Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay

Soaking in the idyllic Italian summertime at Rose Romance 2022.

There is something quietly fascinating about roses, yes?

The Queen of Flowers has long been synonymous with love and beauty. Its symmetrical complexity continues to enchant and mesmerise worldwide.

Culturally, the rose has represented everything from wars to tragedy, to goddesses, to religious devotion.

From now till June 12, roses will also represent the tranquil Italian summer at Gardens by the Bay Flower Dome. Held in partnership with the Embassy of Italy in Singapore, over 40 varieties of roses will adorn a picturesque Italian countryside landscape. A landscape that includes classic arches, a Tuscan village alley, and a secret garden.

There’s even a tribute to Romeo and Juliet, because that’s the greatest European love story of all,  and because Romeo famously crooned about roses.

I visited yesterday evening and believe me, it was magical strolling through the cooled conservatory. Did I mention classic Italian songs like O Sole Mio were also playing everywhere?

For gardening/selfie enthusiasts, Gardens by the Bay is furthermore partnering with a different florist each week. In other words, a different beauty will grace Rose Romance 2022 weekly till mid-June. Every week will have something new for visitors to check out

Italy and the World’s Most Romantic Bloom

Gardens by the Bay Rose Romance 2022
An elegant gazebo welcomes visitors. Right beside it is a Vespa too, one of the most representative symbols of modern Italy.
Flower Dome Rose Exhibition 2022
Overview of the central display. From this angle, it feels like a classic Italian garden, does it not?
Juliet's Balcony in Singapore
One of the highlights of the event—a replica of Juliet’s Balcony in Verona. You can’t actually step onto the makeshift balcony, though.
Rose Romance Gardens by the Bay
It’s like a serene Tuscan village right in the middle of the Flower Dome. (This event is also more verdant than earlier ones this year. Is it because it’s a “summer” Gardens by the Bay event?)
Red Tea Rose
Onto the stars of this event! Regal is the only way to describe this passionate bloom.
Flower Dome Singapore Rose Exhibition 2022
It’s a splendid war of the roses! As in, a floral competition of elegant beauty.
Yagi Rose Breeding Farm Art Roses
At a shady corner behind the secret garden (see below), two shelves showcase “Art Roses” cultivated exclusively by the Yagi Rose Breeding Farm of Japan. What’s displayed here is amongst the loveliest in the entire exhibition. The most unusual too.
滨海湾花园 玫瑰之恋 2022.
Doesn’t this resemble the private garden of an actual Italian villa? The choice and placement of architecture are immaculate. To complete the landscape, a variety of other flowers are used too.
Rose Romance 2022 Secret Garden
Last but not least, the lush secret garden. As befitting its name, it’s inaccessible. There’s also a wishing well with interesting motifs.

Miniature Italian Art Masterpieces

Like April’s Precious Peony exhibition, it’s not just floral and architectural beauty at Rose Romance 2022. At the balcony overlooking the middle displays are also miniatures of famous Italian art masterpieces. For example, the world-renowned The Last Supper by Da Vinci.

Miniature Italian Art Masterpieces
If you’re unfamiliar with Italian art, the selection presented is a good introduction. Naturally, it will make you want to visit Italy too. (You should. It’s a truly beautiful country)

Pity though, replicas of these aren’t on sale at Gardens’ souvenir shop. I would have bought at least one!


Rose Romance is ongoing till June 12, 2022. Admission to Flower Dome applies. Good news too, it’s no longer necessary to book an entry timeslot!

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Aphrodite Royal Demon Rose
The Saint Seiya fanboy in me couldn’t resist. Too bad there aren’t black Piranha Roses!
Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
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Rose Romance 2022 | Gardens by the Bay
Held in partnership with the Embassy of Italy, Rose Romance 2022 celebrates the Queen of Flowers with over 40 varieties of roses on display.

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