing

Delivery was prompt. My order was finalised on Friday and by Tuesday afternoon, the earbuds were at my place.
Wireless Earphones with Noise Cancellation
Like most earphones/earbuds packaging in 2022, LUMOS opted for a minimalist approach for their box. It opens like a drawer. Curiously, apart from Active Noise Cancellation, other key features are not highlighted too.
LUMOS TEMPO Accessories
Other than the earbuds and charging case, the box contains a user guide, a tips sheet, one charging cable, and two other sets of ear tips. (I appreciate the tray for the ear tips)

Design and Comfort of Wear

LUMOS TEMPO Earphones Case
The charging case feels about the right size to bring around.
Premium Wireless Earbuds Singapore
At the moment, the LUMOS TEMPO is only available in grey. But look closer, it’s not a flat, matte grey. There is a vague, sandy texture. Not in feel but in appearance.

By the way, the rear of the charging case has a reset button for those situations when only one earbud is transmitting music. Instructions on resetting are in the user guide.

LUMOS TEMPO Charging Case
The earbuds fit VERY snuggly in the charging case; the lid is magnetized as well. Because of the former, the earbuds could be a little hard to remove. After some tries, I concluded the best way to do it is to pull them out after gripping the touch control area and the inner budge.
Wireless Earbuds Singapore
Overall, I’ll say the LUMOS TEMPO leans towards the conservative with its traditional stick/stem look. With its neutral tones, it should go well with sporty and casual attire too.
Comfortable Wireless Earbuds
The ergonomic curves provide comfortable wear. The LUMOS TEMPO fits well without being too tight or heavy.

Touch Controls

Both earbuds have a flat depression at the rear for touch controls. (You can see these in several pictures above) As with all such controls, playback, call answering, activation of ANC, etc, are managed by clicks and double-clicks, or long presses.

In summary, the controls are:

  • Single Tap on Left or Right Earbud: Play/Stop/Accept Call.
  • 2 Sec Hold on Left Earbud: Previous Track/End Call/Reject Call.
  • 2 Sec Hold on Right Earbud: Next Track/End Call/Reject Call.
  • Double Tap on Left Earbud: Switch mode.
  • Double Tap on Right Earbud: Toggle ANC/Ambient Mode.

The controls are not tough to get the hang of. However, never a fan of such taps and holds, I had some difficulties achieving the right “speed” for double taps. A couple of times, I kept starting and stopping the track instead.

On the other hand, the areas to tap being so distinct make them easy to locate. I guess I’d get the hang of it sooner or later.

Music Mode Vs Game Mode

This is activated by a double tap on the left earbud, as stated above. According to the manual, switching to Game Mode improves latency.

I think it goes further than that. Music mode boosts vocals and highs, while game mode seems to amplify background i.e. environmental sounds. With or without the switch, though, my game BGMs and effects sounded just fine with the LUMOS TEMPO.

LUMOS TEMPO Sound Review
In a nutshell, LUMOS TEMPO’s “Trinity360 Sound” awes with its clarity, precision, and balance.

LUMOS TEMPO Sound Review

Two things jumped at me during my first audio test of the LUMOS TEMPO. Right after I was impressed by how fast it connects. (Credit of the Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity)

It’s loud! Rarely do I NOT need to pump up the volume after connecting a headset/earphone. This time, I actually have to lower volume a notch for comfort.

The calibrated Trinity360 Sound is also superbly clear, and by this, I don’t just mean the clarity of music or voice. It’s also how distinct instrumental placements are on the sizable soundstage.

While most superior wireless earphones are also able to manage such placements, the LUMOS TEMPO does it with naturalism and finesse that are frankly, joyful to immerse into. Nothing is pushed too far away. With the right audio, a genuine sense of spatiality is created too. The music flows around you without gaps.

This sensation is, expectedly, present in movies and shows as well, with dialogue uniformly crisp and clear. I rewatched the hilarious 3-way conversion in episode 9 of Spy X Family and no dialogue ever overlaps. With the powerful ANC switched on and eyes closed, I can easily imagine myself in that weird Ostania home.

Moving on to sound signature, I feel the main strengths of the LUMOS TEMPO are mids and highs. On this, I should be “clear” and highlight it doesn’t mean basses and lows are compromised, they are just less energetic. To be doubly clear, music highs such as strident trumpets could sometimes be a shade too harsh too.

However, for most listeners, I suspect the sound signature would come across as balanced. Balanced and defined. This is especially noticeable in busy songs with lots of instrumentation. (For example, the title theme of the above-mentioned Spy X Family) No instrument or range is neglected.

Affordable Wireless Earbuds Singapore
Who would these affordable, hardworking wireless earbuds be best for?

Should You Buy the LUMOS TEMPO?

Who would I recommend these hardworking wireless earbuds to?

If you yearn to experience top-notch audio features but have a limited budget

The launch price of SGD 179/- is honestly, a steal for what the LUMOS TEMPO is capable of. I don’t know how long it’d be before they revert to the full price, though.

If you prefer a neutral appearance for your earbuds

The aesthetics are on the quieter side, but being off-white, they would, of course, still stand out. What I mean is, the appearance is great if you’re looking for music gear that matches easily with everyday wear.

If you need strong noise cancellation

The LUMOS TEMPO is aggressive with noise cancellation. I tried it at a busy café and it could remove most din. In less noisy locations, you’d be immersed in your own audiosphere.

If you’re a “voice heavy” user

I don’t just mean calls and Zoom meetings. I’m referring to learning too. (You know, if you need to listen to recorded lessons and need crystal-clear clarity with every word said?) These wireless earbuds will meet your every expectation in that area. By the way, the 6-mic feature, 3 in each earbud, captures your voice perfectly for conversation too. I tried it with a Zoom meeting and have no complaints at all.

If you need to regularly dissect music

I’m being colourful with words here! What I mean is, the LUMOS TEMPO is great for analysing music because it is so precise with the dynamics of instruments and their placements. Professional music producers would likely still prefer studio headsets but if you’re learning music or dabbling in basic music production, these earbuds will suffice.

If you intend to resume traveling!

These earbuds hold seven hours of battery life. And you just need two hours to fully charge everything. I don’t think I need to further elaborate.

Click here to buy the LUMOS TEMPO

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