The Snoopy Adventure at Changi Airport Terminal 3

The Snoopy Adventure | Changi Airport Terminal 3
The Snoopy Adventure | Changi Airport Terminal 3

Looking for a winter experience in Singapore this June? Head over to The Snoopy Adventure at Changi Airport Terminal 3!

Here’s somewhere to head to, if you’re looking for a winter experience this June.

Or if the current heat has gotten to you and you need some serious chilling.

The Peanuts Gang, Charlie and Snoopy and Woodstock and all, have arrived at Changi Airport Terminal 3! Other than various photo ops, such as a huge Snoopy set piece, there’s also a snowy playroom for parents and kids to revel in.

I headed over this morning to check out the event, and well, it’s enjoyable if you like Charles Schulz’s enduring characters and don’t mind paying a bit. (Quite a bit, if you’re going in a large group)

On another note, Terminal 3 was crowded! It made me a little jumpy; I’m not mentally over the pandemic, yet. But it was good seeing our world-famous airport return to life.

Changi Airport Snoopy Adventure
Another look at Snoopy and Woodstock having a surfing good time.
The Snoopy Adventure Woodstock
Close-up of Snoopy’s best friend. You know, for some weird reason, Woodstock’s smirk always puts a grin on my face.
Peanuts Gang at Changi Airport
The basement has various free photo booths and play areas too.

Peanuts Snow Hangout

The star attraction of the event is, of course, the snowy playroom. With real snowfall and a 10m luge slide.

It’s fun. Quite a treat too for those who have never seen snow before or do not foresee themselves going on a winter vacation anytime soon.

However, there are a number of things to note about this attraction.

  1. There are two ways to buy tickets. One way is to spend SGD 30/- at Changi Airport and be entitled to purchase two tickets at SGD 5/- per receipt. (Jewel purchases, no count, BTW) Alternatively, you could directly purchase a ticket at SGD 18/-. Either way, it must be done via the iChangi App as you need to book a time slot.
  2. Admission comes with the free use of a coat and furry boots. However, if you need gloves, (better) socks, etc, you would need to rent them. Gloves, for example, cost SGD 2.50/-, payable by cash or Nets.
  3. You must be wearing long pants and socks.
  4. Lockers aren’t free. They cost two bucks each. You would most likely need at least one to store your bags, shoes, etc. (The lockers are slightly larger than those standard ones at stadiums and swimming pools)
  5. Photography is not permitted within the Peanuts Snow Hangout. The staff wouldn’t even allow me to bring my camera in. According to two of the staff, pictures are only permitted through their photo packages. (I can’t remember the prices but all are over ten dollars)
Peanuts Snow Hangout
It’s possible to snap pictures of the wintry interior from the windows, though. I settled for this as I don’t see the point of a photo package, in this day and age.


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The Snoopy Adventure at Changi Airport Terminal 3
Article Name
The Snoopy Adventure at Changi Airport Terminal 3
The world’s favourite beagle, the Peanuts Gang, and a snowy hangout at The Snoopy Adventure. Ongoing at Changi Airport T 3 from now till July 2022.

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